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All sightings of the selacimorph entity must be immediately reported to the Pugilist Center, point which a Type 4 rapid response force will be deployed to take out the Selacimorph in combat.

SPC-ES-100 is an OMEGA-ROSA selacimorphic type entity. Understanding the implications of this, read the document at your own risk.

— Virgina Jayla, Captain of the Pink Fists, Rapid Response Team


Pugilistic Capabilities

Rapid Task Response Siorc-120 ("Pink Fists") has been specifically formed and trained to deal with OMEGA-ROSA selacimorphic entities of the Aberrant Type. The members of the Task, in order to fulfill their missions, have been partially modified, which includes increases of mechanized temporal distortion based on demonics, the removal of ribs I to VIII and the attachment of the scapulae to extendable rails to allow greater flexibility during temporary jumps, the insertion of two double-hit thaumatic devices that activate each time a pugilist hits, allowing a second hit with double intensity, the modification of the position of their veins and arteries and the replacement of their blood with a pink compound capable of transporting oxygen to the body and especially the arms in a much faster and more efficient way.

The Center's automated surveillance teams around the world will immediately alert DRR S-120 to each manifestation of SPC-ES-100, and will immediately come to strike it. SPC-ES-100 should not be observed for more than two hours.

If the S-120 DRR sees its hitting mission compromised, a Type 5 Alert must be activated and the METEOR STRIKE PROTOCOL must be applied on the planet. The survivors must then be in charge of fulfilling the mission of the SPC and repopulating the planet.

In case the METEOR STRIKE PROTOCOL is not sufficient, the use of the BLACK ARK PROTOCOL will be allowed.

Project Components


SPC-ES-100 and SPC-ES-100-1

SPC-ES-100 is a polymorphic table, only recognized by a shark-shaped mark eating a fist icon underneath its tabletop. Observing this mark will manifest SPC-ES-100-1. SPC-ES-100 features a single foot that supports it and extends from the center of its horizontal board to the ground. SPC-ES-100 will sometimes squeak during use.

When SPC-ES-100 is used for the purpose of serving food, a semitranslucent selacimorphic entity (SPC-ES-100-1) will manifest from the center of SPC-100 and engulf whatever is there. These manifestations are usually accompanied by salt or fresh water, algae, other small fish and, sometimes, garbage.

After the first onslaught, SPC-ES-100-1 will re-enter SPC-ES-100. After ~5 seconds, seven scaly arms will come out of the "water" and grip the edges of the table, to then lift SPC-ES-100-1 above the table. The full extent of these arms has never been seen.

As SPC-ES-100-1 is lifted off the table, it begins to bend and twist to gobble up whatever is around, except for SPC-ES-100. The more SPC-ES-100-1 comes out of SPC-ES-100, the more it actually proves to have an elongated, segmented caterpillar-like shape, but with scales that match the colors of the selacimorphic entity. SPC-ES-100-1 also has various limbs along its body, ranging from human-shaped arms, through spiny tentacles of various sizes and long extendable proboscis, to eyes of different animals and sizes and bulbous cavities with cage-shaped containing human remains constantly being hit by extendable proboscis.

To highlight, on one occasion when the time warp devices failed, SPC-ES-100-1 came out long enough to reveal a high number of parasites clinging to its skin. Upon contact with air, these parasites would fall off SPC-ES-100-1, inflate, and then explode. These explosions did not appear to affect SPC-ES-100-1, and made its hitting very difficult.

To date, the only known way to bring SPC-ES-100-1 back into SPC-ES-100 is by hitting it repeatedly with great force, for which the DRR S-120 has been formed. In most cases, this results in bleeding from the members' fists.

Once SPC-ES-100-1 is successfully knocked back into SPC-ES-100, this one will remain without visible effects for as long as visual contact is established with it. When this contact is cut, SPC-ES-100 will disappear and manifest in another part of the world where it would be normal to see tables, and it will adapt to the shape and color of the tables around it. If eye contact is not broken within two hours, SPC-ES-100 will start to increase in size.

It is estimated that the probability of each table being SPC-ES-100 is 5%, which has cataloged it as an OMEGA-ROSA Aberrant Type Selacimorphic entity.

