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It is true. Everything is true. The Americans have captured and imprisoned them. They did not want to see what could be achieved if we got to the bottom of the things we consider paranormal and learnt to use them. That is why they lost the war.



The Sonderkommando für Paranormales stopped existing in our universe in early 1945, but still exists in another: U-3378-DE. We have been able to obtain vast amounts of data from there and, after cataloguing all of it, we will make it available on the Foundation database, document by document. Please bear in mind that the SKP here and there are two distinct entities. In this document, you will find information about both.1 We assume that both have their origin in the same universe that, following a brief phase of indefiniteness during an SKP experiment conducted in 1944, have developed in separate directions. Therefore, both are considered variants of the same GoI.

— Dr. Irma Bauer

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