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This page lists series of JP branch that are not canons, being too small or written by a single author. Though some series are open to new authors and some are not, new readers will always be welcomed. Access whichever hub you are interested in through the links below.


In order to reward the troubles of last year, a year‐end party and Christmas party is to be held on Site-8181.
Now, all these people under their so dangerous duties, how will they enjoy the party?
Will it be with furor as a reaction to the stress of the past year? Will it have a quiet atmosphere?
Or will it be unpredictable chaos, with both sides mixed in?

Starting to hear Christmas songs. The staff cheers, the occasional shriek. Maybe someone was set up, or “forced to be set up” by Maehara…

Announcement: A Summer Festival is to be held.

"Let's form an idol group of Japanese Branch personnel and hold a concert for this Summer Festival."

Flesh has torn us apart. Russia pulled its ties off, and “Tatar’s Yoke” was born in the Foundation.
This is a story of the fight between those who were to be destroyed, and those who would bring about their destruction.

Kill, for the world loves the spice of evil.

SCP-682-E-1’s containment breach ── That was the beginning. The Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition have decided to cooperate in the face of an unprecedented, gigantic threat. Here, the curtain rises on a decisive battle that will mobilize all of mankind’s resources.

"Kanahebi, Will you die for us?"

In the middle of night, the shining red light signals the beginning of a new banquet. The Foundation, the Insurgency, Division "P", Logos and Arimura-Gumi. What do the detectives see in the eyes of the racket unfolding around a certain reality bender?

After the banquet, this are the travels of those without power.

The light of life cannot be extinguished now. Many have stopped breathing, but not us. If we can’t blow it to pieces, we’ll shove it up the begging bitch’s ass. Open your eyes, moral junkies. Enjoy fucking beyond the lens.

I raise my middle finger at those broken ethics.

This anomaly only exists on the highway. That in itself is normal in this world.

Moesaki Natsuki sighs deeply. Few minutes after she started patrolling at noon, the sky’s color changed little by little.

When you discover a massive anomalous structure, you shouldn’t assume that’s all there is to it. Great things are contained within even greater things. Take a scalpel to the Japan lands. Dissect the thousand-years rock.

It’s hypothesized that this series of emerging anomalous events are limited to a series of historical events at the time of the formation of the Japanese Islands, where 120 million people in public live.

I’m sure you do, but we all have ancestors. Even if they don’t clearly remain as part of your family tree record, the blood of your ancestors still flows within you. Perhaps your ancestors did amazing things. The White Family Tree Picture Book is a story of such people.

The forefathers of the Shironose appear to have turned “White” for some reason.

An error was found.
The Foundation flowed low and turned to evil.
Chaos spread and turned the world undead.

Apparently, that trick was enough to remove the joints of this world.

That thronePURPLE, usurp it.

She continues to train and learn almost without a break within her dreams. She’s slowly been manifesting the ability to alter dreams, and has begun to test her abilities. All this, for the sake of materializing the containment of dreams by the Foundation.

The world will keep on turning, leaving a single town behind. People will continue to live on this town that has lost its color.

On May 10th, the Foundation’s Public Relations Department announced that it would contain SCP-8900. SCP-8900 is an anomalous phenomenon that raged through the 1940s, altering the color of the whole world. At the time, the Foundation abandoned containment due to the severity of its spread, but now the Foundation officially announces the resumption of containment efforts.

Be intelligent. Be critical. Deny and ridicule all truth. We reject unification.

That is jealousyjalousie. I’ve been sculpting since I was 10 years old. So why can’t I beat such a wickedméchant woman, who is 10 years younger than me, whose main activity isn’t even sculpting?

HERO Show, start!

"Then, uh, yeah, don’t worry. H.E.R.OWe promise. If we weren’t able to protect “everybody's peace”, we wouldn’t be fit to be H.E.R.Oheroes."

This is a story of retaliation, and the story of the fools who cannot say why they do and how to close the book.

This was a story of retaliation.

One day, a disaster appeared within the Foundation that struck its employees cruelly and equally. The staff, regardless of rank and duty, one by one stopped being “human”. And yet still, they continue to live as “people”.

Anomalies will continue to increase. And “something else” will also continue to increase.
And yet, the world won’t change. The Foundation won’t change either.

The colorless shackles of the case blend with the pitch-black threads of the anomalies.
To untangle them, that is our job.

