Secure Facility Dossier: Site-CN-60




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SCP Foundation Chinese Branch Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Chinese Branch East China Sea Dimensional Facility

Site Identification Code: ESDim-Site-CN-60

General Information


Photographed from Site-CN-60's deck. This photograph has been checked to ensure that it does not reveal the Site's location.

Site Overview: Dimensional Site-CN-60 is an anchored vessel, primarily responsible for containing and researching low-threat marine and oneiric anomalies. In addition, Site-CN-60 is a vacation facility for Foundation personnel.

Site Function: Research, Storage, Recreation, Emergency Evacuation Site

Founded: 1 March 2011

Site Director: Dr. Xu Shaoru

Site Scale: Small (<500 personnel)

Location: East China Sea

Cover Story: Floating oil tanker under Foundation front company Seasons Coast Petroleum Co.

Offices and Zones:

    (Note: Sea level is typically between Floors 3 and 4. Floors 7 is the deck.)

    Primary Offices (6F): Site management

    Primary Containment Chambers (3-5F): Protected by guards to prevent unauthorized entry.

    8F: Class D dormitories

    7F: Employee dormitories and recreational facilities; medical center

    6F: Low-security research area

    5F: High-security research area

    4F: No special designation

    3F: No/low risk object storage

    2F: No risk object storage

    1F: Maintenance facilities

Vessel Information


Site-CN-60 (right) and its propulsion ship (left).

Vessel Name (Chinese) 东海石油331
Vessel Name (English) Eastern Sea Petroleum 331
Country of registration China
Port of registration Shanghai
Ship management company Seasons Coast Petroleum
Ship type and use Floating oil tanker
Gross tonnage 270,000 tons
Deadweight tonnage 110,000 tons
Draft 15.7 m
Speed Not self-propelled
Deck floor 7; 1st Deck

Staffing Information


Facilities on the deck.

Site Director: Dr. Xu Shaoru

Asst. Site Director: Dr. Chen Fufeng

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Dr. Zhao Fenqin

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: Dr. Emilia White

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Wei Ruchang

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Charles Patel

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces: Agent Yang Yiteng

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 12

    Staff Doctors: 48

    Staff Researchers: 101

    Administrative Personnel: 40

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 56

    Security Personnel: 83

    D-Class: 20-50

    Other Personnel: 29

Notable Anomalies Contained at Site-CN-60

ID Number Object Class
SCP-CN-135-2 Safe
SCP-CN-275-1 Safe/Apollyon
SCP-CN-227 Safe
SCP-CN-1400 Archon
SCP-CN-1677 Pending

Incident Reports

17-11-11 20:17
17-11-11 20:17

Additional Information

Site-CN-60 was initially constructed to contain SCP-CN-135-2. As the object could not be moved, it could only be contained using an anchored vessel. Over time, Dimensional Site-CN-60 slowly became a containment facility for oneiric and marine SCP objects. Its geographical location makes it suitable for containment of some marine anomalies, and SCP-CN-135-2's ability to interact with oneiric reality provides a great convenience when researching low-risk oneiric SCP objects.

As the load of the ship is limited, the Site's scale is intentionally small, with no more than 500 personnel stationed aboard. As Site-CN-60 is not equipped with a self-propulsion system, lifeboats and transport ships are anchored near the Site. In addition, several Foundation propulsion ships are stationed at the nearest port, Yangshan Deep-Water Port, and are used to adjust the relative location of the extradimensional entrance. Site-CN-60 is equipped with an aircraft parking area and two helicopters, which can be used for transporting goods or emergency evacuation.

SCP-CN-135-2 is located in the Primary Containment Chamber, which is a 30 x 30 m hall spanning three floors. As such, even as the water level changes throughout the year, SCP-CN-135-2 remains within the chamber. The door of the hall is watched by guards, who are required to have Level 3 clearance and "good" or higher loyalty score to prevent unauthorized entry.

Foundation personnel with Level 2 clearance and "good" or higher loyalty score may request to vacation within Site-CN-60's extradimensional space for no more than a week; all personnel entering SCP-CN-135-2 are to be strictly registered and vetted. Currently, Site-CN-60 serves as more of a recreational facility than a research facility.

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