Secure Facilities Locations (PL)

List of facilities (partial)

The list below shows some of the Polish Branch facilities. Please note that this list is by no means complete, as many Polish Branch facilities can be unregistered for secrecy and safety concerns.


facility-texture.png10 Site 10 (Containment Site 10)

Site 10 is a facility containing Safe and Euclid class objects with memetic or mind altering effects. This Site is located near the Swietokrzyskie Mountains. Located inside Site 10 is the Foundation's production department.

facility-texture.png14 Site 14 (Biology Site 14)

Site 14 is a facility containing and researching types of biological Safe and Euclid anomalous objects, located in Gliwice. Located inside Site 14 is the basic training center for Foundation research personnel.

facility-texture.png30 Site 30 (High Command)

Site 30 is the Polish Facility functioning as the main information node and supervisory authority, the Command of Polish Branch of the Foundation. No anomalies have been stored in Site 30 since 1980, as per safety requirements. Currently, Safe objects of historical or cultural significance to Poland are stored in the Containment Wing, but they are not under any research project in Site 30 and all experiments must be done in other authorized sites. MTF HQ was attached to Site 30 in 1990. The location of Site 30 is under level 4 Top Secret clearance.


facility-texture.png5 Area 5 (Military Containment Area 5)

Area 5 is facility tasked for containment and research of Keter class anomalies. Training for most Mobile Task Forces also take place in that area. Area 5 was located near Swinoujscie during the War, but was made defunct and moved to the outskirts of Wroclaw. An allocated company of Foundation Reaction Forces is based in Area 5.

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