Just Before the Final Episode Special "Sushiblade of Memories! Awakened Salomon!"
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Previously, a hot battle!

A Dark Sushiblader uses vinegared rice brainwashing to control sushiblader Hiromi. Salomon, powered up with wasabi parts, wins the battle and restores Hiromi’s sanity. Relieved TakaoD-1028 rushes over to the fallen Hiromi1, but the Dark Sushiblader uses this chance to start a surprise attack. However, Hamakura Kappa2, the friend who’d fought alongside him, protected Takao, taking his place.

KaiD-1228 harshly scolds Takao as he is unable to get back up following the shock of Hamakura’s fall, but Takao’s fighting spirit is revived once again by his passion for Sushiblade.
And then, as Takao draws near to the Dark Sushiblader’s stronghold, the masked Dark Sushiblader that has stood in the way of Takao and his friends time and time again arrives!

Under cloudy skies, Takao and his friends headed over to the stronghold where the Dark Sushibladers were waiting.

“According to the map the Doctor gave me, the stronghold should be around here.”
“Takao… We both know that a violent Sushiblade Battle like no other is waiting for us. Are you truly ready?…”

Kai, who had been consumed by the power of Dark Sushi, seemed to know the danger of Dark Sushi and the dread in the power that had suddenly risen up, Takao perceiving the certain implication behind his question. However, Takao refuses to answer Kai’s question, instead turning to Kai with eyes full of fighting spirit.

“… Let’s go, Kai! We must stop their plans!”
“Aaaah! Let’s end this conflict!”
“…. Sorry, but this fight is never going to end.”

Then out of nowhere a mysterious masked man appears in front of Takao and his friends!

“You showed up, Masked Dark Sushiblader! Today’s the day I’ll defeat you and Dark Sushi’s boss!”

Facing the mysterious masked man with more than caustic words, Takao pulls out his partner, Salomon!

“… Heh, you’re still holding a Sushiblade like that?”
“What did you say?! Don’t make fun of the precious Sushiblade my old manSCP-1134-JP made for me!!”

Hearing Takao’s words, the masked man cannot bear it anymore, erupting into laughter…

“For your sake… Really? Don’t make me laugh! I was the one who designed that Sushiblade! That’s not something the sushi bar’s old man thought of!”
“Who’d believe something like that!”
“Think about it! You think authentic Edo-style sushi serves salmon?!”

Hearing the masked man’s words, Takao began trembling! Until now, pretending not to notice, Takao had defeated Sushibladers on the evil path, but he felt slight, guilty doubts on whether his Sushiblade was also on that same path. However, Takao couldn’t think of Salomon, which had been introduced by the man who had shown him the path of Sushiblade as evil… Perhaps the masked man had seen through Takao’s hesitation.

“That’s- You’re lying! There’s no evidence that you designed Salomon!”
“That’s right. Don’t listen to him, Takao! Think of all the Sushiblade battles you’ve had!”

ignoring Kai’s warnings, Takao’s heart unrest was uncontrollable! Takao couldn’t understand why the words of this man, who was his enemy, pierced his heart so deeply!

“Evidence… I’ll show it to you. That I am the one behind Salomon’s design!”

With that, the man removed his mask, revealing himself. The reality of his true self shocked Takao immensely!

“That can be… That’s… Why?!”
“That’s right, Takao. I am your father!”
“Takao’s… Father?!”

The truth is revealed. The true identity of the masked Dark Sushiblader was none other than Takao’s father who’d gone missing! Takao’s father was once known as the No. 1 Sushiblader, being the owner of a sushi bar named “Oyassan”, and developing a new type of Sushiblade. Having revealed his true self, Takao’s father begins speaking about Salomon’s secret…

“At the time, Salomon was one of the newly created Sushiblades, but because it had been born before his time, the “Non-Rotary Sushi Association” deemed it heretical. But we opposed, declaring that Salomon was a Sushiblade that could please the people!”

