SuicideCon 2022
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We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.

—Amantine Dupin de Francueil, Mauprat


Hello there, users of this site! As usual on this collaborative writing website, we've brought yet another contest to stimulate those interesting and delicious minds of yours. This is a special occasion, though. We are celebrating a very important event all over the planet, a holiday unlike any other in the entire Universe. That's right, it's the 33,333,333,333,333,333,333,333th anniversary of the birth of He Who Lost His Face!

As you may know, His Majesty has ruled the City of Weeping since time immemorial. From the shadows he orders and directs the activities of the city, always without leaving his Tower. In honor of our silent king, the streets of the City of Weeping will be filled with an intense euphoria; precisely because of this, our contest of the month is going to be a little different from all the ones we have done before. In addition to the mandatory blood sacrifice to His Majesty, the site will celebrate the…

SuicideCon 2022

The title is very self-explanatory: Suicide Contest!

We've all felt that feeling at one time or another. Knowing that nothing is ever enough to satisfy others, that you yourself are not enough. The absence of someone else, the thought of loneliness, of becoming isolated from your family and friends despite your attempts to avoid it. That eternal emptiness, which remains there regardless of your actions. The things that used to bring you joy no longer do…

And then, you decide to end it all.

We would like writers to explore this theme in order to please His Majesty's dark desires. There are many types of suicides, from autonomous to assisted, and there are also many reasons for doing so, in addition to those already mentioned. You can write about the motivations, the methods or the consequences, whatever you think is most appropriate for the story. In addition, you will be given extra points if you add the things mentioned in the Winners section.

After all, the ultimate purpose is to create a piece that will bring joy to His Majesty on this special date. I'll let you in on a secret: he himself will be part of the jury!


Rules are the basis of any fun activity, since thanks to them we can know who wins or loses. Whoever breaks the rules of the contest will be immediately eliminated, and you know what happens to those who are eliminated!

  • Only one entry is allowed per participant. If your entry is disqualified, but you still think you have time to post another one, go ahead!
  • Co-authorships are allowed, but keep in mind that the entry you post will count for both participants. As a general tip, don't write anything with one of your loved ones.
  • Articles that are not related to the theme will be disqualified.
  • Don't write about hopeful endings.
  • All articles are to have the tag suicidecon-2022. Please do not use the tag for articles unrelated to the contest, nor for articles posted after the end date. The crawlers might get confused, and no one wants that.
  • Once your entry is posted, you will not be allowed to make major changes to the plot. Minor corrections, such as spelling, grammar, CSS, or removing and adding images/videos/audios are allowed during the entire Posting Period. Just remember not to make too many changes in a short period of time; as mentioned above, the crawlers can easily become confused. And don't even think of touching your article during the Voting Period!
  • Regarding that last rule, if you want your article to have images, videos or audios, or even consist only of these, you can do so. But don't post any edits, staging or special effects. Only true representations of reality are allowed here.
  • Files containing suicides of people outside the personal circle of the author(s) will lead to elimination from the contest. We are looking for originality.
  • Do not use drafts that were predominantly written before the announcement of the contest. Even if you haven't shown them to anyone or uploaded them to the Internet yet: the crawlers will know.
  • Do not behave in an unsportsmanlike manner! No malicious votes, raiding, sockpuppets, excessive plugging, insults in the chat, resurrections, or anything else of the sort. The crawlers will have no mercy on this matter.
  • Keep an eye on the voting module of your article. If it reaches 33 votes, you have to upvote it yourself in order to bring it up to 34. If someone else gives a downvote, nullify your own vote to leave the module at 32. Don't let it stay at 33 for more than 3 minutes.
  • Participants are likely to experience strange dreams during the duration of the contest. These will consist of a city of varying architecture, usually covered in fog. Individuals will wander the streets for a while, until they find a signpost with a name on it. If this name is Myolnia, Obuhunka, Ankalf or Esperwidos, individuals must walk to the right until they reach a cliff; falling down the cliff will eventually awaken them. If the name is anything else, to the left of the signpost a large staircase can be found, on top of which there is a door leading to the awake world.
  • If the name is Kadath, praying to your favorite deity can help you cope with what is to come.
  • After the contest ends, participants are urged to sleep with the light on for the next 33 nights. If the power goes out, the bulb breaks, or some other problem arises, do not sleep in that place.
  • If you have any doubts, you can talk to a moderator - the summoning rituals are there for a reason, use them!
  • Finally, the most important rule: have fun! Don't let your guard down, though. We thought of contingencies for many situations, but unforeseen events can always arise.


