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"Thank you so much…"

Without waiting for an answer, the brunette curled up into her night partner's shoulder. Her cheek pressed against the soft and warm skin, some blonde locks on her face, she sniffed the air to enjoy the heady smell of the other woman. The blonde's hand gently fondled the top of her head, and the brunette turned her hazel eyes into the blonde's, two emeralds in the semi-darkness of the room.

"Ariane? Can I ask you something?"
"What is it?" the girl replied in a kind voice.

The brunette meditated for a moment on how to formulate her question, like a child, and turned her gaze away as she said it:

"Did you… like it?"

She was surprised by her partner bursting into a crystalline laughter: she had heard her moaning, she had felt her breaths of pleasure on her bare skin, but she had never seen her expressing such an intense emotion; in fact, she had never heard someone laughing like this.
The blonde ended the embrace and gazed back into the young girl's eyes, who felt herself blushing:

"Why, do you have any doubts? Yet you looked very sure of yourself, back then. Does the alcohol make you more friendly than you are, miss Rose?"

Hearing her name spoken by the pinkish lips that she had kissed so much that night made her feel funny, as if a whole garden had just bloomed inside her in a split second. She had never liked her name, but this sensation made her feel that maybe she would start to, now.

"Yes… well, I'm always doubting. But when I see you, so pretty…"

She paused to caress Ariane's nude collarbone with her fingers as delicate as a flower.

"…I realize that I don't know what has gotten into you for you to come to see me."

Without warning, the blonde rolled above her partner and kissed her, then declared with a smile:

"Don't ask yourself: if people love you, it's just like that, and you can't do anything."
"If only it was that easy to appeal in real life… You know, I am an artist. I sing sometimes on stage, in pubs or when I'm invited to a dancing party. But, recently, I've been asked to participate in something bigger, something more ambitious. I don't have the details, but the agent that approached me promised that I'll have a central place in the show, and a huge public. He said that all I'll have to do is singing, singing again and again, without stopping. I know that there'll be something around me, you know, some kind of animation? I was told that I won't have to be the center of the attention, simply that I need to be cool. That's the theme of that event, apparently…"

She paused again. She wanted to confess to this woman, this Ariane that looked so kind, but she was afraid to be boring. They had not planned to see each other again, so she wanted to keep good memories of this night.
But the blonde put her hand in her hair, and every of her doubts disappeared.

"Do you think I should accept the offer?"

She didn't know why, but she wanted Ariane to take the decision instead of her.
The woman seemed to think about it for a moment, the rolled again on her side of the bed, smiling at Rose:

"Yes! And I'm sure you'll be perfect."
"You never heard me sing!"
"Oh, shut up" said Ariane, mimicking an angry face and curling up against the young woman.

They stayed like this, cuddling each other, in their white sheets, for the whole night.
In the morning, Rose was awoken by a fresh wind. She sniffed the air and, not finding the smell of her partner, she opened her eyes. Naturally, she found the room empty.
While getting dressed, the young woman was surprised to see a piece of paper falling from her skirt's poket. She unfolded it, and her heart skipped a beat: a single phone number, that still wared her entirely.
She sent a message, with a single heart in it, and pressed the phone against her chest.

Rose was awaken by the feeling of a fresh skin against her cheek. She sniffed the air, and recognized the heady smell that she had missed so bad. Opening the eyes, she discovered with pleasure Ariane, who stayed by her side all night long. She also woke up from Morpheus' arms, and curled up a little more in Rose's.

"Slept well?" whispered the brunette, passing her hand on her partner's pink cheek.

Ariane moaned slowly while rising and stretching, and gazed into Rose's eyes.

"Yup… oh, besides, did your show from the last time go well?" she quickly changed the subject.

Rose, disconcerted, gabbled "Ye- Yes… more or less…" before turnign her eyes away.
She couldn't tell her. She couldn't tell anybody. Nobody would understand her state of mind, how she had been feeling since this day. She was a new self, now: her new philosophy had had the time to completely possess her, during this month. However, she couldn't tell anybody, and especially not this woman that she loved more than anything, and she had just reunited with.
But, gazing back at Ariane's eyes, she noticed that she was staring in the distance. And so she understood: she knew.


She had no time to speak: Ariane spoke first, nearly sobbing:

"I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… Yes, I liked it, but…"

Then, obviouslt reluctantly, she waved her hand as a signal. Before Rose managed to analyze what those pinky lips she had kissed so much had just said, it was too late: she felt someone behind her. The next second, she was pushed onto the bed under the pressure, the cold embrace of metal behind her head. Her mind scrambled, and the situation unfoled in it.

A male voice screamed her some agressive orders, but she didn't hear it: in the corner of her vision, she could see the woman she loved putting her red glasses back on to hide a tear. Then, the blonde got up, and talked with a soldier, who was wearing a jacket with a logo that Rose immediately recognized: the SCP Foundation.

"Your cooperation in this capture is greatly appreciated, Dr. Aloices. Be assured that we will remember it during the investigation on your relationship with this member of a hostile Group of Interest. About the- excuse me, are you crying?"

The blonde turned her face away, and gabbled something that Rose barely understood:

"She was just a one night stand… nothing more. I don't become attached this quickly…"

Rose felt a mix of disgust of hearing her say those words, and admiration to know that she had lied to her superior.
Unconsciously, she reached her hand toward Ariane, in a desperate attempt to gather back the good memories of the time spent together, to cuddle up again against her, to sniff her heady smell again.
The nude back of the woman was the last thing she saw, before someone administered her a sedative. She fell asleep, drowning in remorses and melancoly.

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