No matter the words or their amount, his anger and spirit couldn’t be soothed. Takao’s father continued on speaking the truth!

“The “Non-Rotary Sushi Association” didn’t listen to our words, and considered Salomon heretical, alongside all other new Sushiblade! Despite being created with a love for sushi in mind just like Edo-style sushi, California rolls Sushiblade were stamped out as heretics!”
“That has to be a lie…! I believe in the association…”
“Face reality, Takao. I will now rescue you from the pitiful dance the association has you under. With this Sushiblade!!!”

The masked man pulled out a shrimp avocado Sushiblade. Emitting an ominous energy, the shrimp avocado, resonating with Takao’s Salomon!

“Salomon’s resonating with that Sushiblade?!”
“That’s because this Evil Avogadro was developed at the same time as Salomon.”
“The Dark Sushiblader has given it a name?!”
“I told you. Do you get it? He’s just like Salomon. Originally, Evil Avogradro wasn’t born as an evil Sushiblade. Besides, you seem to hide it well, but haven’t you noticed that Salomon sometimes behaves recklessly, emitting an aura just like Dark Sushi?”
“How did you know?!”
“Of course I know; I’m Salomon’s designer. Well now, the idle chatting ends here… Prepare for Sushiblade, Takao!!!”

The masked man sets the Sushiblade on disposable chopsticks, and goes into a perfect battle stance! The air grows tense, Takao setting his Sushiblade in front of this man emitting immense murderous intent!

“Let’s go! Father! Salomon and I will open your eyes!”
“Hahaha! Interesting. Try your best!”

”Three! Two! One! HEY RASSHAI!”

Both smashed the chopsticks against teacups, and with immense speed, the Sushiblade were released from the chopsticks! Taking the lead was Takao’s Salomon. High-speed rotation with lowered friction by permeating rice with his own oil content is Salomon’s greatest weapon! Salomon runs around the field, striking Evil Avogadro with all his might! However, Evil Avogadro keeps on spinning at the center of the field without a care in the world…

“It’s not working?! Salomon…! One more time!”
“… Try as many times as you want!”

Salomon’s attacks are absorbed by Evil Avogadro’s avocado, dealing no damage… Furthermore, the avocado shed was sticking to Salomon, making it gain weight. The increased weight increases Salomon’s frictional force, making his weapon, the high-speed rotation, grow dull.

“Now, let’s begin attacking…!”

Evil Avogadro, who was calmly spinning in the middle of the field, suddenly entered a rampage! Up until now, Evil Avogadro has been fighting as a Stamina Sushiblade, but has now turned around and has begun fighting as an Attack Sushiblade!

“What the hell’s this?!”

One man answered Kai’s question.

“Maybe it has glutinous rice inside. The bottom part of the rice is shaved off while rotating, exposing the glutinous rice that grants Evil Avogadro higher friction, making it rotate violently. Furthermore, having strong friction provides the advantage of not missing an impact at the time of attacking one’s enemy!”

The voice had come from Hamakura, who had collapsed while protecting Takao, and was supposed to still be at the hospital in a coma.

“You’re still in danger. Why are you here?”
“What are you talking about, Kai?! It’s my duty to document Takao’s Sushiblade battles!”

It’s evident that he’s worried about Takao’s situation, but it’s also evident that he’s on the verge of collapsing. Kai, unable to look at him, allows him to lean on his shoulder, watching over Takao’s back as he concentrated on Sushiblade. Meanwhile, Takao is unable to break down Evil Avogadro’s fierce attack, doing his best to survive it. The masked man addresses Takao.

“I understand why Salomon was given to you through battle. That sushi bar’s owner didn’t seem to expect much from you.”
“Don’t you dare say that!”
“Why don’t you look at Salomon, who has neither hands nor feet? The sushi bar’s owner must have realized it… That you were my son, who helped me make sushi. And that is why! That’s why he gave you Salomon, who’s been branded a heretic!”
“Shut up! The old man’s Salomon is no Dark Sushiblade!”
“I’ll show you then. I’ll show you Salomon’s true form!”

