She And "She"
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When everyone had a good night with a lover, I was still struggling to remember her name.

I knew I couldn't return when I left here. When I saw her, I had an unshakable idea in my mind:
I fell in love with her.
I was just a common employee. Thanks to doctors, I met the other half of my life.
At first I thought I was going to die, but now I'm in love with her.

09:20, 25 minutes before I departed from her.

I was asked to be alone with her for half an hour, which I thought was torture, but when I entered the room, my mind changed. She is a beauty, which ordinary people, or at least I, can't explain. It's best for the table and chair to fall to her and me and shrink to an infinitesimal singularity. I can feel the massive secretion of phenylethylamine in my body. I can feel my admiration. I sat with her, speechless, I can feel her mind. She's really curious about me, but with a little girl's coyness.


It only took us five minutes to get to know each other. She whispered in my ear with the divine sound that only I could hear. I put my index finger on her lips to indicate that she didn't need to speak too much, and that those irrelevant sounds would only pierce a hole in our delicate relationship. We watch each other, feeling my affection for her and her response to me… In this silent, bright room, I fell in love with her.

I know what you came for
I don't know what you'll leave for
In this short time
May you and I keep goodliness


Love is actually simple, just like her and me. We accepted each other in this very short time. We sat together hand in hand, just sitting together. This is the simplest thing, just the simplest thing. In this moment, I understand that Platonic love, named after the Greek philosopher who has been turned to dust, is buried in everyone's heart, not far from us, if you dig it out.


My eyes have never left her face. I know, we're all in love with each other. I didn't bring any paper and pen, but only bit my finger and expressed my love to her with blood. She happily agreed… I just hope she will never depart from me… I gave her an eyeball I dug out and gave her a look with the other: So I can look at you forever. Her surprised eyes were fixed on me for a long time.


The cold broadcast made me feel uncomfortable: I was about to leave. No! How can I leave her! How should I leave her! Impossible!! Nonsense!

But I also deeply understand the fact that I have to go, and I will never see her again, I don't want to be the couple living on the Yangtze River thousands of years ago. But now, I have to remember her name and give her a kiss.


I remember, always remember, never forget.
Fingers are easy to break, I use a sharp broken teeth in the arm to write her name, I won't forget it, never. N-E-V-E-R! Nothing can stop my love to her. We will be together forever! Fucking Foundation, Fucking Memetic Experiment! All I could think of was her… Suddenly there was an idea that passed through my nerves to every cell in my body. The only way I could be with her forever: to escape with her from this evil, dark Foundation building. I decided to do it. She watched me, pulled my hands and stopped me from doing it, but I understood why she did it.


I made room for her to escape: my abdomen. Just take out my useless viscera, and she will have a perfect "place"… I forgot her name, raising my arm to look for the bloodstained place and writing hard several times… I cut my abdomen with no pain, since my brain is all about her. Pleasure, surprise, excitement, madness. Madness? I'm not mad. I'm calm, or I won't come up with such a wonderful plan.


I threw the last useless thing out of my abdomen, tore the cortex with my hand, and smiled, signalling her to come in. She was so moved that tears left behind her eyes, telling me that she didn't want to go anywhere but to stay here, and that it was her fault that caused all this, and that she just wanted me to stop. I smiled in response to her, fell to the ground and waved to her to signal her to come.


"He's dying! Doctor"

"I see. Keter class"

"Antimemetic. Just take him for an amnesic"

"Mind-affecting… confused… materialization”


I slowly opened my eyes, and saw the familiar single compartment, looking at the calendar beside the bed. Today there is a memetic experiment.


Who is she?

It doesn't matter. I am with "her" now.

Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space

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