IT Branch Secure Facilities


The Foundation maintains and operates a large number of facilities worldwide, from small outposts with only a handful of staff to major Sites with thousands of personnel.

Foundation facilities designated as Sites are covert facilities, meaning that while the existence of the facility is known to the public, such facilities are often disguised under government or corporate fronts. Sites are often built in locations in relatively close proximity to civilian populations, where facilities would require such coverage.

The following is the list of Sites under the jurisdiction of the Italian Branch; for further information refer to the documentation about secure facilities locations (authorization level required: 4 or above).

Site Angerona

Location: Chli Ruchen (Canton of Uri, Switzerland)

Description: Site located in the southern wing of DE20 site of the German Branch. It hosts the Physical-Mathematical Section (SF-M), which is endowed with modern equipment (developed alongside CERN) in order to investigate the basic principles of anomalous phenomena; even though containment is not a primary concern, several anomalies are stored there for research goals.

Italian staff:

Director: Dr. Samar Riai
Vicedirector: Dr. Giuliano Galli

German staff:

Director: O4-8

Housed anomalies:


Action reports:

Site Asclepio


Site Asclepio, interior.

Location: Trentino Alto-Adige

Description: Houses the majority of the Chemical-Biological Section (SC-B) and related anomalies. The research, containment and lab animal facility areas are controlled by the AGI1 ROWSANNAH. Coordinates SSM-VI "Mater Morbi" and SIR-III "Præcĭpŭum Auxĭlĭum".


Director: Dr. Laura Zaffiro
Vicedirector: [ACCESS DENIED]

SC-B Director: S5-4
DRMG Vicedirector: Dr. James Aisenberg
BCC2 (DMb) Coordinator: Dr. Niceto Livi
Medical Director (DMRI): Dr. Emilia Lombardi

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Cerere

Location: Abruzzo

Description: Houses a division of the Chemical-Biological Section (Zoological-Botanical Division), alongside animal and vegetal anomalies. Has external structures for the largest and/or more hostile anomalies and research areas.


  • Director: Dr. Tommaso Passini
  • Vicedirector: Dr. Luigi Foriani
  • Veteriarian Teams Coordinator: Dr. Giulia Rossetti
  • Plant Organisms Responsible: Dr. Elia Moretti

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:


Site Deus


Site Deus, "exterior".

Location: Puglia

Description: Houses the Esoteric & Thaumaturgical Department (DET), occult and spacetime anomalies and also, more importantly, [REDACTED]. It is one of the oldest anomalous containment sites, built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen. Coordinates SSM-I "Sagitta Iovis".


Director: Dr. Michela Marchetti
Vicedirector: Dr. Gianfranco Rinaldi

DET Director: S5-9
SSET Director: Dr. Chiara Rodio

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Iride


Site Iride, interior.

Location: Umbria

Description: Houses several residential structures for humanoid and sentient anomalies, in addition to numerous research laboratories. Coordinates many research teams and a group of highly specialized psychologists.


Director: Dr. Miriam Ventura
Assistant Director: Dr. Vasco Santandrea

Psychologists Coordinator: Dr. Vincenzo Vasca

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Minerva


Site Minerva, interior.

Location: Sardegna

Description: Hosts the Mind and Memetic Studies Section (SSMM) and the Local Service Introduction Unit (ULIS). It houses memetic, antimemetic and cognitohazardous anomalies. Coordinates SSM-V "Firmitas Mentis".


Director: Dr. Nicola Rossi
Vicedirector: Dr. Italo Caccioppoli

SSMM/DRM Director: S5-5
DRM Vicedirector: Dr. Michele Vanacore
DA Director: Dr. Irene Guida
Kinetology Responsible: Dr. Gianluca Buonocore

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Nettuno


Site Nettuno/support area.


Site Nettuno/unit 2, exterior.

