2018 Shorts Contest

The contest is over! Thanks to everyone who participated.

The winner is
SCP-713-KO by KaestineKaestine,
The Happening At The Airport by MrChamGyunGgunMrChamGyunGgun

The rules of this contest are simple.

You must write an SCP article or tale under 1000 letters, blanks not included.

The winning article will be posted to the main page. The prize is a Krispy Kreme Gifticon!

  • Please tag the articles with 2018-shorts-contest.
  • Contest entries will undergo normal deletion processes.
  • Placing is based on net vote total.
  • Non-member contestants are required to send their pen name and article title to omega123omega123's email address, moc.revan|2080raloc#moc.revan|2080raloc. Including tags is recommended.
  • Multiple entries per person are allowed.
  • Posting opens on February 14th and closes on March 14th. Evaluation lasts from March 15th to 22nd.
  • Editing articles are allowed before the evaluation period.
  • Naver Word Count may come in handy while counting letters.
  • Forum Crits are allowed during the contest period! Use the Forum if you feel unsure about your article.
  • Please add your article here yourself.

SCP Entries

Tale Entries

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