Story of a Key
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…Yeah, I'm a key.

A cold, smooth, metallic key that was mass-produced in the 1920s.

How am I talking to you? I don't know, am I? Or, is it your imagination that's making things up inside your head?

Well, does it even matter?

Anyways, I look like an ordinary key. But, it turns out I can do something that I didn't know I could.

I can open any lock like magic.

Well, a key is destined to open a lock. But all locks? When I knew my ability, I was worried whether I was taking away the jobs of all other keys.

But one day, I was handed to the Foundation. They applied the fifth special containment procedure and gave me the number SCP-005. Though, I prefer the simple name 'key'.

They did a lot of experiments with me. They tested whether I could unlock an ordinary lock, and then put me near an electromagnetic lock and tested if I could open it. (And god almighty, I could.)

They figured out that I can 'think'. All keys can. Although, other keys only think about opening a lock fit for them, while I think of all locks.

As I said, the destiny of a key is to open a lock. But you know what?

We enjoy opening locks. Well, the locks may not like it, but the sense of achievement after doing what only I can do is immeasurable.

But the Foundation threw me in a drawer and locked it. It's a bit sad.

Please use me sometimes.

That's everything for a tiny key like me.

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