Secure Facilities Locations-CN

This is a list of Foundation facilities under the Chinese branch.

Facility Designations

The Foundation maintains and operates a large number of facilities worldwide, from small outposts with only a handful of staff to major Sites with thousands of personnel.


Foundation facilities designated as Sites are covert facilities, meaning that while existence of the facility is known to the public, such facilities are often disguised under government or corporate fronts. Sites are often built in locations in relatively close proximity to civilian populations, where facilities would require such cover.


Foundation facilities designated as Areas are clandestine facilities, meaning that civilians are not aware of their existence at all. Such facilities are often built far away from civilian populations and may contain highly dangerous anomalies; the vast majority of Areas have extreme fail-safe measures such as on-site nuclear warheads.

Facility Sections


Sectors are sections of Sites or Areas that are designated for specific purposes, such as containment, research, or storage. The exact usage of Sectors vary from facility to facility and is dependent on the facility's primary purpose and size.


Units are self-contained sections of Sites or Areas such as those containing Biological or Dimensional anomalies and are designed to self-seal in case of a breach or other catastrophic event. All personnel entering or exiting a Unit must typically undergo a full decontamination procedure.


These prefixes are often used to denote specializations of facilities or facility sections and are generally only used in internal communication.


Armed denotes a facility or facility section with abnormally high physical security concerns, either due to containment of violent hostile entities or threat of outside attack. Such facilities typically have a large amount of military-grade weaponry and vehicles as well as a disproportionately large number of permanent security staff; in the case of a full facility, this typically entails a detachment of at least battalion or regiment strength.

Biological (Bio)

Biological containment facilities or facility sections deal with infectious or otherwise biohazardous anomalies and are both isolated and self-contained to prevent the possible escape of such anomalies.


Containment facilities or facility sections are primarily equipped and intended for the containment of anomalous objects, entities, or phenomena.

Dimensional (Dim)

Dimensional containment facilities or facility sections deal with extradimensional apertures or anomalies exhibiting inconsistent or warped spacetime.


Humanoid containment facilities or facility sections primarily deal with sentient, sapient human or near-human entities capable of understanding and complying with instructions. These are essentially analogous to a prison facility for anomalous entities.


Protected facilities and facility sections are "safe zones" kept free of anomalous influence. No anomalies are allowed within these facilities at any time.


Provisional facilities are those that are established or built around an immobile anomaly. Provisional facilities typically contain only a single anomaly.


Reliquary facilities or facility sections are designed for handling artifacts and objects of religious or historical significance.


Research facilities or facility sections are designed for either the handling and study of anomalies or anomalous materials or research and development of new containment schemes and methods.


Storage facilities or facility sections are intended for long-term storage of non-anomalous or inert anomalous objects with no risk of autonomous interaction.


These are Foundation facilities or locations that do not fall under the standard organizational structure.

Observation Posts

Observation Posts are tiny facilities established in a multitude of locations worldwide. Often limited to small standalone buildings or single units within larger buildings, Observation Posts are typically used to monitor regional communications for flagged content, as well as monitor nearby Foundation facilities. Many Observation Posts are also used as secure communications hubs or safe-houses by undercover Foundation agents.

Facility Naming Examples

  • Containment Site-CN-XX
  • Temporary Area-CN-XX
  • Sector-CN-XXX

Facilities List (Abridged)

The following is a partial list of notable Chinese Foundation facilities. Please note that this list is incomplete; many Foundation facilities are not listed here due to operational security requirements, because their purpose and/or location are classified. Note that many facility designations have also been recycled over time as the original facilities are decommissioned or otherwise no longer in use.


facility-texture.pngM Mobile-Site-CN

Mobile-Site-CN (Chinese: 流动者站点) is, as the name states, a mobile staging site for personnel assigned to the Site, providing researchers and agents to various other Sites in accordance with their requirements or personal reasons. The Site also functions as a research and containment Site, Mobile Task Force base, and archive when necessary.

facility-texture.png02 Site-CN-02

Site-CN-02 is one of the most important Sites in the North China region.

facility-texture.png03 Site-CN-03

Site-CN-03 is located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, and is one of the largest sites in East China. It is responsible for containment operations and assistance in the Yangtze River Delta and the East China region, as well as containment operations and constant monitoring of the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and the western Pacific Ocean. The Site is also responsible for long-term observation of near-Earth outer space.

