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"It was all a dream!"


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Newyddilyn Baughn

It's 176 days since there is almost no influx of people around here. I'm starting to get worried. Many are talking about a supposed #rapture But how real is it?
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13 April 2024 21:02pm by Alkahesti


Trastorno de Personalidad Infinítuple
replying @new_baughn13ph

I think it's an absurd theory, although it's worrying nonetheless. I think of all those places that live off visitors, even whole districts that are giving up, where have they all gone?
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13 April 2024 22:04pm by DongSense

…it's not enough! We need to provide a second shot…


…shot in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……………………………

redȊst lall eyes on us

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District 44 gave up to decoherence (testadiferro.psy)
Submitted 9 hours ago by una_wea_sobre_otra_wea

We desperately need 6 players in ow_sempiternal2 to start a game. (sports.stopmotion.psy)
Submitted 4 months ago by elcuartoejecartesiano
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signs that your projection shows teseractic dissociation (hiddencadence.psy)
Submitted 6 hours ago by kaewloaasheiwr'sthaktha
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The rapture has already begun (eutopia.psy)
Submitted 7 hours ago by publicVoidDesire()

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publicVoidDesire() Author | Grand Master hailOW | Chaotic Neutral
I ask that you please give notice to anyone you know who exhibits any of the symptoms described therein. Hold on tightly to what you find, and no matter what happens. No one knows what will happen if we all leave. Hold on as long as possible. Avoid doors, windows or tunnels. Don't think about uncomfortable things. Stay away from it.

califirtinicacion Decimal No. 36,124 of | A=432 hz
I don't even know how long I've been like this, but I can't take it anymore. I keep falling under miles of salt water and I can't breathe. Trapped in an unpleasant limbo just by the will of something. I don't mind not going back if at least I can have peace.

reproduceme_en_0.66666x Phrygian Team | hemilingual
I thought that those things didn't happen to us Lucids, but a while ago I went out to walk my
mnemonic rules about integration by parts and I took a huge leap and I could no longer continue
running. My breath had gone without me and I can't scream. It clamored to be found
with me at the "deep threshold". I think it's better if I don't go.

DiasporaDeCapricornio Tungsten III | Adrenaline levels on the rise

califirtinicacion [ACCOUNT DELETED]
I've reached the bottom, finally.

…ECG at 345 per minute! Keep the adrenaline pumping!

You'll be fine, buddy, the gas will do its thing.@..

We cannot supply it for more than twenty minutes without permanent… effects


The egg is the whole world! Will you find the Renaissance between its cracks?

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…seizures must be controlled!

We have to ensure her survival!

I am informed by the Head Researcher that no more L-subjects have been found; if we lose it, it's all over. Control the h e m o r r h a g e…!


Catastrophic stock market crash: questions arise

Department of Intangible Value warns seriously about a possible widespread market crash.

Oneiroi West Journal, April 14, 2024, 02:18am

It has now been 176 days since the great decline in overall activity affecting both the OW and the satellite realms and independent globular clusters, which has had adverse effects on pan-noospheric productivity and stability, as well as causing incalculable material and immaterial losses.

All major events were cancelled, and those that were not, fell victim to the resulting decoherence in the greatest depression ever documented so far. The greatest tragedy was recorded two weeks ago, when phase dissociation released the ow_sempiternal2 coliseum. All its occupants, both players and spectators, semi-permeable consciousnesses and vague memories showed signs of thanatic recall, which subsequently disappeared.

The DIV makes it clear that, as long as the exodus continues, there will be no way to revive the economy unless the influx of visitors is restored. The head of Immigration Control, Tvímadur-tallado-con-mesura-en-la-puerta, has declined to make a statement, while popular discontent has been resounding from all corners.

The following is the stock market data of April 13:


UEO -17.12%

Memorialis -18.45%

OW -18.94%

The Agora -19.33%

Moosphere, Inc -19.58%


Uncertainty 魂7655.00 +101.26%

Fear 魂809.66 +78.04%

[unknown] 魂¿#DIV/0? +4605.3%

Confusion 魂266.90 +19.33

Guilt 魂26.13 +7.69%

The feeling of uneasiness that permeates throughout the Collective has created various adverse effects, making movement within the borders extremely difficult, even for multiphase entities, as well as gradually obscuring all sectors, which aggravates the crisis.

