Sweet and Scent
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When the sunlight changed everyone else, he was one of the remaining few who kept his form, not knowing why this happened and why the sunlight melted everyone.

Survival forced him to stay ignorant, to hold on.

A single room no more than a few square metres was all he had as a shelter. Outside it, there was light, and people one with it.

He was sure that the figures he saw outside the tiny window were searching for him. He let out a short sigh.

As if he gave up, he tore open the last bag of M&Ms that he saved.

He didn't think he could hold on any longer.

He, a sweet tooth, thought about himself while chewing on the last bit of chocolate.

He wasn't wealthy, but he was not impoverished, content with life.

He had a dream. He wanted to make people feel good.

Thanks to his olfactory talent, he also once dreamt of being a perfumer.

It didn't matter anymore, considering the circumstances.

There were noises outside. They're coming.

Even him, with an intense obsession for life, knew that this was his end.

Then the sun spoke to him.

He could hear them pushing against the door from outside.

The sun gave him two options.

The door started to crack open with a crunch.

Be one with all, or be all alone.

There was no time to ponder. He couldn't be egocentric anymore.

The door broke open, and they started pushing in.


When it opened its eyes, everything was the same as before except itself.

Its body was liquid and was bright orange like the sun. It resembled nothing of a human.

But it was happy.

Because it didn't need to be one with anyone, it can hug others. It could share its feelings, even if it did not merge with others.

It could share joy with others. It thought of its long-abandoned dream.

Now, it felt as it could make anyone happy.

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