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”Look, ‘tis the happy face of the sleeping Emperor. Perhaps, the prosperity of the Empire is but the Emperor’s dream.”


SCP-2061-JP - Adventure Tale at Gyouseiya Department Store
”Taishō 150 cannot be possible; it's Taishō 15 now.”
by koikoi_Rainy4L

SCP-1580-JP - Hazy Artificial Moonlight
”May this doll be like a healing moon for the window in your heart.”
by koikoi_Rainy4L


To Pluck a Flower
”This morning’s celebration parade was beautiful. Did you catch a glimpse of it, sister?
by koikoi_Rainy4L

Tou-Hei House Automaton Department Advertisement
”Hey, you should buy one of these automatons as well. Taking care of one’s house is a pain.”
by hitsujikaip

Fuck off, Stagnated Tranquility!
”Society has changed these last few years.”
by Yuri Lily

”What the hell is the ideal world for a human being?”
by VideoGameMonkeyMONO

Tou-Hei Electronic Computer Type-30 Zashiki Electrophone Sales Advertisement
”The time has arrived for when we can talk with our close friends from far away thanks to the electrophone!!!”
by SOYA-001

The Four Seasons, and Death
”Seasons pass by, a second hand bookstore, your hand”
by MtKani_666

With the Scent of Citrus, Summer Passes By
”Half of a citrus orange, a distorted love.”
by MtKani_666

Sunflower Field Sanatorium
”The wind flew, shaking the sunflowers. They were all looking down, reminding us of the end of summer.”
by Nekokuro

Chrysanthemum’s Tomb
He placed the remains of his mother inside the tomb, then planted many yellow, red, and white chrisanthemums around it.
by ykamikura

Unnamed Stonemason
I am a stonemason. I build a tower that will never be completed.
by Nekokuro

Vivid Ash
Farewell. Please, have a plentiful life.
by Nekokuro

”Let’s play tic-tac-toe.”
by Nekokuro

Theatre Play “One hundred Views of the Orient from a Miniature Garden” - First Dance[CN]
Golden breeze blows the dreams of the bright hall
The waves stir the waves of the vast ocean
by Etinjat

Quite a Few’ve Forgotten how to Sing
Goodbye to me, the silver oar, the ivory ship, a moonlit sea’s good-for-nothing.
by watazakana

Electrical Appliance Philosophy
Is it your happiness that people can continue their dream of peace and prosperity, I wonder?
by Dr_Kudo

Simulated Love
The play wasn’t over.
by ykamikura

Hiraeth Sunrise
That’s right, my dear Robin. I wish you well.
by seda87ne

Audit Records of the Great Empire of Japan
”I’m not planning on getting caught so easily.”
by Kajikimaguro

GoI Formats

Fighting the Deviationers
”Thanks to the Taishō Emperor becoming the Absolute Divine Being “Imperial Engine”, the Taishō Era has continued for over 150 years.”
by stengan774

Culinary Restaurant, Ambrose High Collar
”Welcome, Dear Customer.”
by domuraiukai

I Married an Electric Wife; Any Questions?
”Come on, be quick. We’ve already taken off our clothes.”
by stengan774

The Will of Miss Kaoruko, Daughter of the ██ Family
”I am truly glad that you all are pomegranate eaters!”
by koikoi_Rainy4L

Collected Item No. 1879
”My romance, it was only for you.”
by shirasutaro-


Tou-Hei House Automaton Department Advertisement
by hitsujikaip

Tou-Hei Electronic Computer Type-30 Zashiki Electrophone Sales Advertisement
by SOYA-001

A Request, from Tou-Hei, to its Customers
by Day-J

A dream of peace and prosperity, the eternal fantasy is free and easy.
Welcome to a world of retro-science fantasy/retro-cyberpunk!
“Taishō 150” is a series of fictional Taishō romance drama works set in the fantastic year 2061.

In this setting, the Taishō period, which originally lasted 15 years, has continued for 150 years.
In Tokyo, the Imperial Capital, people who’ve replaced their flesh with machinery walk about, automata that could be mistaken as humans overflow the place, Ryōunkaku​1 rises 634 meters above the ground, invisible cyber-neural networks run about, and reality overlaps with virtuality…
In this nonsensical period, the people of Japan live between the normal and the supernatural, and normalcy preserving organizations continue to operate in the dark.

In the Imperial Capital of Tokyo, the “Imperial Engine”, which has become an arithmetic logic unit, is the brains of the city, a popularly elected cabinet supports the government, while the “Imperial Abnormality Collecting Agency, Secret Agency Under the Direct Control of the Imperial Leader”, directly under control of the “Imperial Engine”, is charged with maintaining normalcy in Japan.

The Empire of Japan in Taishō 150 is a miniature garden dream world manifested in reality. Everything is a “dream of peace and prosperity”. And there must be many precautions in place to ensure that we never wake up from this dream.

The relationship between the miniature garden and the lands overseas are left to the author.
The lands overseas might be going through a reality similar to ours, or an illusory period might also be in place, just as in the miniature garden. Depending on the situation, going from one to the other is possible, as well as showing how dreams slowly erode reality.

Eternal Jazz Age!Perpetual Les Années Folles!
A period of never-ending romance!
Cultural stagnation and progress, the joining of normal and supernatural… We run through an illusory world full of contradictions.

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