Sweets of the Dentist
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Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest, for a brief moment she was afraid it would just fall out.
The voice of rationality in her was aware that this was not possible; however, she hadn't expected to ever set foot in a dentist's office again either, so maybe there are more rules of her reality about to break today.

The mechanical whirring brought her back from her imagination of a falling heart.
She had never liked dentists. Something troubled her about the idea of ​​a stranger handling within her mouth without being able to see anything or knowing exactly what was happening.

But that pain would make her go crazy otherwise.
So she decided to follow her friend's recommendation. There was a new dentist in town and everyone was praising him in glowing terms.
Even her friend, whose teeth were otherwise stained yellow by cigarettes and coffee, now had bright white teeth and looked as if she couldn't stop smiling.

"Do not worry. You will hardly feel anything. Maybe a tiny bit of pressure."

The dentist had a strange accent and looked as if he had to focus heavily on every spoken word.

She didn't feel anything. No pressure, no stinging, no pricking. Though, she felt nothing in her fingers. And not in the feet either. She also failed to address the doctor.

"Quiet, my love. Your teeth will soon be flawless. Perfect."

It slid through her body like an electric shock as he snatched the tooth from her jaw, but she didn't feel the pain.

The dentist leaned over her, patting her arm with a gloved hand, almost comforting or consoling. She noticed that his fingers were longer than they should be.
He smiled down at her, his teeth shining like a toothpaste advertisement, but so brilliant and bright that it almost blinded her.
"Soon, my love. No fear."

He was still smiling at her with his grandfatherly smile as he raised his other hand, her tooth between his thumb and forefinger. At first she thought he just wanted to show her the culprit of the pain, but his hand put the tooth between his lips and with a disgusting crunch his jaws started grinding her tooth.
He groaned as he swallowed. Then he smiled again.

"My love. You are mine."

Now she smiled too. She was his; how beautiful.

Humming happily, the dentist went back to work, pulled tooth by tooth, and carefully stored them all in a black metal box.
It sure took a few hours, but she felt intoxicated. She knew that the dentist was the best doctor she had ever met. Maybe he was the best doctor in the world.

She saw him apply a cooling paste on her gums and after a few minutes her new teeth finally grew.
It didn't hurt, it just tickled and she started giggling.

"My love, you can go," he said to her and helped her up. He assured her that she would never have to see a dentist again. Those teeth would be forever. He would take them back only the moment she died.

With a bright new smile, she said goodbye to the doctor.
Tomorrow she would come back with her daughter.

She had never liked dentists, but she sure loved this one.

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