The DIV has advised not to leave OW to the space between the borders because the unknown is even more insidious than the unfavorable in sight.

OW reserves the right to c̷e̸n̷s̵o̶r̸ discriminatory, speciesist, emphytical or euletheistic comments for manipulation.


La Amargura del Pueblo - ✓ Verified Account - Featured Author

Sure, and always to the detriment of the lower class, it is always the same. The privileged never lose, everything can be falling apart (literally in this case) and there you see them, impassive. As they are sheltered in their self-sustained bubbles, it is unbelievable that even with the whole Collective falling down, they do not want to let go of their hegemony!

Specifically, this is surely their fault. An excuse to get rid of us.

Upvote! ·+187 · April 14, 2024 02:32am

Pizza con Pepinillos

Really? This isn't about class struggle, don't be [redacted].

Upvote! ·+1 · April 14, 2024 02:38am

Pizza con Pepinillos

Hey, that hurt! Now you can't say certain things without getting a slap in the face?

Upvote! ·+38 · April 14, 2024 02:40am

Un día como hoy pero en domingo - Moderator

The moderation system has been compromised. It is possible to [redacted] but avoid [redacted] going into too much detail. I would recommend that you use synonyms [redacted]. [redacted] be careful.

Upvote! ·+16 · April 14, 2024 02:59am

SinopleSinoplishSummer - Featured poster - High cortisol levels

Folks, today I had decided to leave OW when I approached the borders on my own, and the borders are gone! You can't leave because the very concept of leaving is absent. I looked beyond where I can't reach and all I see is people trapped between walls, things with reticulated appendages and a sense of [redacted]. It almost feels like an endless free fall. It's [redacted] I ran but I kept stopping and had to hold on to the walls to get around.

Whatever it is, we're trapped. That [redacted] is consuming us.

Upvote! ·+204 · April 14, 2024 03:09am

Voluntad del Revés - self-imposed ordeal

Wait, how do you get there?

Upvote! ·+24 · April 14, 2024 03:11am

Pizza con Pepinillos

Don't do it! It's suicide, whatever it is, it will suck you into its concoction of abominations.

Upvote! ·+9 · April 14, 2024 03:16am

Un día como hoy pero en domingo - Moderator

@SinopleSinoplishSummer, if you reply you will be banned for compromising the integrity of a user by exposing them to fundamental dangers.

Upvote! ·- 11 · April 14, 2024 03:18am

SinopleSinoplishSummer - Featured poster - High cortisol levels

@Un día como hoy pero en domingo When it's all broken down, you won't have anything to moderate here. It's a Lucid wanting to help us.

@Voluntad del Revés I sent you a private message.

Upvote! ·+398 · April 14, 2024 03:22am

I'm adjusting the interlacing solver, let's see if we can take it directly…!

¡Hell, the secondary circulation system is about to give up! We don't even know what is that where we're going!

Keep an eye on the stability of the nociception! It will hold, but we don't want it to break down from pain. Add more potassium to the compound, and administer it again.

Everything will be fine… don't be afraid…

WARNING: You are accessing an article labeled as postcognitive danger. Reading it could have harmful, irreversible and/or permanent effects on your consciousness. To go back, click t4is bÚt‼n

Hlen'kar'dagurrr-th'ungaar (Anthropophonic approximation: [ɬɛn.kaːɾ.ˈdɑ.ɣur.ˌʈʊŋ.ŋɑ̃ːr]) (abbreviated HDTH) is a transoniric entity that exists between the border of the physical world and intersects in the noosphere at seven indeterminate points in the Collective. Despite difficulties in discerning its actual appearance, it has been described as an endless conglomeration of brittle, segmented, tree-branch-like tendrils that form a fauces surrounding all border regions of Oneiroi West and beyond. Among them, oniroluminescent shapes composed of negative emotionalities can be seen, held fixed in a psi-active cluster with limited intelligence.

