Secure Facility Dossier: Site-64K
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Mujin Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: KRJSMU-Site-64K

General Information


Ground facility of Site-64K.

Founded: 195█-█-██

Founding Director: Lt. Col. William Chapman

Location: Yulchon Township, Mujin City, South Jeolla Province, Republic of Korea

Cover Story: Cargo handling area of a private trading company

Site Function: Research, Containment, Task Force Deployment

Size: Area of 2.01 km2

Facility Regions


Structure map of Site-64K.

Surface Level

S Wing (1F): Camouflage Facility, Lighthouse, Checkpoint

T Wing (Southern annex): Task Force Garrison, Vehicle Garage

Underground Complex-01 (Southeast)

B Wing (1B): Medical Center

C Wing (2B): Personnel Dormitories

D Wing (3B): D-Class Dormitories, Security Office

E Wing (4B): Archives, Depot

F Wing (5B): Operation Center, Bunker

Underground Complex-02 (West)

L Wing (1B): Lobby, Administrative, Installation
  — L Wing is the 1B floor of both of UC-02 and UC-03.

G Wing (2B): Low-Security Research

H Wing (3B): Mid Security Research

I Wing (4B-5B): Safe-Class Containment Wing

Underground Complex-03 (North)

J Wing (2B-3B): High-Security Research

K Wing (4B-5B): High-Risk Containment Wing

Central UC: — All of UCs are connected via Central UC

A Wing (1B): Entry, Connection Hub


Staffing Information


Director Dr. Anan.


RTF mu-39 troopers on the move.

Site Director: Dr. Seonwu Anan

Asst. Site Director: Dr. Mann Drake

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Executive Park Heuijung

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: Security Attache Vincent

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Hancock

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Dr. Hwang Jungmu

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces: Senior Agent Yoon Seungok

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 7

    Staff Doctors: 32

    Staff Researchers: 105

    Field Agents: 49

    Administrative Personnel: 35

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 18

    Security Personnel: 52

    D-Class: 100

    Other Personnel: 11

Current State of Affairs

Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Site-64K

ID Number Object Class
SCP-052-KO Safe
SCP-521-KO Safe
SCP-711-KO Safe
SCP-714-KO Safe
SCP-814-KO Safe

Additional Information


Location of Site-64K.

  • Overview

Located on the coast of Yeosu Peninsula, Site-64K is a regional base facility having the jurisdiction over Mujin City(hereafter Nx-64), South Jeolla Province. It is affiliated with the Foundation Korea Regional Command. In order to respond to the early detection of anomalous entities and events, and to coordinate an initial response, Regional Task Force mu-39 ("Lighthouse Keeper") is assigned to Site-64K.

Nx-64, the jurisdictional domain of Site-64K, is one of the locations of interest with the most frequent occurrences of anomalous and abnormal cases. The possibility that this administrative district itself is an anomaly is under consideration. Thus, the number of anomalies secured by RTF mu-39 and contained at Site-64K is simply a numerical double of usual level.

Above the ground surface, there is only a lighthouse containing SCP-521-KO, and a warehouse which acts as a camouflage facility. The greater part of the facility is constructed underground. Site-64K has three Underground Complexes (UC) of extensive research wings and containment wings. In particular, the 5th basement level of UC-03 has a specially designed High-Risk Containment Wing which can contain more than five Keter-class anomalies simultaneously. Onsite personnel dormitories can accommodate up to 500 people, and the D-Class dormitories' maximum number of persons that can be accommodated, whilst still held under control, is 200.

In the 2010's, several Groups of Interest increased their activities in Nx-64, and their activities occasionally lead to actual conflict. All Foundation personnel operating in Nx-64 are advised to pay particular attention to the movement of hostile groups.

  • History

In 1953, after the Armistice Agreement of the Korean civil war, the Foundation hurried to construct Korean Sites to create a stronghold to regularize operations on the Korean peninsula. As part of that process, Site-64K was built on the eastern coast of Haeryong Township, Mujin County in 195█. At first, it was a provisional stronghold for the entire area of South Jeolla Province. In 196█, Site-05K was built in Gwangju City as a regular stronghold facility. After that, the jurisdictional domain of Site-64K was reduced to coastal counties on the bay of Sunchoen-Gwangyang. Around the same time, Mujin County's status was elevated to Mujin City.

Since the observation began, the Hume Level of Nx-64 has been renewing the lowest of itself, and the number of anomalous events occurring within the area is showing a tendency of serious increase. The existing facilities of Site-64K became too small to deal with this trend, so the need to expand was raised. At the time, the South Korean government planned for a coastal industrial complex covering Haeryong Township and Yulchon Township in 1994. The Foundation gave up trying to negotiate with the government and decided to relocate the Site to somewhere totally new. The eastern coast of Yulchon Township, which is located 4.3 km southeast from the preexisting location was chosen as a suitable place. This choice was due to the ability to utilize the containment facility of SCP-521-KO which was secured in 19██ and consideration was also taken due to the accessibility to Mujin airport which was opened in 1972.

In 1995, Site-64K completed moved to the current location, which is double the area and more than five times the interior space of the previous Site. At the same time, jurisdiction over Suncheon City and Yeosu City was transferred to Site-175K, jurisdiction over Gwangyang City was transferred to Site-82K. Since then, Site-64K was established as the facility in exclusive charge of Nx-64 up to now.

  • Task Force

Using Site-64K as it's own garrison stronghold, Regional Task Force mu-39 "Lighthouse Keeper" is a special task force for anomalous events in Nx-64. Mobile Task Force mu-39 "the Confucians-errant", previously in charge of South Jeolla Province, was disbanded and reorganized into RTF mu-39. Most of the members are skilled field agents and are especially capable of initial secure and on-site containment.

As the activities of hostile groups increase, conflict and engagement have been occurring frequently. Thus, the composition of the RTF was updated for the inclusion of active combat missions. New members were recruited from Site security guards and response teams, and mobile combat squads were deployed in RTF mu-39. However, due to the differences between their missions, forming a separate force to further increase speciality is under consideration.

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