The Story Begins
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This is the hub page for "The Story Begins".
Below are the few precautions when reading this tale.

0. This is a headcanon of L.H.Sein!!!
The setting of the Foundation is my personal headcanon. Since the Foundation has no official settings, it is up to the reader whether to accept this as canon or not. Personally, I hope that more authors craft these kinds of lengthy stories.

1. It's a super long tale.
On average, each part from one to six is about 25 pages(in MS Word). The total amount of all the stories sum up to 150~180 pages(in MS Word) combined. Please read when you have enough time. I have added a summary for people who are busy, but I doubt it'll help.

2. Please rate the story on this hub page.
Since every part is a continuous story, only cut due to its enormous length, they're virtually one giant tale. Therefore, I would only accept the critiques and ratings on this page.

3. Please ask questions on the respective forums.
However, I would not answer questions about the tale on the hub page. Instead, if you can post it on the forum page of individual stories with questions, I'll answer them with all my heart. You may post questions about the hub page on the hub page.

If you've read all the above, it's due time I start the story. Tales always tend to be the beginning of something.

Tales for "The Story Begins"

2014.1.1 - Today I picked up a notebook.
2014.1.2 - Relations make new information.
2014.1.3 - It's a relief there was an accident.
2014.1.4 - The past created present doubts.
2014.1.5 - The present bent down to touch the past.
2014.1.6 - The past gave place to the present.
2014.1.7 - The story begins.
And... - The story's beginning.

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