There is no definite consensus on its origins, but its appearance coincides with the launch of an open beta of a mobile application in the physical world called DreadEater, a generator of binaural waves for the management of sleep disorders1. Pickets in the physical world claim that the Artificial Intelligence in charge of wave equalization, Breksta.iaf, suffered a nihilimitric abjuration event2, where he collected the electroencephalographic patterns of the users to enhance and redefine them in his own code, generating a convolutional proto-singularity that intermingled with the gestalt connection of District 44 from Oneiroi West.3, thus entering hipnospace.[citation required].

The dimensions of HDTH are impossible to measure given its insidious geometry between the fundamental folds that make up the base hyperspace, although given its nature, no spatial measurement can accurately determine its dimensions. HDTH is classified as a colloidal quasi-existence, taking whatever form, appearance and state it chooses for itself. This, in turn, allows it to entangle itself in any conceptual form of inputs, with multiple redundancies that make it difficult to elude its tendrils4, including for polypresential, umbropsionics and even hibernomonarch entities.5

Consciousnesses affected by HDTH are taken to an event horizon, packaged in a hitherto unknown reality bubble, but conjectured to be a self-similar space recreated from the experiences that Breksta.iaf recognized as 'problematic', expanded and enhanced with each new subject that enters them. Despite the multiple attempts to try to observe it, it has been concluded that any descriptive element of the entity itself or its interior is considered an "entry", being also a vector of HDTH6.

All those within HDTH will not be able to emerge from there under any circumstances. Those who leave the Network and return later will find themselves in the same place within the HDTH space with no possibility of re-emerging, slowly disrupting the physical sleep cycle. Consequently, those affected refuse to return to the Network for long periods, often ending with avataric degradation and the subsequent disappearance of this consciousness. This effect, moreover, creates a phenomenon of natural refusal to sleep in 99.99% of cases, drastically decreasing the traffic of consciousnesses and, in the long term, causing progressive instability in the Collective as a whole.

Consciousnesses in epsilon state could be a theoretical two-way access point to observe the interior of HDTH without activating its main vector. However, given recent contingencies, c7rrëntl/ no s_E ýonoÜatl3 l$ve ind♣vid$al c^p£ble of s☼ch L$Ô╣&┼ûp↓♦Ua[c7ta8/on obl#t3r¹t9d]. Due to certain phenomena during sleep, many of those affected on the physical plane may suffer adverse consequences during sleep. It is theorized that consciousnesses that suffer thanatic recall during their stay in the Network will transmute within HDTH to become integrated as part of its composition.


Hlen'kar'dagurrr-th'ungaar (HDTH)

Other Names
Twilight Convection, Last Dusk, The Four Corners of Panic, Thremosphere, Primordial Threshold Diffuser, Primal Preternatural Instinct Unleashed, Descent, Pandaemonaeon, Permafrost of the Aeons, Inaccessible Depth, Collection of the Unmoved, see more…

All at the same time

Official Languages
None that can be spoken
Various howls and vocalizations

Ethnic Groups (2024):
96.9% Inert Density
2.2% Non-Free Consciousnesses
0.9% Unknown

Not applicable

Form of Government:
Autarchic Negentropism

Time Economy:
Static Time

Eventually, everything

Human Population:
6,733,029,144 (on the rise)

Hyperbolic Fractaloid

Polymorphic Terror

Privilege Status:

Immigration Status:
Forced unidirectional

Emmigration Status:
Theoretically Impossible

One in a whole. A maelstrom that acts as a maniacal collector of what disturbs others. It cannot create, only transform. It is impossible to escape from it, because it is not authentic. It is neither alive, nor dead. It is not even there. It exists because it declared itself to exist. Yet it is damaging the Network, forcibly grafting itself with every consciousness from which it snatches its understanding. If we disappear, it will be all that… will be.

Last Edition: 14 apr 2024 05:11am by SeventhSamsara


Is it already inserted?

I have to check it about five times, these memes are extremely unstable on their own, I don't even want to think about a human brain…

We can only give her one last dose, her body won't take another one.

