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A unified Project is currently being developed to which personnel will be redirected when more concrete data become available.

SPC-ES-260 is a Selachian phenomenon belonging to the OMEGA-GRADIENT type. This classification has been given to it both because of its difficulty in punching in its entirety and because of its dissimilarity among itself.

Remember that knowing the enemy is half the battle and Selachian are no longer vulnerable as they used to be.

— Eduardo Keldian, CICACOPO's Archivist

Deviant Phenomenon #: SPC-ES-260

Anti-Deviant Pugilistic Countermeasures: As a GRADIENT subtype, countermeasures are segmented as follows:

Alpha Variant: The nearest Ground Fighting Team will be mobilized and proceed to strike the crystalline formations present. Contact with bare body parts will not be permitted. If necessary, non-intelligent machinery will be used.

In the event that a member or civilian is affected, the part affected with the crystal will be removed if it is not lethal to the fulfillment of a normal life.

Beta Variant: All negatively affected subjects must be pugilized, whether they are civilians or members of the Center. Surrounding universes will examine the information received for erroneous or mind-damaging data. Due to the vast extent of Beta Variants, each Universe will follow specific guidelines in a document attached attached to the CICACOPO universal representative.

Gamma Variant: Solar-powered excavators will be sent to drill the surface of the affected area. Hydrogen bombs will be launched from the antipodes to slow down the growth of the affected area. Manned or AIs expeditions are strictly forbidden.

In case it grows more than 100% of its surface, changes significantly or explodes completely, the universe will be isolated and exposed to Locke Drainers.

General Deviant Components: SPC-ES-260 is a phenomenon originating in underground spaces, such as mines, caves, underground facilities and burial grounds. The most common manifestation of SPC-ES-260 is the appearance of blue fluorescing crystalline formations with a composition similar to calcite. The crystalline components of SPC-ES-260 emit fluorescence at 0.25 second intervals. This forms binary code messages, which when translated form non-functional code sequences.

When a human subject comes into contact with the crystalline formations, the hippocampus is altered to provide eidetic memory functions and the effect is maintained even when the crystalline component has been removed from its point of origin. Affected subjects possess a Class-3 Shared Consciousness, allowing them to share their thoughts and actions in real time, but still possess an individual consciousness.

Analyses performed on the crystalline formations have revealed the possession of memories belonging to the affected subjects. Modification of these has failed due to a reversal of the changes when attempting to save the edits.

The exact purpose or cause of SPC-ES-260 is unknown, but information gathered at CICAPOCO indicates a pattern of Deviant Selachian activity of varying degree of threat.

Three variants of SPC-ES-260 have been found so far:

  • Alpha Variant: The Alpha Variant always occurs at depths greater than 50 meters. This variant grows expanding to other cave systems and in case there are none, the crystalline formations accumulate around the area, avoiding to expand to other altitudes.
  • Beta Variant: The Beta Variant occurs at depths between 10 and 30 meters. This variant expands by gemmation. The product of gemmation will ascend to the surface fragmenting into 1-2 cm crystals and inserting itself into organisms and small objects. Animal and human subjects with crystalline fragments aid in its spread, either by biological or artificial methods.
  • Gamma Variant: Initially believed to be the result of a Category N, Magnitude 7 ("Planetary") "Gray Plague" Incident, analysis of the crystal formations collected indicate that it is an Deviant phenomenon similar to SPC-ES-260.

The most likely hypothesis of the appearance of a particular Variant is related to a higher fulfillment of the Main Mission of the Center in its respective universe. Other hypotheses such as a natural phenomenon, unknown combinations of interactions between the Atman Stream, simple inorganic matter, high Lockes density space, and Selachiafication Theory are also being considered.

Abridged List of Specific Deviant Components: Specific Deviant Components will be listed below, along with their universe, origin, variant and countermeasures taken.

Universe: 78

Origin Point: Cave of Los Enebralejos, Segovia, Hispania

Variant: Alpha

Description: Cave located near the northern slope of the Guadarrama Mountains with an abundance of speleothems and funerary remains. The funerary remains date from different periods, the oldest being from the Bronze Age. The extraction of the crystals shows footage of individuals in the Bronze Age fighting specimens of overland basking shark Cetorhinus minui terrestris1 interspersed with visits from regular tourists. It is estimated that between 14% and 29% of the affected tourists show destructive behavior against ceramic objects and family members.

