Tanijas Personnel File

Screenshot from the camera feed #4765.


Subject is given an extensive training and technical instructions for the systems used on site.

Name: S█████ █████

Pseudonym: "Tanija L. Nuurd" / "Tani"

Life career: Tanija L. Nuurd (born S█████ █████), short "Tani", joined the Foundation on August 23, 2018 as a junior researcher. She gave up her name to protect relatives. She is particularly interested in the Foundation's cultural influence and the changes it has brought to the the cultural development of humanity in recent decades.
She has occupied her own living and working space at Site-DE7, but prefers an employee quarter near Hamburg, Germany, for times when she is not actively working on a project.

Psychological Profile: Calm, thoughtful and sometimes quite confused. Might react suddenly and unpredictably in moments of increased concentration. Sleeps little, works a lot.


  • 08/23/2018 - Recruitment into the German Branch
  • 05/06/2019 - EN-Fanart-Feature
  • 06/10/2019 - Promotion to Head of the Cultural Department and Administration of Site-DE7
  • 07/20/2019 - EN-Fanart-Feature


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