facility-texture.png05 Site-CN-05

Site-CN-05 is located in the Changbai Mountain region within Jilin Province, and is one of the major sites in Northeast China, responsible for containment of biological and other anomalies within the provinces of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang. Its cover facility is a functioning pharmaceutical factory, which is capable of producing pharmaceuticals for Site use.

facility-texture.png06 Site-CN-06 (Experimental Site CN-06)

Experimental Containment and Research Site CN-06 is located in Tianjin, and is responsible for containment, observation, and transfer of anomalies in the vicinity. Its cover facility is a 3A hospital, which allows it to function as a medical facility for Foundation personnel for other Sites.

facility-texture.png09 Site-CN-09

Site-CN-09 was originally intended as a research project base, but due to technological reasons the project was put on hold.

facility-texture.png10 Site-CN-10

Information on Site-CN-10 is Level 6 classified.

facility-texture.png11 Site-CN-11 (Armed Bio-Containment Site-CN-11)

Site-CN-11 is a major biological, structural and dimensional containment site located in North China.

facility-texture.png12 Site-CN-12 (STA Dim Site CN-12/Armed D-Transfer CN-12)

Site-CN-12 is a large spacetime anomaly containment site of the Chinese Branch, located in Shandong Province. Its main functions are to contain anomalies in the Northern China, monitor the activities of Groups of Interest active in Northern China, and analysis of anomalous or paratechnological artifacts. In addition, Site-CN-12 has the largest Class D capacity of any Chinese Branch site.

facility-texture.png16 Site-CN-16 (Armed Site-CN-16)

Site-CN-16 is an Armed Site with a military base as its cover facility, responsible for containment of nearby anomalies and research into Oneiroi anomalies.

facility-texture.png19 Site-CN-19

Site-CN-19 is the main monitoring site in Southeast China. It is a distributed facility with subsites located throughout Fujian Province, possessing a comprehensive monitoring and information network encompassing the entirety of Southeast China, and is responsible for long-term monitoring of anomalies throughout China as well as relevant containment operations. In addition, the Site has facilities for training personnel, transfer storage of anomalies, regional monitoring, intelligence operations, personnel detention, storage, research and psychological and psychiatric work.

facility-texture.png21 Site-CN-21

Currently a major facility in Mainland China.

facility-texture.png23 Site-CN-23

This Site does not handle sapient biological anomalies.

facility-texture.png29 Site-CN-29 (Humanoid Containment Site-CN-29)

Site-CN-29 is a major humanoid anomaly containment site in South China. The Site is divided into two facilities, which are responsible for containment and research, located in the outskirts of Baiyun District and Zhujiang New Town respectively, both in Guangzhou City; the former is disguised as a military base while the latter is disguised as a medical technology facility. The Site contains humanoid anomalies and a small number of Safe-class manmade anomalies no longer undergoing research.

facility-texture.png34 Site-CN-34

Site-CN-34 is located in the central business district of one of China's first-tier cities, and spans the 10th basement to the 34th floor of an office building. The Site is responsible for containment of anomalies occurring in urban environments.

facility-texture.png40 Site-CN-40 (Research and Storage Site-CN-40)

All information on Site-CN-40 is Level 5 classified, with the exception of the fact that the Site primarily researches and stores low-risk anomalies.

facility-texture.png43 Site-CN-43 (Armed Site-CN-43)

Site-CN-43 is located in Zhejiang Province and collaborates with the local military division to carry out containment of anomalous weaponry. The Foundation's anomalous weaponry department is headquartered here.

facility-texture.png51 Site-CN-51 (Containment and Research Armed Site-CN-51)

One of the largest Sites in the Foundation, split into five areas in five regions. The Site is intended to handle anomalies related to the "Fifth Church" Group of Interest.

facility-texture.png52 Site-CN-52 (Storage Site-CN-52)

Archive site, primarily dealing with Level 2 and Level 1 clearance documents.

facility-texture.png60 Site-CN-60 (Dimensional Site-CN-60)

Located on a vessel anchored in the East China Sea under the guise of an oil tanker. Currently a containment site for low-threat marine and oneiric anomalies, as well as a Foundation-sanctioned vacation spot for personnel.

facility-texture.png64 Site-CN-64

Located in the southern part of the Qinghai-Tibet region in the central part of the Himalayas, within Shigatse City limits. Primarily handles anomalies in the Tibetan region as well as anomalies considered in extreme regions.

facility-texture.png65 Site-CN-65

Located in Hunan Province and responsible for containment operations in Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi. The Site's branch facility Site-CN-65-Alpha is the largest parazoological facility in South China, and is responsible for handling the products of SCP-CN-535 and parazoological anomalies.