Countermeasures Taken: Altering the response in the affected area of the brain by inserting nanorobots designed to cause a deterrent stimulus when the action is performed. Following successful trials with D-Class2 personnel, this treatment will be launched in the states of the European Federation and New Britain.

Universe: 525

Origin Point: Multiple areas in the corn belt of the U.S. Federal States

Variant: Beta

Description: Components of SPC-ES-260 were initially found in corn harvested from fields in northern Iowa. Ingestion of these is not harmful to the organism and the organisms acquire enhanced sensory and pugilistic capabilities. The first case of notoriety was that of Mr. Herbert Davis, a 47-year-old farmer with coleopteran and myriapod pest problems. Mr. Davis, who had ingested SPC-ES-260-enriched corn, detected saw-shaped bite marks typical of Carcharrinid Selachians and proceeded to find the Selachians and extinguish them. According to his testimony, he found several schools of Selachia simulacra3 forming nests similar to local pests and proceeded to civil pugilism.

The incident came to the attention of the Center and after a successful settlement, the SPC-ES-260-enriched food was confiscated and Mr. Davis agreed to work as an Ground Agent for the Center. The autopsy performed reveals that the punched entities possessed entirely coleopteran and myriapod DNA, but these results are dismissed due to the retrocontinuous essophysiological capabilities of Selachia simulacra4.

Countermeasures Taken: SPC-ES-260-enriched foods were researched and after discovering the presence of Deviant Carbohydrates and Proteins5, A D-Class subject was chosen for ingestion. The D-Class subject experienced an enhancement of all five senses and subsequently broke containment. He went to Lab D-7 and punched 15 Cavia porcellus (guinea pig). The D-Class subject claimed to have punched Selachians and his claim was corroborated after inserting SPC-ES-260 into qualified personnel.

The Global Council approved 13-0 the dissemination of SPC-ES-260 into the atmosphere to achieve a civilian population prepared for Selachian threats. Although the advances in Marine Pugilism were extraordinary, on land there began an increase in the appearance of Selachia simulacra. They were successfully repelled and with the advance of the Ground Pugilism, greater pockets of terrestrial population migrated underground to carry out the Main Mission.

Universe: 18

Origin Point: Earth

Variant: Gamma

Description: Chosen for the absence of Selachians, this Earth was used as a base of operations connected to 79 bordering universes. It was mainly responsible for supplying raw materials to universes less developed by Deviant Selachian influences and for conducting cutting-edge research that required external resources and could pose a danger to untrained citizens. Recently, refugee colonies arrived from Universe 47 after natural disasters occurred due to an artificial climate change caused by the Selachians. The number of refugees is estimated at approximately 20 million.

On 05/14/2016, all contact with Earth from Universe 18 and its satellites was lost.

Countermeasures Taken: After verifying the absence of Deviant activity in previous days, P-34 ("Perseids") Sidereal Fighting Team from Universe 11 was sent to corroborate the situation in real time.

Exploration Log

Date: 05/15/2016

Exploration Team:Sidereal Fighting Team P-34 ("Perseids"), Universe 11

Location: Earth, Universe 18

Team Leader: Alpha

Team Members: Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

<Begin Log>

P-34 is observed aboard DSV Lorenzo. They make visual contact with Earth from Universe 18.

Alpha: Earth in sight. Well, I don't know whether to call it that.

Gamma: The blue planet?

Epsilon: Not for the water in it.

Control: This is Control. I ask you to focus on your mission. Do you detect the presence of satellites?

Beta: Negative. What's our next order?

Control: I have marked the landing location 2 km from J-39 Colony on the Bourbon Peninsula. You should find an entrance to Base-34.

Alpha: Roger that.


There is a transmission coming from J-39 Colony. The content of the transmission is unintelligible and the recording suffers continuous interference. At the end of the transmission, DSV Lorenzo increases its speed without prior notice.

Alpha: Beta, slow down or we won't get out of this!

Beta: I'm trying, boss!

