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Object #: SKP-136

Classification: Safe

Utilisation: Assassin of the SKP

Safety regulations: SKP-136 lives in his private accommodation at Special Facility-8 when he is not on a mission. SKP-136 has a personal account to which a pre-determined sum, which depends on his performance, is transferred monthly. He will attend the training at the special facility-8 if there are no assignments. If SKP-136 betrays the SKP for any reason, his account must be frozen and SKP-136-𝔅 and SKP-136-ℭ dispatched to execute him and replace him later.

Description: SKP-136 is a 21-year-old man who is 1.83 m tall and weighs 75 kg. SKP-136 also has blond hair, blue eyes and is very athletically built. SKP-136 could achieve an IQ of 138 in a standard IQ test. In addition, SKP-136 shows a strong interest in technology and weapons of all kinds and demonstrated a very good understanding of them, which makes him a very dangerous but also very useful paranormaly.

SKP-136 has the paranormal effect of stopping time by means of a process that is not yet understood. Even though the logical conclusion is that SKP-136 would be blind during the suppression of its effect, as no light would reach the retina of the eye any more, this does not seem to be the case, as there is an unknown cell tissue, with the appearance of a blue pattern, in the iris of the subject. This is connected to the optic nerve via special nerves and supplies it with stimuli identical to those of the retina, allowing SKP-136 to see normally should he stop time. Although the actual use of his paranormal effect of stopping time does not exhaust him in any way, the suppression of this effect seems to be quite exhausting and has already led to several breakdowns. However, SKP-136-DE was able to increase its limit in this respect to up to █ days through excessive training.

Addendum-001: SKP-136 developed a kind of motor behaviour in his early childhood, during his training, which ensures that he unconsciously creates a kind of bubble in which he can breathe and move freely. At the edge of this bubble, there seems to be a kind of circulation of air and temperature, which ensures that he can breathe until the available oxygen in the environment has been converted into carbon dioxide. The heat emitted by SKP-136's body is evenly distributed in the environment, while at the same time external cold is largely shielded. This whole process seems to occur by a continuous enlargement and reduction of the space at the edge of the bubble, with oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as temperatures, being constantly exchanged.

Discovery: SKP-136 was recovered from the SKP at the age of █ after it showed several abnormalities; such as advanced development, paranormal eye tissue, and several incidents in which it spontaneously appeared and disappeared. The SKP began an investigation and then immediately took SKP-136 into custody.


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