Secure Facility Dossier: Site-CN-16
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Site-CN-16's logo

Site Identification Code: Armed Site-CN-16



Cover Story: █████████ Military Base

Site Function: Containment of local anomalies, suppression of SCP-CN-901, research into oneiric anomalies, assisting in coverup, interaction with GoIs.

Facility Structure: Site-CN-16 is divided into Zones A, B, and C, which are interconnected by surface roads and underground tracks.

Zone A: Military area, with a few rapid response teams deployed in areas corresponding to the probable locations of SCP-CN-901-B occurrence. Armaments include: Four 155mm howitzers, 6 Type 99 main battle tanks obtained from the Chinese government, 12 radar controlled self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. In addition, SCP-CN-901 and the Central Protocol are also located in an underground protected room in Zone A. For more information about SCP-CN-901, see the relevant article.

Zone B: A general area containing the research and management divisions of the Site, with many offices and test chambers. The Site's airfield and Ethereal Dream Division are also located here.

Zone C: Dormitories and recreational facilities, including five dormitory blocks, recreational facilities, and a █-square-kilometer circulation system. Due to the geographical location of the Site, it is unable to receive energy and comestibles from the nearby cities. The Foundation built its first large-scale ecological recycling system to provide for personnel stationed at Site-CN-16. When this system fails, the Site will receive resources via airlift.

Overview: With SCP-CN-901 beginning to produce hostile entities in 19██, the SCP Foundation and the government of the People's Republic of China agreed to construct Site-CN-16 in the [REDACTED] region under the cover of █████████ Military Base. Some of the facilities were provided by the government, but all personnel came from the Foundation.

With the development of the Site, Site-CN-16 slowly grew in scope from simply containing SCP-CN-901 to containing all anomalous objects in the area and monitoring and containing anomalous phenomena. In addition, during research on SCP-CN-901 and SCP-CN-255, with the help of the Black Lotus Division of the Main Foundation, Site-CN-16 established a dedicated Ethereal Dream Division to combat the Oneiroi. The difference is that Ethereal Dream only has two Oneiroi, and most agents use technology to enter the dream world.

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