facility-texture.png71 Site-CN-71

Located on the inside of Beacon Hill in Hong Kong. Transferred from the Main Foundation after the return of Hong Kong in 1997.

facility-texture.png75 Site-CN-75

Following the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949, the Foundation established Site-CN-75 in [DATA EXPUNGED] to handle anomalies relevant to the city's extent.

facility-texture.png77 Site-CN-77 (Armed Site-CN-77)

An armed site located in a mountain in the eastern part of Taiwan island, with the majority of its containment facilities underground. Disguised as a secret military base intended to prevent guided missile attacks. Responsible for containment in Taiwan and the Pacific and as a staging point for operations in the Pacific region.

facility-texture.png82 Site-CN-82

Began construction in 1930, and eventually developed into a multifunctional facility complex comprising one main site and three branch sites. The three branch sites are located in Shanghai, Fushun and Luoyang. Its primary functionality is containment and research, including on memetic, spatial, biological and religious anomalies.

While many documents are still being declassified, in the eyes of many Foundation employees — even those stationed at Site-CN-82 itself — its main site is still a mystery.

facility-texture.png85 Site-CN-85 (Research Site-CN-85)

A multi-facility complex research station, specializing in civilian-level and paratechnological research of consciousness-based, memetic and informational anomalies. Its location, finances and personnel are classified, and it may actually be a virtual site. Related to the Foundation's secret project, "Dreaming Crabapple". Contained at this site are: SCP-CN-543, SCP-CN-134, SCP-CN-628, SCP-CN-720, SCP-CN-1004

facility-texture.png89 Site-CN-89

Exists in various SCP documents, but its location and personnel roster are unknown, and whether it even exists is hard to confirm. Details show that the Site is related to the "Bahuang" secret project initiated by the Foundation in 1999.

facility-texture.png91 Site-CN-91

Collectively established by the Foundation, the Chinese government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1958. Its cover facility is a university. Primarily a site for in-depth analysis and research of the anomalous; many researchers stationed here also work at the civilian university.

facility-texture.png101 Site-CN-101

Site-CN-101 was established in a spatial anomaly, and is the first Chinese Branch facility to employ high-tech automated management. The Site is responsible for two main areas: research and support. The research facilities primarily focus on reverse engineering of anomalies, usage of anomalous technology in the fields of weaponry and engineering, investigation of spatial anomalies, and development of Hume theory. The support facilities, on the other hand, primarily focus on the activation of the "Forward Station" to rapidly provide assistance to other facilities in China when needed.


facility-texture.png05 Area-CN-05

Possesses high-tech anomalous research techniques and a supercomputer monitoring the Chinese-language internet for anomalies.

facility-texture.png07 Area-CN-07


facility-texture.png15 Area-CN-15

An independently managed Site, used in various protocols, accord and projects. Also responsible for various kinds of anomalous objects, most importantly high-risk anomalies.

facility-texture.png21 Area-CN-21

Initially established to contain SCP-CN-225. Primarily contains Keter-class and high-risk Euclid-class anomalies.

facility-texture.png22 Area-CN-22 (Armed Area-CN-22)

A "decentralized" facility group composed of multiple sub-Sites and affiliated facilities. The main function is to manage the underground thaumaturgy transportation net "Nerve" and transport materials, manpower, and forces between various Sites on the mainland quickly. Some sub Sites also undertake research or containment tasks. The Mobile Underground Fortress (MUGF) is one of the important research achievements of this facility. Contained here are SCP-CN-2153, SCP-CN-2703, SCP-CN-2704, SCP-CN-2705 and SCP-CN-2863.

facility-texture.png42 Area-CN-42

Located in a desert area and led by Site Director Legion, this Area is primarily responsible for biotechnology research, suppression of reality-benders and translation of ancient documents. The large-scale Mobile Task Force 辛辰-00 ("Marine Organisms") is stationed here. Contained here are SCP-CN-043 and SCP-CN-049.

facility-texture.png62 Area-CN-62 (Lunar Area-CN-62)

Area-CN-62 is a comprehensive set of facilities located on the surface of the Moon, composed of the initial orbital facility and five supplemental surface facilities. Since its construction during the Foundation space expansion of the 1960s and 1970s, it has been responsible for lunar anomalies under the Chinese Branch. In some early documents, its designation has been preserved as FORC-CN-06. Contained here are SCP-CN-522 and SCP-CN-696.

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