New TV Show “Gripped rice and Sushiblade”
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“Master, master! How could this be?!…”

The old man from “Conveyor Belt Sushi Katsu” was laying on a bed with his eyes tightly closed, unmoving. A beeping, electronic sound flowed through the otherwise quiet hospital ward.

“Ahhh, doctor, who the hell did this to him?!”
TakaoD-1028, I want you to calm down. This is what happened last night at Conveyor Belt Sushi Katsu.”

Sweat gradually began pouring down Takao’s forehead as he intently watched the footage.

“Doctor, this can’t be happening…”
“I’m sure of it. Yes, the culprit behind your master’s attack is…”

Takao strikes the desk with all his strength, letting out a stifled voice.


A Sushiblader with a passionate heart, Takao draws closer to the “Darkness” of Sushiblade!

“Takao, as you are now… You can’t win against Dark Sushi.”

”Kid, there’s places in this world you ain’t supposed to pry into.”

”But I still need to go see Kai!”

Strong enemiesrivals appear, assassins stand in his way!

“Kekekeke! Now that I’m at the mercy of the Dark Nat Dragoon, there’s no way out but death! This is it!!!”

”That… Mayo corn1, horizontally?!”

”Vertical rotation?! What a heretical way to go!!!”

The trials yet to come, the agony…

”Heretical, huh? What makes it heretical to begin with? Even Edo-style sushi2 used to be heretical long ago.“

”Eating the wrong way… Eating the right way.”

”Feeling the best of both sides working together ─ The lengths in which sushi evolves is the key to Sushiblade.”

”Doctor, Salomon has turned green… I-is this?!”

“Idiot, you can’t even understand it! It’s not fresh anymore!”


”I make sushi wishing for their happiness. But rotating and fighting… That the only way to make sushi happy? I don’t think that’s the only way.”

”Mr. saigyō…?”

What will Takao see at the end of his long journey?

“Takao, you’re my-”

“Sushi is not something made to hurt people!”

“Salomon… Understood! Let’s go.”

New TV Show “Gripped rice and Sushiblade”, brought to you by SCP TV, to begin airing on 20██/██/██!

Three! Two! One! HEY RASSHAI!

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