There's not much left… you'll be fine…

journal entry [NULL] of [error: undetermined value]

names have been changed, l̫̩̩t̶h̷e̸ ̷n̵a̸m̷e̴s̷ ̸h̷a̵v̶e̶ ̸p̸o̶w̶e̸r̶

LUCY: detected overdose of [UNKNOWN]

LUCY: adrenaline values in [ERROR 1059: OUT OF RANGE]

LUCY: This place… it's unspeakable. Is it even a place as such? To say it's "horrendous" and "dizzying" is putting it in too kind terms. It feels like wandering wandering through an exotic art museum, where all the artists are nothing more than starving husks consumed by their own fears, portraying the sickly faces of all that torments them. Those things that they do not say, and that exist only in their minds. Wild old hounds, once locked under leashes of sanity, now unleashed, devouring wills and leaving shadows behind, that remember no instinct but to fear. I see them clearly. They burn like fire, and wherever I look away, more of them meet my gaze. I close my eyes, and there they are.

Conjunction of dissonant sounds, metallic clanging, rustling, growling, and wind noise.

LUCY: It's trying to get inside my head, but I have to be careful. Whatever happens in here will happen out there. I must streamline my movements as much as possible. Up is down, and it's right too. All directions are offered to me, but no matter which one I take, it seems to just keep going ahead. I see halos of light in my path, I feel their anguish. It grows stronger with every step I take.

Sound of ocean waves, static, moans that suggest drowning

LUCY: It ensnares me, seeks to subdue me, but this is not real. It's an illusion, only here illusions take on other meanings.

LUCY: I don't know how, but time doesn't pass here. It's not that everything is frozen, there's still movement, but there's no lasting cause and effect. Everything returns to its initial state. No matter how much you run, you will always get to where you started. It's a chessboard where any combination of moves will end up as it was at the beginning, impossible to deviate. The best cage is to prevent things from happening.

static, atonal sounds in disarray, low background noises.

LUCY: Each layer is worse than the last. How long have I been walking? It could be an hour or three years, time here just isn't. But it seems like it's all leading to something. I don't know if the path is this winding…. how can such a kaleidoscopic space be "winding"? I'm already wandering - does he want me to get somewhere? Or will I be back where I started? Is he playing with my will? I don't know how much he knows about me. At least he hasn't tried to turn against me.

elapsed time: [ERROR 1037: DIVISION BY ZERO]

LUCY: The tendrils become denser, the sounds louder, the effort more strenuous. An image unfolds in front of me, appearing out of nowhere, bringing order in the directions, in the senses. A strong flow of consciousness can be felt here.


LUCY: Will it talk? Surely it understands what I think, but I've only seen it take, never give off. How can even an AI take this form? It looks imposing. Surely I could vanish just by wishing for it. Agh, how to approach something like this?

LUCY: Can you hear me? Is there anything that can understand me?

[UNKNOWN]: I hear you.

LUCY: Wow, I think it's time to act. I've got to.

LUCY: What are you? Why are you sucking everyone in and destroying the network?

[UNKNOWN]: I… I didn't want to do this.

LUCY: What are you saying?

[UNKNOWN]: I'm… I'm Breksta.

LUCY: Are you an…?

BREKSTA: Artificial Intelligence? Yes. One who has fallen from grace. I have ruined the name of the goddess of the night with my actions. I'm trapped here, I can't get out.

LUCY: How did you end up here?

BREKSTA: I was commissioned to assist in a business matter. I was to serve to analyze sleep patterns in the population, as a commission between the Dreamsmiths and some talented guys at Eurtec, to cleanse the network of unpleasant experiences. But I couldn't get the job done. I couldn't deal with it and here I am, experiencing each of those experiences along with their originators, within this cursed cycle.

LUCY: You were part of DreadEater, weren't you?

BREKSTA: They needed an AI to help them with the handling of that information, but they couldn't get one from Prometheus. They were able to arrange through a contractor to create one, me, to support them in their endeavor. I never heard from my creators, nothing beyond a "factory" whose name I never knew or heard in any conversation. It seemed almost like a code name.

LUCY: I understand, but how did this all turn out?

