Tanijas Personnel File

Screenshot from the camera feed #4765.

Name: S█████ █████

Date of Birth: ██/██/████

Gender: Female


  • German (de-N)
  • English (en-3)
  • French (fr-1)
  • Italian (it-1)

Known Alias:

  • "Tanija L. Nuurd" / "Tani"
  • Gerlinde
  • Godnija (Godzilla)
  • Godmother Tanija
  • Goatsias
  • God-Empress
  • Dr. Nija
  • Mistress of Many
  • a-ta-na-po-ti-ni-ja / Mistress Atana / Athena

Field of Work: Cultural researcher and diplomat of the German Foundation

Description: Tanija L. Nuurd (born S█████ █████), short "Tani", joined the Foundation on August 23, 20██ as a junior researcher.
She is particularly interested in the cultural influence of the Foundation and the changes it has brought to the cultural development of mankind in recent decades. Through this work, she quickly developed good contacts with members of other branches and maintains them as a diplomat of the German branch of the Foundation. Her activities include in particular the trading of cultural goods, exchanges with colleagues and other branches.
She has her own living and working area in Site-DE7, but prefers a staff quarter near Hamburg for times when she is not actively working on a project.

Habitus: Calm, thoughtful and sometimes confused; but can also react suddenly and unpredictably in moments of increased concentration. Sleeps little, works a lot. Known for sudden outbursts of anger associated with feathered colleagues.
In the course of working for the Foundation, the subject has developed an extreme fascination for maritime cryptids and domesticated bird species, especially the common chicken. So far this seems to be not due to anomalous effects, but it goes far beyond a healthy and understandable fascination. A similar phenomenon occurs among employees who have been in contact with the subject for a certain period of time. These too develop a strange fascination for a creature called "Godnija", which, however, does not seem to exist. Observation of this effect is still recommended.
In addition, the subject has developed an unusually strong loyalty to the Italian branch, which is increasingly reinforced by their diplomatic activities. This led to increasing cooperational projects, which was approved by the committee. The benefits of Tanija for the Foundation has therefore remained high enough to keep her. This condition is to be checked on a quarterly base.


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