Location: Montecristo Island (support area), Adriatic and Ionian Sea/mobile (Unit 1), Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea/mobile (Unit 2)

Description: Hosts aquatic and maritime anomalies, the Environmental Section (SA) and a division of the Historical-Archaeological Section (Underwater Archaeology Division). Oversees submarine areas and related anomalies. It consists of 2 naval containment units camouflaged as hospital ships and a support area. Coordinates SSM-II "Legio Atlantidis".


Director: Dr. Arianna Contadi
Naval Unit 1 Captain: Cpt. Daniele Lorenzini
Naval Unit 2 Captain: Cpt. Rachele Siciliani

SA Director: S5-10
DAS Director: Dr. Giuseppe Pistillo

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Plutone


Site Plutone, interior.

Location: Campania

Description: Houses the Historical-Archaeological Section (SS-A) and related anomalies. Hosts all the documentation of the RIDIA and other groups of interest. Coordinates SSM-VIII "Subterranea Materia".


Director: Dr. Ascanio Fontana
Vicedirector: Dr. Mauro Bellini

SS-A Director: S5-8
Research Coordinator: Dr. Emilio Rogazzi

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Urano


Site Urano, UT-02 Telescope.

Location: Piemonte

Description: Houses the Astronomic and Extraplanetary Section (SAE) and observes and studies anomalies that are outside the atmosphere. Coordinates SSM-XI "Stellæ Errantes".


Director: Dr. Giovanni Monte
Vicedirector: Dr. Gianluca Livigni

Monitored anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Vesta


Site Vesta, exterior.

Location: Sicilia

Description: Houses Euclid and Safe anomalies that do not represent a threat to the Foundation or that are easily contained.


  • Director: Dr. Nicola Giannini
  • Vicedirector: Dr. Lavinia Fiorentino

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Virtus


Site Virtus, exterior.

Location: Lazio

Description: Houses the Administrative & Financial Department (DAeF) and the Internal & Diplomatic Affairs Department (DAIeD). It has only a small area dedicated to containment. Coordinates SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ", SIR-II [REDACTED], and SPeV-II "Custodes Foci".


Director: Dr. Saverio Staffelli
Vicedirector: [ACCESS DENIED]

DAeF Director: S5-2
SAM Director: Dr. Saverio Giocondo
DNI Director: Dr. Marco Lindo

DAIeD/SAD Director: S5-1
SIR Director: S5-11
SRE-M Overseer: S5-7
SRE-M Director: Dr. Emanuele Bigotti

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Vittoria

Location: Emilia Romagna

Description: Hosts the Military Department (DM) and anomalies that need particularly rigid containment measures. Coordinates SSM-III "Para Bellum", SSM-IV "Pugnus Ferri", SSM-VII "Turmæ Angelorum" and SIR-IV "Missio Mercurii".


Vicedirector: Dr. Francesco Endrizzi

DM Director: S5-6

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Site Vulcano


Site Vulcano, interior.

Location: Lombardia

Description: Houses the Advanced Engineering Section (SPA) and anomalies of technological nature. It is also the main developer of the special equipments used by the Italian Branch. Coordinates SSM-IX "Machinamenta".


Director: Dr. Tullio Cruciani
Vicedirector: Dr. Aurora Ammanati

SPA Director: S5-3

Housed anomalies:

Action reports:

Areas and loci


Area-33, exterior.

Besides Sites, the Italian Branch has several Areas, which may be used as independent outposts or as structures to contain unmovable anomalies. In this second case, the jurisdiction falls upon the nearest Site or, alternatively, on the most appropriate Site based upon the nature of the anomaly.

Loci are instead defined as places of interest that the Foundation chooses to monitor due to the presence of anomalous phenomena. Contrary to areas, loci are places known to the public, often of historical interest and more or less visited.

The most important independent area is Area-33, located in Valle d'Aosta near Mont Blanc, used for the monitoring and recovering of anomalies in the italian alpine region. It coordinates SSM-X "Consequentia Glacialis".


  • Director: Dr. Riccardo Liguria
  • Vicedirector: [ACCESS DENIED]

Housed anomalies:


Action reports:

Unmovable anomalies:

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