Addendum: Communication


SPC-ES-100-1's tentacle

After one of the successful hit sessions, while SPC-ES-100-1 was returning to the interior of the table, one of its tentacles got stuck in one of the doors of the restaurant where it manifested.

While trying to shake it, the sound of a crash was heard and the tentacle began to extend into the street, where its tip snapped in half and began to spit water and fish for twelve seconds, then ejecting a severely deformed rusty car, coughing and beginning to vocalize.

The following is the transcript of the resulting communication.


SPC-100-1: (Cough) Ugh…

DRR S-120 [Captain]: Girls, stop, I think we did something

SPC-100-1: Girls… you did something

DRR S-120 [1]: Does it speak!?

SPC-100-1: I… speak. (Cough) Yes, I can speak

DRR S-120 [2]: What should we do, Captain?

DRR S-120 [Captain]: Um, let's let him talk, see what he has to say

SPC-100-1: It seems they finally did something positive with those fists. I'd had that car stuck in my throat for years. Thank you

DRR S-120 [Captain]: Yes yes, we are great, we already know. Now answer, what the fuck do you think you're doing, dirty selacimorph?

SPC-100-1: Get out. I want to get out

DRR S-120 [Captainn]: I'm sorry if I'm very direct to you, but I wouldn't fucking feel comfortable having you swimming around. We haven't even seen you complete yet and you're already the ugliest selacimorph I've ever seen, which is saying a lot.

SPC-100-1: Insolent. They are all insolent. Humans. They only know how to hit, they only know how to discriminate. They strike what they do not understand until there is nothing to understand. They have no respect for other life forms. They don't know what it is to coexist

DRR S-120 [Captain]: You and yours don't seem to be the best example of this either, considering all those who have eaten us.

SPC-100-1: Insolent. Insolent humans. It does not matter where. It does not matter when. It doesn't matter why. It doesn't matter before and it doesn't matter after. Insolent.

DRR S-120 [Captain]: Can you say something else?

SPC-100-1: Can you do more than hit? Do you know how to respect? All I wanted was to rest in peace. I just wanted to rest after the life I had. My dimension, the place where I come from, is a place full of struggle. We have learned to respect each other among all forms of life, and we have reached agreements that favor us all equally. The little ones, food, are experts on the run. The biggest, hungry, are just as adept at hunting. Equity. But it is always the same, the first to arrive takes it. A lifetime of fighting and running is exhausting. I just wanted to rest.

DRR S-120 [Captain]: And why don't you just rest and leave us alone?

SPC-100-1: Insolent.That's what I've always tried. I moved my deathbed to this dimension to rest. But you insolent ones don't stop desecrating my tomb. You kept putting their strange and dirty objects on top. You won't stop using it like it's anything. I just want to rest like the rest.

DRR S-120 [Captain]: Bro, you are a table.

SPC-100-1: A table…? Explain to me what you mean by… table.

DRR-S-120 [Captain]: Well, a table is an object that, um, I don't know how to explain it. But, basically, it is a piece of furniture that we use to do various things. We eat on top, we study in them, we put objects on top, other times we put ourselves on top, either to sit and talk or maybe do more than just talk… hehe.

SPC-100-1: I don't understand what you mean with.

DRR S-120 [Captain]: Fuck. What? Are you 5 years old? I was expecting a little more perception from an ugly bastard like you.

SPC-100-1: Fuck!? Are you using the tombs to fuck!? Are you fucking on the tombs of my race !?

DRR S-120 [Captain]: It is not always, I would say that it is what they are least used for. But listen, I see an easy solution, just change your shape to another obj—

At this point, SPC-ES-100-1 emits a loud roar, and the recording equipment stops working.


Addendum: Informative Memo

FROM: Doctor Ann Sterlong
SUBJECT: Assessment on SPC-ES-100 and its Implications

After reviewing your notes, it is indisputable that Pink Fists maintained an impeccable job beating SPC-ES-100 for years. I'd like to congratulate the girls for that.

Now, I would also like to tell you that you are fired.

We understand that this anomaly to date was, is, and will be the cause of the loss of much of the world's population, and that there is not much we can do about it. At this point, we can't even activate the METEOR FIST PROTOCOL.

Since all those selacimorph ghosts are storming off all the tables in the world at the slightest close, we have to accept that they have exceeded our capabilities as an organization. We can't hit them all.

For your safety, eat in the floor.

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