Epsilon: I don't think I can make it. Let's use the emergency pods!

Gamma: So how do we get back, huh? I'll go check the velocity module.

Gamma exits the bridge and goes down to the module area. DSV Lorenzo experiences turbulence. Gamma reaches the velocity module and opens its protective reinforcement. The module has sustained significant damage and sawtooth marks are visible on it.

Beta: Gamma, come back! We need pugilistic reinforcement.

Alpha: It won't take long to stabilize!

Gamma returns to the bridge. Upon returning, he finds Alpha and Beta restraining a Selachian Electromorph. The Electromorph flickers and struggles continuously as it electrocutes Alpha.

Alpha: Gamma, remember what you've learned. I'll go cover Epsilon.

Gamma nods.

The Electromorph stops blinking to steady himself. Its skin is white with blue outlines and its gaze is locked on Gamma. Gamma holsters his drillfist as the Electromorph's sparkling jaws make contact.

Gamma: Aaah! Beta, time to give it an energy rush.

Beta holsters his electro-knuckle and punches the Electromorph. The Electromorph increases in size and anger after each shock and completely subdues Gamma. On the sixth shock, the Electromorph spasms and begins to return to its previous form.

Beta: I will not fail you, Gamma!

Beta grabs the Electromorph's head and they struggle. Beta manages to redirect the Electromorph to the communication screen, its origin. The Electromorph resists, but Beta pushes it back to the screen while breaking it.

Signal is lost.

Control: P-34, do you read me?

Alpha: Loud and clear. Sorry we didn't respond sooner, we were fixing communications. Whatever's underneath, they know our weaknesses.

Control: Do you think you were able to get information from our databases?

Alpha: I assume you are all connected to the multiverse network or whatever you call it now.

Control: We don't rule out that possibility, but we haven't found Selachians on Earth.

Alpha: If that Electromorph was a welcome gift, I don't want to imagine what's in store for us.

Control: Calm down and report on the status of your Fighting Team.

Alpha: Beta and I remain healthy, Gamma is unconscious and Delta is suffering from mild dizziness. The DSV Lorenzo is suffering from engine failure. I will send Delta when he recovers to fix it.

Control: Acknowledged. Beta and you will proceed to Base-34 while Gamma and Delta will remain on the DSV Lorenzo. Before you leave, pick up your backpacks. You will have everything you need.

Alpha and Beta: Acknowledged. Goodbye troops.

Alpha and Beta take their backpacks and leave DSV Lorenzo

Beta: 2 kilometers west in a straight line. Easy.

Alpha: I remembered that Colony J-39 had taller buildings. I barely see anything on the horizon.

Beta: You're going blind and dumb. It's not like refugee colonies have skyscrapers.

Control: Beta, behave yourself and march to target.

Beta and Alpha walk silently in the waterless sea until they reach the shore. The crystals on the shore begin to flicker in a bluish hue.

Alpha: Stop. I don't like the way those crystals flicker. Activate the sensory wards.

Alpha and Beta activate the sensory wards, successfully filtering out the visual psychic threat.

Control: Now extract a fragment as a sample and put it in the backpack. We'll take care of the rest.

Beta pulls a pickaxe out of the backpack, extracts the sample and puts it in the backpack. The sample disappears.

Control: Don't worry, it's in our hands. As long as you have signal with us, they will serve their purpose.

Alpha: This gizmo continues to impress me.

Beta: Whatever you say. 100 meters to go.

Alpha and Beta continue walking until they reach the place indicated as Colony J-39. In place of the colony is a sinkhole that has collapsed the entire colony. The resulting debris has created a network of makeshift paths to the bottom.

Control: Base-34 is 1.7 km from your position to the southeast. I recommend that you proceed with caution as this is the only available path.


Alpha: Uneventful trip. The entrance is just below us. Time to proceed with the pugilism.

Alpha and Beta begin to pound the ground with their fists repeatedly for 2 minutes. As they break the ground they begin to descend.

Control: Before…

As they descend, Alpha and Beta break a side door of Base-34 instead of descending through the hole. The hole above is visible and shows both Alpha and Beta's previous position and the Base-34 pipes.