Ranking of the first three places will be decided by a jury. It has been decided to give an extra point to the entries that meet the requests of the members of this jury, which are set out below:

  • He Who Lost His Face: His Majesty himself has requested that entries include gory and explicit scenes.
  • He Who Was Chained: Evil in the flesh has mandated that entries include rites dedicated to him.
  • He Who Was Hanged: The sorcerer has screamed for entries to include dances.
  • She Who Weeps: The lady has asked for entries to include children.

In addition to all this, an honorable mention will be given to the most voted article at the end of the contest. If the article was among those chosen by the jury, the honorable mention will be given to the article with the next highest number of votes.


Beside the crawlers, the following entities will make sure that the whole contest runs without any problems. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them. However, be careful not to waste their time with stupid questions, or you will be eliminated from the contest.

Furthermore, if the moderators tell you to do something, do it, no matter how gross or weird it is, or even if it relates to the contest.

The Gentleman: For questions concerning the rules and organization.

Turn off all the lights in your house, except those in two adjacent rooms, no matter which ones. Go into one of them and leave the door to the other open. Put your entry or contest idea in front of you, either on a computer or on a piece of paper, and wait. Eventually, a man in a black suit, with a black tie and black gloves, will appear in the doorway. You won't be able to see his face because of his height. Ask what you need and he will answer. Be polite at all times; when all your questions have been answered, put away your contest entry and the man will leave.

It is worth noting that if the man wears a red tie when he shows up, it' s because you have annoyed him. Destroy the sheet with your entry (or, alternatively, your computer), and he will leave. From that moment on, refrain from entering this, and any other contest where the Gentleman serves as a moderator.

The Moth: For questions regarding the jury's requests.

Once it's nighttime, head to a wooded area with a lamp and a sheet of paper with your contest entry on it. Eventually you will hear a giant creature landing on a tree near you. If you turn around, you will see two glowing red eyes glaring back at you. Don't point the lamp at them. Just state your doubts aloud, and you will instantly know the answers, even though the Moth never speaks. Once you are satisfied, throw the lamp away from you; the Moth will fly to it and take it with them. You will be able to return home, but don't use any light source on your way.

The Soldier: For questions regarding the dates and rewards.

Lie face down on the ground, no matter where you are, with a sheet of paper with your entry in one hand. Tap the ground 4 times with the knuckles of your free hand, and wait until you hear 4 knocks from the other side. Without moving from your position, talk to the Soldier in Morse code until your questions are answered. To finish, shout the word "grenade" as loud as you can and run away in any direction. Do not return until 44 minutes have passed. Do not watch any films related to World War I or II for the next 4 days.


Dates apply according to the schedule of the City of Weeping:

Writing Period: Since the announcement of the contest until the next full moon.

Posting Period: For 3 days after the next full moon.

Voting Period: Upon the end of the Posting Period, and until His Majesty declares the end of the celebration.

Winner Announcement: On the next February 31 following the end of the celebration.


1st Place: A guaranteed place for the author(s) in the Afterlife of their choice. If desired, the place of one of the authors can be given to a loved one, living or deceased.

2nd Place: The complete and non-consequential resurrection of one of the author's deceased loved ones. If there is more than one author, one person will be resurrected for each.

3rd Place: The opportunity to have a direct conversation with one of the author's deceased loved ones. If there is more than one author, each will be able to talk to their own loved one.

Honorable Mention: The opportunity to know the fate of the soul of one deceased loved one of the author. If there is more than one author, each will be able to choose their own loved one.

Participant: An official citizenship ID from the City of Weeping.

If so desired, the author(s) of the higher places may exchange their prize with the lower places, provided that both parties agree.

Sophia Wallace continued reading the email in front of her. At the bottom of it all, there was a small note: It's from I thought you might be interested, you know, because of your brother. I'm interested in getting a city citizenship. What do you say we collaborate on something? —Ollie.

"Ollie…" She whispered to herself. She hadn't spoken to Oliver in a long time, and she wasn't sure why. He'd just been transferred for some reason. "Ollie, what the hell did you get yourself into?" She moved the mouse to the 'Report' button, but stopped. She thought of her brother. She thought about the screams that haunted her every night.

The City of Weeping. She had heard that name before, way back when she worked directly for the Foundation. Almost all the information was classified for her, but it was made clear that it was not a nice place to live. Or for that matter, to die.

"But…" She whispered again. "M-Maybe…" Her eyes went through the mail again, until she came to the "Rewards" section. The resurrection, she read, of one of the author's deceased loved ones.

She remembered her brother's laughter. How many times had she dreamed of hearing it again?

She moved the mouse away from the 'Report' button, and slowly dragged it to the 'Reply' button.

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