Mobile Task Forces of the SCP Foundation in Ukraine
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MTF Az ("Creators of Legends")


Description: The largest and least militiant mobile task force of the Ukrainian branch. The main task of the MTF is to detect potentially sensitive information on the Internet and mass media (especially regarding the anomalous and the activities of the Foundation and GoIs) and its subsequent concealment by creating and disseminating falsifications.

Az operatives do not command a lot of respect due to the “desk” nature of their work and seemingly low recruitment standards, done en mass compared to other MTFs. Indeed, the "Creators of Legends" do not receive any military training or even personal weapons — but they are thoroughly coached in data retrieval and analysis, copywriting, SMM, storytelling, fact-checking and computer hacking, playing a crucial role in many of the Foundation’s operations.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

MTF Buky ("Treasure Seekers")


Description: The task of the MTF "Treasure Seekers" is to seek and capture anomalous and non-anomalous tangible assets that are of interest to the Foundation. The operatives of this MTF are especially skilled in organising raids, ambushes, and covert intrusions into protected facilities.

MTF Buki gets its equipment on a residual basis, after the MTF Nash ("Natrix Ring"). Its inventory includes all types of small arms, as well as hand-held and automatic grenade launchers; in terms of military vehicles, their hangars are predominated by armoured cars, supplemented by a small number of former APCs and IFVs of the MTF Nash, restored after combat.

Assisting In Searching for Objects:

Known Members:

  • Agent Kimmers █.█
  • Agent Fedorenko █.█
  • Agent Hymernyi █.█

MTF Vedi (“Koloboks”)


Description: MTF “Koloboks” consists of former law enforcement investigators and private detectives, and specialises in investigating anomalous activity among the criminal world and law enforcement agencies. The MTF has a strong network of agents, including law enforcement officers, detectives, correctional staff and even criminals.

Due to the specifics of their work, Vida operatives are some of those select few who are equipped with non-lethal weapons as their primary ones. However, most of them always carry a personal TT or PM — both in the event of serious resistance, and as a memorabilia of their former work.

Assisting In Investigation of Objects:

MTF Glagoli (“Rachnids & Triffids”)


Description: "Rachnids & Triffids" operatives are mostly professional military and/or government officials integrated into the armies and governments of the countries where the Ukrainian branch of the Foundation operates, as well as into the armed forces of non-governmental organisations and unrecognised governments. In addition to the investigation of anomalous activity among the military and in combat zones, their task is to intervene in the course of military conflicts to advance the goals of the Foundation, as well as to promptly mobilise military resources to carry out it's tasks.

The MTF and its mobilised detachments are equipped with weapons and vehicles typical of the country or zone of operation and, in some cases, may include all types of troops and act as a single combat unit. The personnel of the mobilised units are not informed about the nature of the anomalous and are considered to be disposable, although the most promising of them are subsequently recruited to the ranks of the Foundation, in particular – to the MTF Nash (“Natrix Ring”) or to the Security Department.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

MTF Dobro ("Air listeners")


Description: The task of the MTF "Air listeners" is to detect, control and study anomalous and/or signal produces by anomalies. Operatives of the MTF Dobro are high-class specialists in all types and means of radio-electronic warfare, cryptography and radiolocation.

The inventory of the "Air listeners" includes stationary and mobile EW and radiolocation systems, as well as experimental electromagnetic weapons.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

MTF Zhivete ("Your Big Brothers")


Description: MTF "Your Big Brothers" specialises in the detection and capture/elimination of anomalous animals. Personnel is divided in two separate categories — hunters and zoologists. Due to the different backgrounds and specifics of their work, this sometimes leads to intragroup conflicts; however, during immediate fieldwork, Zhivete manifests itself as a coordinated and effective unit.

The MTF is armed with a variety of hunting weapons and traps; hunters are also trained in archery, in case of covert operations or anomalies that adversely affect technological weapons.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

Known Members:

  • Colonel Lisova ██.█, commander of the Detachment № 18

MTF Zemlja ("Grandpa Mushrooms")


Description: MTF "Grandpa Mushrooms" is responsible for deterring anomalies of plant nature or those that are disguised as plants and fungi. It operates in forests, plantations, parks and other open areas.

Operatives of the MTF are mostly biologists and botanists. Due to the constant work with powerful phytotoxicants and in the environments polluted with dangerous spores, this MTF is the first in line for the innovative means of personal chemical and biological protection. However, the incidence of cancer, dermatology and respiratory diseases among Zemlja's personnel remains disproportionately high. Currently, the use of Class D personnel for low-skill assignments is piloted in some operations, particularly in the role of operators of hand-held flamethrowers, as well as transportation and manual spraying of herbicides and arboricides.