Control: I was going to warn you that Base-34 uses extradimensional Deviant technology in its architecture and that we do not possess an accurate map of the Base. Proceed with caution.

Beta: Understood.

Alpha and Beta walk through the crumbling corridors of Base-34 until they find an accessible door.

Alpha: Beta, you knock and I'll watch. Beta breaks down the door. Alpha looks ahead. Okay, we're still at the same height.

Alpha and Beta continue walking through the debris and begin to notice an increase in temperature.

Beta: Do you think there is lava underneath?

Alpha: Lava or not, what I think is that there's something down here that needs to be punched. Wait, I see something.

Alpha and Beta are standing on platforms over a lake of lava. Beta goes over to pick up samples of solidified lava with a hammer and puts it in a flask filled with water, puts a stopper on it and puts it in the backpack.

Control: We have all the samples we need. Go back to DSV Lorenzo.

The platforms begin to break apart and both Alpha and Beta try to hold on so they don't fall into the lava.

Alpha: Beta, save yourself. I'm already an old dog.

Beta: None of that. You pull me up and then I'll pull you up.

Beta swings Alpha up onto the platform with great effort. Alpha's camera visualizes a flipper swimming in the lava/

Alpha: Beta, behind you!

A humanoid Igneous Selachian drags Beta away before both members of the Perseids can react.

Alpha: Beta, noooooo! These hell beasts will pay dearly!

Control: Alpha, come back! Those Selachians are…!

Multiple humanoid Igneous Selachians emerge from the lava and corner Alpha

Alpha: To hell with whether they were humans or dolphins in tutus! I won't let them get out alive! Rip and tear!

Alpha activates the self-destruct device on his suit.

Alpha: This will be my last service to the Center. Yipikayei, you foul spawn!

Alpha punches for 5 minutes at the Selachians present before being killed by the device.

<End Log>

Conclusion: Gamma, Delta and Epsilon successfully escaped from Universe 18. Analysis of the samples obtained shows the presence of DNA commonly found in the superorder Selachimorpha.

Addendum: After semi-annual monitoring, it has been found that the Earth volume in Universe 18 increased by 10% and subsequent manned expeditions have resulted in failure. In contrast, unmanned expeditions have not reported attacks.

Universe: 260

Origin Point: San Lorenzo del Añil, Spain

Variant: [Pending, formerly Alpha]

Description: [Pending of rewrite]

Countermeasures Taken: [Pending. See Request 260-001]

Request 260-001

Requestor: Stephan Gonzalo, leader of Ground Task Force V-44 ("Arachne's Gravediggers"), Universe 11.

Addressee: Oversight Council, Universe 11

Subject: Deviant Behavior of SPC-ES-260 in Universe 260.

Body: I would like to apply for exploration permission to Universe 260 regarding SPC-ES-260 for the following reasons:

  • The crystalline formations reside at a shallower depth than those in the Alpha Variant. However, they have a structure identical to these crystalline formations.
  • Presence of a centralized point of origin. Contrary to the Alpha Variants, this point of origin can change its structure and modify the topology of the terrain.
  • The effects differ from the Alpha Variant, mainly in the high presence of hypnagogic and hypnopompic phenomena of hallucinatory character.
  • The dissimilarity between cases of the Alpha Variant, contradictory reports of the Beta Variant as reported by Universe 525 and the absence of further data on the Gamma Variant make it necessary to settle this unknown as soon as possible.
  • The disappearance of the affected population, despite no reported changes in the Lockes Level or seismological movements.
  • It is the first universe where there is no record of the Center. In its place is a private organization called "SCP Foundation".

The SCP Foundation is a low-profile private non-profit organization whose directive is based on capturing Deviant phenomena, whether are Selachian or not. Under their formal facade, they are suspicious of outside organizations, especially ours, which has slowed our progress in understanding the anomaly.

It is also feared that the SCP Foundation is an organization affected by a Manchurian-Class "Unconscious Brainwashing" Psychic Threat and will thwart our efforts in a significant and coordinated way.

Our goal would be to totally wipe out this Component and initiate the start of a new unified Project. We recommend the assistance of more Fighting Teams to avoid such an incident as the Perseids.

Sincerely yours,

Stephan Gonzalo.

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