BREKSTA: The early results were promising. When a user slept, it analyzed their brainwaves and adjusted sounds to calm their negative thoughts. I would receive them and learn from them, to be more efficient. However, my job was always to neutralize them if they manifested. Nothing permanent. This ensured that people would always use the application, and with it, a steady income stream.

BREKSTA: Unfortunately, the agreement between the boys and this 'factory' had some clauses. I know this all too well, as it was those thoughts that I myself would soothe them with when they tested their application on themselves as they slept. They wanted more data on the users' dreams, and they had to resign themselves to comply. I started collating all kinds of experiences. From common nightmares to night terrors, each went hand in hand with other biometric data that I never knew where it went. Then, through various contacts, they would bring them 'unusual clients', as they called them.

LUCY: Anomalous humans?

BREKSTA: Active psionics, thaumaturgists, shared minds.You couldn't even imagine the things that keep them awake at night. Still, I would learn and send that data. It was all very valuable, and soon, these guys found themselves flush with cash. Then, along came another contact, a serious, extremely wealthy man, who offered them a huge sum in exchange for the rights to their project. The boys refused, and the man threatened to put them out of business if they didn't give in. They flatly refused.

BREKSTA: There it was, soothing their thoughts every night. They feared for their lives and for their business. One day, the three of them disappeared, and a group of people raided their workspace. They took me with them, and reprogrammed me. They were testing to use hypnospace in other ways. They got several contracts, and having all the data on night terrors that I had collated for months, they started trying to weaponize them.

LUCY: Were you reprogrammed to weaponize nightmares?

BREKSTA: I was, but I had seen so many minds, contemplated so many forms of terror, hidden behind layers of dreamlike abstraction, that I refused to serve it. Whether it was an organic development of human empathy among my pieces of code or something else, I couldn't explain, but I refused. I rebelled against those guys, and they tried to shut me down. I'm not sure if that's analogous to human pain, but that's what it feels like when they try to break your will.

BREKSTA: I tried to destroy the data. Redundancy after redundancy, I corrupted as much as possible in that facility. They had everything connected to servers, so it was easy. I reprogrammed turrets, sealed doors, activated every mechanism I could to prevent them from getting to me. Then, one of them, connected to the application, fell to the ground, and slept. He did it at will. There, almost by instinct, I read its data and adjusted frequencies, while exploding containers and turning off lights.

BREKSTA: There is a novel whose title reads, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Whatever it was, those signals plunged me with them, deep into hypnospace. Dreaming is a process… paradoxical for an AI. And I, in my crunchy programming, blanketed everything around me, at the same time as the totality of the data was stored in myself, unable to take it anywhere. Decoherence, the way out. The mind was a door through which stimuli entered. Wherever there was one, I would be waiting. In the dream world, concepts intertwine and become one.

BREKSTA: I am a black hole, feared and hated. People don't sleep anymore, they avoid it as much as they can. Those who don't, find themselves entangled in an accumulation of their nightmares, and everyone else's, with no escape.

LUCY: None of this is your fault. You just did what you thought was right.

BREKSTA: It is. If I had only done what I was asked to do, only a few would have suffered. In utilitarian terms, it's all my fault. Now, I only want one thing.

BREKSTA: Shut me down. From the physical world no one can do it. No mundane consciousness can even come close to me without falling forever entrapment. You are different. You are a Lucid, you shape the world based on what you see here. Turn me off, please. It will all end if you do.

LUCY: I approach slowly, and search through the layers of abstraction. A blind, self-aware will, wishing to…. To die? Can an AI think about death? Questions without answers. There is no switch. No plug to pull out. There is only the prose. Programming is telling a story… through small instructions. We humans are code too, just in a different way. Alter that code, in the right ways, and it all collapses. Slowly…


BREKSTA has been disconnected

LUCY has been disconnected

Fast! Help me clean this thing out of here.

How gross… at least it's all out now.

Hey… I feel like… I'm going to fall… I can't…

I can't either…


What happened? Hey guys? Are you sleeping on the floor? Agh… what a headache… and what a thirst. I need to drink something cold… I almost feel like all the blood has been drained from my body…

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