About the Serpent Prince
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Extraction from the book "Iron Sheets" of sect "Purple Star of wishes" of Shining Lord's worshippers.

About the Serpent Prince

Who among the experienced sorcerers does not know about the Yergotulot, Serpent Prince, one of the angels of our Great Lord? Sometimes He comes in three-dimensional world and walks the Earth in the month of the constellation of Sagittarius, because it is at this time that the spheres of the universe rotate so way that He can walk through the path between dimensions. This is not the only condition; it is also necessary what the Sakkur city, which has the shape of the Eight-Dimensional Hypercube, turned to Earth by its green-emerald gates that are sound like a current in pure field and smell like rusty iron. The rotation of the Magic City Sakkur is not periodic, and the corresponding times can more or less be calculated according to the formula first discovered in the 18th century by Andriy Lapta, a characterist and astrologer from Zaporizhzhya Sich; although some researchers have argued that this knowledge would be known to the ancients but was temporarily lost. Recent studies of the Purple Star Conclave have helped to refine this formula, and this updated one (and the old version which is given for the story) is featured in the Bronze Sheets.

It is said that two or three millennia ago, the Serpent Prince was a man from the Earth, but he was able to ascend, wisely using gifts from the Lord of the Fate, and became an inhabitant of one of Cities above heaven and beyond the understanding of ignorances ones. Therefore, he now sometimes return to his own old home planet, perhaps remembering his youth, or perhaps because he has some unfinished actions in our world, or, maybe just out of boredom. Most often He occurs in forests that have suffered fires or in abandoned factories, although He can often be seen where large pines grow on sandy hills. He walks ways that cannot be understand by the common man, although sometimes he leaves behind a trails similar to the trails from paws of a large turtle, and His serpent servants follows Him. The most experienced wizards can even see Him at will, and those who have reached a little lesser level can feel Him when He is no more than a few tens or even hundreds of kilometers away. However, it is not recommended to rely solely on feelings and to neglect calculations, especially in such important matters as communicating with the Higher Creatures.

To summon the Serpent Prince Yergotulot, you must choose a time when He will be on Earth. Then you should choose a place for the challenge — we insist on choosing one of the places where the Prince likes to wander, unless you obviously want your call to go in vain, or to have the Prince appear in bad mood? Or someone else will come instead Him? So read the instructions carefully and follow them with all care. And although the Serpent Prince seldom punishes by immediate death or curses for eternality for minor ritual disturbances, He will most likely cause your ordeal to be complicated.

You must come to the place of the challenge by oneself; experienced sorcerers can lead with them one student and / or for sacrifice a one ignorance one, but in this case, this will pose an additional risk. One day before, one hour before, and one minute before the ritual, you should to drink a dose of 30 - 40 grams alcohol mixed with Moksha Korosten's herbal potion. After you will choosing a place and beginning the ritual, you must take a magical ruby stick and, using it, draw on ground the rune of the Yergotulot summon:


After that, you must laid out the birds or rodents for sacrifice; the number of them is calculated by the Kesher formula. Beware of making a mistake in number of sacrifices even a little bit - Yergotulot will not be glad if He and his servants will not enough food to satisfy hunger, or vice versa, if He see on your part a hint of trying to overfeed them. Some sorcerers try to use human sacrifice instead of animals: such sacrifice should be killed and gutted immediately after the runes are drawn on the ground - and although such version of ritual may be more successful, but its parameters should be calculated with greater accuracy and the consequences of failure may be fatal.

Then the words of summon should be said:

From the north as a blizzard, from the forest as beast
From the gates of the astral city
Through the walls of amber
You came to Earth
Let's You come and see me
Take as much as You need
Bestow me as much as I want

Then you should listen. When you hear the crunch of branches and hisses, then know that the Prince goes to your summon. Bow to Him and greet Him properly, as should greet the angels of God, and then demand him what you want.

If all goes correct, He will offer you a ordeal. It can be either a fight - or with Him or one of his servants - or it can be riddles you need to guess. Remember, even in the most wise human sorcerers there is no chance of overcoming the angel of God, though in battle, though in riddles, and His riddles may have many different right answers or have none. But if you will be with due diligence to defend yourself during the battle, or say to his riddle an original answer that you can justify, then he will be merciful to you.

Repeat your demands to Him again. It is at this time that you have the opportunity to think - if it seems to you that you have demanded a lot for the first time, then it is better to reduce your wishes, give up from something. On the other hand, if you see that the Prince is very pleased with you, you may wish a little more than the first time. The exact formula of what you can successful demand, is unknown to humanity, and these who living in the Berosh Cosmic Sea whispers that "senseless human beings are not able to understand these calculations, and their primitive computers are not able to calculate such things." Therefore, be guided by your own experience and intuition. If your desire will match to your results of endured the ordeal, and if you can dispose it results wisely, you will be able to achieve great power. And who knows when anybody else of the mortals will be able to ascend to the angels' ranks? If not, then know that such a large interference with the balance of the Archeil (also known as the "balance of Luck and Failure") will lead you to failure, and even the miracle gifts, what you will receive, may not help you to achieve what you want. We will also remind that the balance of the Archeil will be broken even if you fail the ordeal and do not receive any gifts from the Prince.

What gifts is the most appropriate to demand from the Serpent Prince? What to wish first? First of all, if you want it, He can give you one or more of His own serpent servants, controlling which you can do some things, such as to attack other persons by the snakes or making yourself immune to snake venom. In addition, if you are willing to give Him a part of your own human personality in the extra sacrifice, then you have chance to gain ability to control some other people with your will. It should be remembered that this extra sacrifice is especially dangerous, because who knows in advance what will happen to the mind and mental state of a person who has removed a part of himself / herself? And it can be happens what others people will begin to believe you have died or disappeared and will not recognize you. In addition, it is recommended that you take with you, during the ritual, an item that reminds you of your personality or of another person you admire, and sanctify this item into the golden ring ceremony. This can slightly mitigate the negative effects of the extra sacrifice (in the latter case you can acquire the traits of that person instead of your own), and sometimes even gives to the person who performed the ritual extra years of life - and in such way that even your failure will not be able to kill you.

Among the most famous magicians who received gifts from the Prince, one should mention the magician Gorynko, who was served by three huge serpent-like servants of the Prince who could fly and spew fire. Magician, using his devious sayings, led many people to his side. In spite of his strength, due to the balance of Archiel, his failure pursued him and his attempts to conquer the towns of the ancient Polesie ended in defeat for him, and he was killed by the governor Dobromav during the battle near Chortokil.

Finally, it should also be recalled that at a time when the Serpent Prince is coming back to our world, the power of his gifts increases, especially if he is near the gifted - as the side effects of their use increases too. Therefore, plan their wise use, and remember that our Shining Lord only helps the worthy, only those who help themselves.

Note from Foundation's researchers: Upon receipt by the Foundation's agents, this text was suggested that the Serpent Prince has a connection with SCP-077-UA. This assumption has not yet been confirmed and is pending.

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