For mass dispersal of phytotoxicants, as well as for dispersal of phytotoxicants in conditions of active floral resistance, the task force’s inventory includes several helicopters and aircrafts based on An-2 and Mi-2, as well as several TO-62.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

MTF Ludie ("Creationists")


Description: MTF "Creationists" is the task force assigned to oppose the cults of Annihilism. Their duties include: monitoring the activities of annihilistic sects and movements; identification, capture and, if necessary, termination of persons responsible, as well as those who financially or in any other way contribute to the idea of Annihilsm; military action against the aforementioned groups.

Initially, the MTF was formed in 1995 to combat the destructive Abrahamic religious sect "The Avengers of God", which carried out active terrorist operations in the Eastern European region and accumulated anomalous objects in order to implement an XK-class scenario. It was then that the Foundation first identified the phenomenon of Annihilsm, when an investigation into the identity of their leader — "St. George" (real name — George Leiman) — exposed a whole lineage that has been holding senior positions in destructive organisations since as early as the XVII century. The organisations were similar in goals, but completely different thematic design — from materialist mechanicists, who did not see the point of living without free will, to radical Islamists who tried to develop a "Superbomb" to "cleanse the world of kafirs." Leiman's enhanced interrogation upon capture confirmed the existence of an independent "philosophy of Annihilsm" aimed at destroying humanity by any available means, which he disguised as an eschatological cult to recruit new members and accumulate resources. After the removal of Leiman and the rest of the ruling ranks that were aware of the true nature of the sect, it disintegrated, although some supporters of "The Avengers of God" may be occasionally observed even today.

In connection with the newly discovered information and the growing danger of Annihilism, in 1998 the MTF "Creationists" has been expanded and repurposed for countering the followers of this philosophy in general.

Headquarters: Site UA-21

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

Known Members:

  • MTF Commander: major Sinchenko O.V.

Action Reports:

MTF Nash ("Natrix Ring")


Description: MTF "Natrix Ring" specialises in restoring the containment of dangerous anomalies and their termination, as well as providing physical security of the Foundation staff during research operations in high-risk environments, and escorting particularly valuable cargo.

All operatives of the MTF, without exception, are former servicemen, employees of the GRU, SSU or private paramilitary structures. To fulfil the set tasks, Nash is provided with all types of weaponry available to the Foundation, medium and heavy armoured vehicles, as well as assault and transport aircrafts. Extensive military experience of the operatives in combination with excellent equipment make the "Natrix Ring" one of the most capable MTFs of the Ukrainian branch. In large-scale combat, the "Natrix Ring" works particularly effectively with the support of the much more numerous force of the MTF Glagol ("Rachnids & Trifids"), acting as a shock unit, while Glagol holds the frontline.

Participated in the Termination/Containment of the Following Anomalies:

Action Reports:

MTF Pokoj ("Haidamaky")


Description: This MTF reports directly to the Director of the Ukrainian branch and specialises in covert assassination of high-value targets from GOIs, civilian population and, in some cases, from the Foundation itself. The latter has earned it an extremely bad reputation among the Organisation’s personnel, so its membership is kept strictly secret, with unmasked operatives often falling victim to their own colleagues. Pokoj is under close scrutiny of the Big yus, which ensures the subordination and loyalty of the Branch to the global authority of the Overseer Council with an iron fist.

MTF "Haidamaky" is equipped with both normal and anomalous weaponry; some object contained by the Ukrainian branch are also covertly used by this MTF for its own purposes.

Involved in Containment or Deployment of Objects:

Known Members:

MTF Slovo ("Contra spem")


Description: The MTF is formed ad hoc from select employees and agents of the SCP Foundation's external relations divisions. Because this type of personnel is recruited from the ranks of former and current civil servants, journalists, diplomats, spies, lawyers and even particularly successful sales managers (in other words, those who thrive on networking, getting into confidence, worming out information, flawless and consistent lying through their teeth, persuasion and gaming target systems), operatives of the MTF "Contra spem" act as experts in masking, hidden penetration, data collection and its physical destruction, as well as disinformation. Personnel selected to the list of this MTF undergo additional training in lockpicking, explosives, pyrotechnics, and, due to their intensive work with data mediums, handling of memetic agents; however, with very few exceptions, the operatives of this MTF do not have any military training, so it is extremely ineffective in direct combat.

Due to the skill of the operatives of the MTF "Contra spem" in covert work and psychological manipulation, it demonstrates limited effectiveness in deterring reality sculptors. However, due to the lack of appropriate special training, it may be involved in such operations only in exceptional cases.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

Known Memers:

MTF Big yus ("The Overseer has fallen, long live the Overseer!")


Description: The most classified MTF of the Ukrainian branch. While it is quartered in the premises of the branch, de facto it answers only to the Overseer Council and is commanded by the O5 and Ethics Committee, not necessarily informing the Ukrainian leadership of its operations.

Aside from supporting the Council's secret projects and participating in containment of top secret anomalies, Big yus is also tasked with monitoring the activities of the Ukrainian branch and ensuring its loyalty, by any means necessary.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

Known Members:

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