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Here is the hub page of the Foundation Semimonthly, an unofficial periodical.

The idea to "create our own semimonthly" came from ChrictonChricton, who initially define it as "a collection page of recent contents for dummies, probably with a selection of unrecognized old articles, as well as some recommendations". The response came quickly, with many writers willing to participate in the editing of this periodical. Eventually, based on the original three columns - "past classic contents", "new content summary" and "old original article recommendation", the current semimonthly format was determined after several modifications.

Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all users who have participated in editing and all readers who have proposed constructive suggestions. This online periodical is still much clumsier than a real periodical, but without you, the idea of "Semimonthly" would not be realized as it is now. Thank you.

The following is our list of each issue.

List of Previous Issues

List of Special Projects in Columns

After seeing the performance on stage, the behind-the-scenes story is a wonderful dessert; after knowing the behind-the-scenes, the drama on stage may be more flavorful. This column focuses on interviewing writers behind the words and serving you an Ambrose dessert.

Contest Interviews


Contest Interviews logo

A joint column with Page And View. Future contest-related interviews will be included on both hub pages for reference.

The contest interview series will focus on understanding how authors' ideas diverge under constraints and how to strive for excellence in a limited time frame. Subsequently, articles that have appeared in this series will not be repeated for questions in the Return Visits.

Although efforts will be made to update after each contest, … er … we still does not guarantee that it will be done … (look to the sky)

What-If Hourglass


What-If Hourglass logo

"What-If Hourglass" is a new talk show proposed by Bread on a boring night.

Each episode will feature a theme from a previous contest or from another branch, and invite authors who have not participated in the contest to think about "what I would write if I were to write on this theme."

Canon Interviews

Branch Interviews

Interviews with International Friends

Other Interviews

Editor's Note

We deeply know that this periodical is not good enough. Maybe the accuracy of the news is not enough, maybe the editors' recommendations are not transparent enough, or maybe the quoted sentences in the new work representation are not beautiful enough… The Semimonthly has come all the way in our worries.

We deeply know that this periodical can be better. In order to make it better, we need your help. As a reader, just as the Q&A at the end of each issue says, you can send all your opinions and suggestions to us in discussion threads and private messages. As a writer, if you have inspirations and ideas, or intend to maintain and operate a new column, feel free to contact us.

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