As the man speaks, Evil Avogadro and Salomon resonate…! Then, the avocado pieces stuck to Salomon begin gathering, and once they’re drawn up as a topping and become one, Salomon suddenly begins emitting a dark aura…!

“Look at it! The Dark Sushi Salmon Avocado… This is what Salomon Avogadro looks like!!!”
“This can’t… Salomon!”

Salomon’s power shoots up due to the immense power that wicked toppings bring, one of the marks of Dark Sushi! The figure of his partner being engulfed in Dark Sushi aura causes Takao to despair!

“Pull yourself together, Takao! Call out to Salomon and bring him back!”
“What’s going on?! Hurry up and call out to Salomon…”
“… Salomon’s voice… I can’t hear it.”

Kai rushes towards Takao who, with vacant eyes, had lost his will to fight. Takao was the chosen Sushiblader, and could hear the voice of Sushiblade, fighting with them by listening to their heart. When they had rescued the wasabi stolen by Dark Sushibalders, or when the old man didn’t file sanitation documents to the health department, he’d never failed to listen to the voice of Sushiblade.

But now, Takao couldn’t hear the voice of Salomon. Despite having the strongest Sushiblade heart-to-heart connection, he couldn’t hear his voice, making Takao feel Salomon had moved to a place far, far away. The reason why he couldn’t hear Salomon’s voice was obvious. Takao’s father’s statements had brought doubt into his heart about the existence of the Sushiblade called Salomon, which in turn had been conveyed to Salomon during the battle.

The skepticism towards his partner made Takao feel ashamed, falling to his knees in total despair as he thought all he’d done to continue Sushiblade up until now had been a lie. As Takao withered, Salomon continued to battle alone! Using the Dark Sushi power, Salomon began surpassing Evil Avogadro with unprecedented speed and power. The masked man, with a satisfied smile on his face, gives Evil Avogadro an order.

“Good, Salomon now belongs to us, Dark Sushi! Evil Avogadro! Destroy as much as you can collect!”

Despite possessing unparallel strength thanks to the Dark Sushi powers, Salomon found it extremely hard to inflict mortal wounds, as he now had no controller, and Evil Avogadro had commands behind his fierce attacks. Salomon’s revolutions gradually slowed down, swung away by the power displayed. Which meant the match’s end was just around the corner…!

“Don’t lose, Takao!!!”

At that time, a voice came from behind Takao. Appearing with an injured body supported by crutches was Hiromi, who Takao had saved from vinegared rice brainwashing. While receiving treatment at the hospital alongside Hamakura, they’d felt the powerful Dark Sushi aura emanating from Salomon, and had come along, concerned about Takao!

“Takao! Don’t lose sight of the path you believe in! The one your master mentioned! You hold Salomon in your hands because he saw that you were the man who would walk towards a future where Sushiblade’s darkness has been cut down!”

Takao was surprised when he heard Hiromi’s words. Until now, Takao had asked the old man why he’d hold Salomon, and had received nothing but embarrassed looks. Because of this, Takao thought the old man handing him Salomon was mere coincidence. But Salomon becoming Takao’s Sushiblade was no coincidence.

Hiromi’s words continued. That was what the old man had secretly hoped for. The old man entrusted Takao with an evil Sushiblade because he felt in his heart that Takao would one day bring light to the darkness he and Takao’s father had created.

Hiromi was the only one who’d tell this embarrassing truth. As such, the old man told her to reveal this truth when the time came!

“That’s it! Takao! Even when I was being consumed by the power of Dark Sushi’ hamburger, I never lost sight of hope and fought for what I believed in. You won that battle against me and reminded me that Sushiblade isn’t about winning or losing!”
“Takao! If I hadn’t met you while Sushiblade battling, I would still believe I was no more than a contained subject making a crude work with food! Thank you. So please, don’t lose!”

