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It is true. All is true. The Americans have imprisoned them


The Sonderkommando for the Paranormal1 was founded as a result of what the H-Sonderauftrag brought to light, to get hold or paranormalies and to research into making them utilizable for the Reich.

When in the late year 1944 the first battle ready SKP's were finished, and were used in battle, some General already considered the war as lost. But mass-production of SKP-███ made us independent from oil. As the Americans dropped a nuclear bomb on cologne in mid 1945 they sealed the fate of their north-eastern coast. On the 12th of may in 1951 the war ended. The European states where happy to become a part of the Großdeutsches Reich; allies became vassals and the defeated overseas became colonies.

The American SCP-Foundation which imprisoned and hid paranormalies instead of researching and using them, was incorporated in the SKP. Unwilling personnel was transferred to T-class and useless paranormalies where destroyed.

The Führer's death in the 1970's shook the Großdeutsches Reich, but the SKP was spared from the consequences of the week-long succession-war and even benefited from the fall of the SS, which no longer cold hold back paranormalies.

Since then the world is at peace. No one dares to rebel. We can put SKP's to various uses, not only for battle. We can make dissidents to proud citizens with a rate of 100%. We have conquered most diseases that plagued mankind for centuries. Nobody is born as cripple or retarded. Nobody needs to hunger, nobody needs to live an empty and meaningless life.

We know that there are other realities, in which mankind suffers hunger, injustice, disease, multilingualism and rebellion. We want to change that and seek for means to let the Germans in other universes to share our fortune.

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