The Original
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"What do you think of this moving statue?"
"Freaking cool."
"Wow, it freaks me out."
"I think it’s gonna take off on /x/."
"Wait you haven’t named it yet."
"Damn, just pick a random one. Lemme look at my book … Page 173, you’re chosen."
"Wait, I think you’d better add a picture."
"Picture … uh, I do have one. Look, it's got a great face."
"So why not post it?"
"Okay, okay, I'll post it now."


4chan is a crappy forum that does the same shit as 2ch, ugh

But you can't deny that this shitty place is the birthplace of the Original

And why are you so hostile to 4chan and 2ch, as if we don’t have such shitty forums

When SCP-CN-546-1 instances were initially discovered, they were in a heated discussion. The Foundation, of course, didn’t get it and simply contained them.
Thank God there is no breach of containment. They are no different from normal humans, except that they were hostile to us.
But I think there may be other effects on these guys that make them reject outsiders…

”Fine, I’ll name my Foundation character Alto Clef.”
”Mmm … instances are able to communicate with each other in meaningless and illogical Chinese words and sentences. Okay, I’ll write it down.”

To be honest… the deconstruction of SCP-CN-546-1 has already come out.
But the superiors don't allow us to release any information about SCP-CN-546, nor do they allow us to conduct experiments.
They seem to be hiding something. After all … someone has already started imitating their speech.

So the Pataphysics Department is imaginary, but it still exists, because that's what pataphysical means, I think?

—Excerpts From "How To Survive When Reality Doesn't", by Alto Clef    

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