This man, who appears to be a special counselor or simple advisor; Umno’s job is to work with his head and sometimes his feet to resolve issues that arise in cases handled by the Foundation.

Perhaps, this is such a tale that slip off the frame of Kwaidan.

Is there something scary involved here?

From "Unrelated" by Pear_QUPear_QU

The battlefield in which the war of deviance takes place… Such situations are not chosen deliberately.

"We have the will and capacity to deal with deviant warfare, unlike you."

There’s more than one answer.

The man cried out. The sun stretched across the cloudless sky.

[ameニモnimo負ケズmakezu] [kazeニモnimo負ケズmakezu]

The frequency in which works made by PoI-1933 are associated with the anomalous is very high compared to other artists of the same period, enough as a basis to be considered a Foundation’s Person of Interest.

Human, Yo-kai, and others… I think it’s good that they are still alive.

There is a side to this temple that the nearby residents don’t know about. This is a Yo-kai Temple were the mysterious gather.

At the Polar Sky, the story comes to an end.

Both curses and blessings begin by being entranced by God.

The grotesque Wizard King of Adytum has returned.

He’s no longer tainted by either flesh or anvil.

All for the sake of crushing the flesh of the broken and unbroken.
You do for the sake of protecting your innocence; we do for the sake of our God.
Be broken.

Site-Q9ALT, a isolated area made to save the world beyond the world. Here, I might be able to walk again.

He’s beyond helping. So are you.

We are compiling information about the corpse of Makuwa Yurika. Thank you for your cooperation.

SCP-3823 is the corpse of Makuwa Yurika, who committed suicide on 20██/██/█.

Collaboration Series

The following series are collaborations. However, like canons, they aren't meant to be ‘closed’.

The staff of the Foundation, all of them being a mess, are ordered by their superiors to attend a marriage party they’ve just learned about. What will their tomorrow be like?

Congratulations. We are glad to have provided you with a place to meet. We wish you two success in your future activities, and hope your relationship deepens even more.

From "Closing speech" by Nanigashi SatoNanigashi Sato

The 9/11 attacks in a world without Veil. Manhattan has descended into Hell. At the site of an unprecedented large-scale terrorist attack, all kinds of motives intertwine with one another, and the island of the underworld gives birth to all kinds of stories. The silvery wings of chaos soar, and the silver screen of progress is about to be released.

The three planes heading for Manhattan have plunged into the World Trade Center (WTC), and immediately after the crash, the entire Manhattan area surrounding the WTC collapsed into another dimension made of nested crystalline structures.

The world is full of weather controlling objects. In order to achieve their ideal and mission, to protect mankind, the Foundation took over air supremacy, and began controlling the weather.

Everyone, welcome to the Weather Management Department! Supervise, Control, Predict.

‘Widespread Anomaly Containment Cases’ is a story about daringly tackling the complicated anomalies that lurk in people’s everyday life.
It’s a story of employees who use their abilities to unravel, sever, or link together the mysteries that intertwine with their lives.

We’ve learnt that there are being that fight supernatural threats, and protect people who know nothing about them.
This is a story of those employees.

When you can’t sleep, when you want to focus on containment work, when you have too much time waiting on standby.
In any of these cases, please turn to the right channel on your device and listen to our call.

The DJ here is a member of Site-8148, who knows a lot about animal employees! I am Foundation Field Agent Madaraza Marina!

"dārum tracer" is a term used to refer to an individual/group attempting to manifest, project, or imitate a metaphysical entity.

As mentioned before, in the name of metaphysical biology, I’ve made a comprehensive study on metaphysical conceptual entities.
As a result, I propose the idea referred to as the dārum-plan.

From "From the Metaphysical Biology Laboratory, "the Speech given by Ms. Christine at a Regular Meeting"" by GermanesOnoGermanesOno, roneatosuroneatosu, falsehoodfalsehood

1998 Canon: Spin-off Series

After Tokyo was destroyed, those who survived underground created their own world. Do they exchange goods with other stations? Do they investigate the relics of a ruined civilization? Do they eat the meat that falls off the tréɪn that runs through the dark? Or do we follow shady gossip and take a gamble in the hopes we make it to the surface?

Tells us your choice.

There are many dangers when crossing the railroad tracks of the Tokyo-Bound. You can be run over by the tréɪn, kidnapped by the station staff, exposed to the horrible hazards of the station’s environment, or you may lose your life to the relentless attacks of residents of other stations.

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