Thanks to the voice of his friends, Takao’s fighting spirit, which had almost burned out, began rising up again!
Just then, Takao receives a message from the Doctor.

“Takao, listen. Salomon has not yet been fully tainted by the dark. If you make him listen to your heart, you’ll be able to bring him back to the light!”
“I understand, Doctor!”

Following the Doctor’s advice, Takao focuses on the fatigued Salomon. His revitalized fighting spirit begins flowing into Salomon. The masked man sees the situation and laughs!

“It’s useless! Your Sushiblade has awakened to the power of Dark Sushi. No matter how much you focus on him, you won’t bring him back!”
“Father…!! I’ll keep going! I don’t care if it’s right or wrong! I believe in Salomon and I’ll fight to make him see that Sushiblade is something joyful! So… Let’s go, Salomon!”

Just then, Salomon began emitting a dazzling light that covered the whole field! Inside the light, Salomon evolves! The high-energy light emitted by Salomon burns away the avocado on top of it, and transforms the topping into high-quality Norwegian salmon, and the rice into grade-A shiny Koshihikari rice. The dazzling light toast the topping a bit as a finish!

Salomon turns towards Takao, who notices his shiny new form…

“One more time, let’s fight together!… Got it, ”Burning Ultrout Salomon”!! That’s your new name!!!

Takao puts all his burning fighting spirit into the newly awakened Salomon! And then, he begins rotating at speed never seen before, running all around the place!

“Got it! The new Salomon’s topping has become a longer slice than before. Now you can display centrifugal force, creating higher rotation and destructive power!”
“And what of it? It’s impossible to surpass the Dark Sushi power of Dark Avogadro!”

Not caring about the comment, the masked man manipulated Evil Avogadro, preemptively striking Salomon! However, now Takao and Salomon are truly united, easily dodging the attack as Salomon’s reaction velocity has increased compared to that of Evil Avogadro, who only moves after receiving instructions! The dodge throws Evil Avogadro off his rhythm, Salomon driving into him, not missing the slightest opportunity!

Evil Avogadro is quickly cornered following a severe hit thanks to Salomon’s increased rotation and centrifugal force!

“At this rate… I’ll lose?! Me?! If I lose here, what will I have abandoned my friends and my love for Sushiblade for?!”
“Father! I love Sushiblade! I won’t lose my way even if many Sushiblades are engulfed by the darkness! For the old man, who believed in us all and entrusted us with the Sushiblade battles he himself believed in… And for the Sushibladers still caught in despair, I will fight!”
“For our sake too?!”
“That’s right! So take it! Me and Salomon’s belief-filled special move!”

As if answering to Takao’s voice, Salomon’s rotation speed continues increasing past what’s logical for a Sushiblade! The rice increases its friction against the field, charring Salomon’s fat and setting him on fire! Using the fighting spirit that burns with destructive power created by ultrahigh speed rotation, Salomon quickly approaches Evil Avogadro with immense speed to deliver the finishing blow!

”Special Move, Burning Scandinavia!!!”


Unable to withstand Salomon’s strike, Evil Avogadro is sent flying off stage alongside the masked man, Takao winning the Sushiblade battle! Takao rushes to the fallen masked man and carries him on his arms.

“Takao… You’ve grown strong.”
“Don’t worry about me. Fighting for what you believe in… Dark Sushi’s bossSCP-1134-JP-a who you must defeat is right ahead.”
“Ah, understood! I’ll bring an end to this fight! Let’s go, everyone!”

Takao sends a message to the Doctor, entrusting him with his father then continuing moving forward with his friends! He now grips his newly evolved friend and his beliefs with both hands!

Next time!

We’ve finally cornered him! Dark Sushi’s boss!
Me and Salomon will defeat you!
What?! Our opponent uses ramen?! Karaage and cake?!
Dark Sushi’s terrifying! But I have trustworthy friends with me! I will not lose!

Next, the Final Episode! “Explosive Nigiri Sushiblade!”

Three! Two! One! HEY RASSHAI!

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