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  You saw your sweetheart coming face to face to you. What a handsome lizard it is! On its way, it left a trail of fascinating stench. It's body is dark green, scales parsley-colored, claws in the hue of chives, gorgeous long hair smelled like cumin. You've never seen such an awe-inspiring creature in your life! At that time, a surge of love splashed into your mind. Ah! This! This… This is!

  This is your perfect partner!

  Love came too fast, just like your head teacher standing by the backdoor when you were in highschool. You immediately decided to marry nobody but it. Your mind was full for days after you came home. You were tossing and turning all night long. You imagine it stroking your face with its unutterable nails, embracing you with its vast muscular tail. It might be a bit straight. But you don't mind. Love, this is Love! Hearts of a thousand girls started beating violently in your body. This is Love! How would it respond to this Love? It would call you "darling." It would take you for a walk along the hydrochloric acid in twilight. It would cook your favorate D-class stew with potatoes… You would never be apart. It would pick the sun if you wished for stars. It would slap you if you wished for the moon.

  What a tender love this is! The tricklet of Love became boiling hot when it reached your groin. Every dawn and morning and forenoon and noon and afternoon and night and midnight you were visioning the rigid shoulder of that lizard, and its long hair cleaned everyday using hydrochloric acid and saliva. Could there be any other SCP comparable to it? It, six-eight-two, is the most beautiful, robust, handsome and charming super lizard in the world.

So you confessed your love. As you handed out the rose, it offered you a fresh, hydrochloric-acid-smelling kiss. You were brought into ecstasy confusion climax and your jaw is gone. At that moment, you two things seemed to be the only ones in the world. You were sure that it loves you and you love it. Its tiny eyes (which can't be seen if not examined closely, may not exist at all, god knows where they are, and since lizards' eyes grow on two sides they can't see what's in their front, must contain some eye crust, how does it do French kiss after all? Doesn't it have a bad breath? But you love it, so it's all cool, all charming, which you tried to look into) already conveyed everything.

  Its beautiful large eyes were filled with an immense starry sky, with flickering dots of fluorescence floating among. A rainbow appeared from underneath its feet; it is the bridge of your Love. Love and Tenderness ran among your snuggled up bodies. You felt that you had such a happy life. With a closer look, its face turned into greenish red and reddish green, just like a rotten apple. It's so lovely; you felt a blow of ecstasy bursting in your chest; ten thousand DEERs were bumping against the tip of your heart.

  "Sweetheart." It said, "i luv you."

  Your face was so red that it exploded immediately. Now the person who wrote this article felt disgusted enough that he doesn't want to keep writing at all, and was very unhappy that his cola delivered with takeout wasn't aerated. Moreover his dog licked his face after eating shit. So you suddenly died of tachycardia. Six-eight-two stayed beside your grave for a long time, and finally left this world in grief and morose.

  The SCP Foundation posthumously awarded you a Foundation Star in recognition of your achievement.

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