SPC-025-PT is currently active. Data obtained from the project is to be analyzed and filed. Data from SPC-025-PT is to be incorporated in training of Marine Fighting Teams until a situation where the protocol is altered. Training projects must be supervised by Dr. Cezar, who is currently responsible for SPC-025-PT.

SPC-025-PT must receive maintenance from Site teams every month. The maintenance must be made with SPC-025-PT off.

Project #: SPC-025-PT

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: SPC-025-PT does not possess the ability to directly combat Selachian entities, however, the object has proven itself useful in the training of agents and MTFs, due to its Deviancy. Center Forces must be directed for use of the item with the objective of improvement in their combat conditions.

Project Components: SPC-025-PT constitutes a sports court constructed for Project Strengthening Of Punch, that was modified with thaumaturgy. The court's dimensions are 27 by 16 meters. The Deviant properties of SPC-025-PT are controlled by a remote device referred to as P9-002. SPC-025-PT was created by the Center.

The device P9-002 possesses an interface allowing the user to control the intensity of Deviant effects of SPC-025-PT. The options available to the user are "easy", "medium" and "difficult". Choosing any of the options results in the manifestation of a certain number of Selachian entities, ranging from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10.

The Selachian entities demonstrate varying levels of aggression and combat ability depending on the option chosen. With the "easy" option holding the smallest number of entities, that present the least difficulty to be fought. The "difficult" option features a group of 10 entities with considerable combat difficulty. If the "medium" option is triggered, the entities will be relatively difficult to combat and come in a group of 7.

While within the limits of SPC-025-PT, a Selachian entity demonstrates aerial swimming capability, up to 4 meters from the ground. It was noted that the food and respiratory needs of the entities are met by the Deviant properties of SPC-025-PT. This is only true for entities created by the item.

SPC-025-PT deactivates automatically 2 hours after its activation.


A Selachian entity in nature.

Summary Of Creation: SPC-025-PT was developed by Dr. Cezar and his team during the project Strengthening Of Punch. The project consisted of the development of technologies and Deviants capable of assisting the Center in training members to deliver punches.

The item was initially developed with thaumaturgic technology originally acquired from several Groups of Interest, primarily Marshall, Carter And Shark. The project was developed with the help of Poseidon Laboratories, which contributed researchers and solutions based on Deviants.

SPC-025-PT was completed on 9/12/2021 and the project was presented to members of the Center and approved for use. SPC-025-PT was implemented in the Center's activities on 09/20/2021. For more information, see the Record Of Improvements.

Record Of Improvements: The nature of SPC-025-PT allows for alteration in its functioning for better quality in the trainings carried out. On 03/10/2021 it was proposed by Dr. Egret to add Deviant entities between the list of entities created by the item. The proposal was denied by the Lusophone Containment Committee due to risks of additional effects.

However, the possibility of creating a version of SPC-025-PT adapted to replicate Deviant entities was raised. The version would be adapted exactly for these purposes, so as to prevent further phenomena

Record Of Implementation: SPC-025-PT began to be applied in team training on 09/20/2021. Initially, the item was used in the training of a special Marine Fighting Team. The MTF showed great performance after continuous training with SPC-025-PT compared to other Teams.

After the success of the experimental team, the SPC-025-PT team received approval to implement the item in the training of other teams and members of the Center. Since the project was implemented, the Center has increased its punching rate by 40%.

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