SCP-032-FR Test Log
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Because of the sensitive nature of SCP-032-FR and its effects, its test log can only be accessed by Level 4 or higher personnel. Should a member of the personnel with a lower level try to access to this log, he must take a class-B amnesiac voluntarily or must be forced to, and demoted to Class-D personnel.

Log format
Number written on the wrist:
Effect of the shot(s):
Incident (if one happened):

Name: D-2031
Number written on the wrist: V (five)
Effect of the shot(s): D-2031 grabbed the weapon and fired. A 4.5 magnitude earthquake happened, its epicenter being D-2031’s position.
Incidents: No major incident on Site-65 was reported, except for broken dishes. No containment breaches were reported.
Note: D-2031 volunteered for other tests with SCP-032-FR, given he found the weapon to be “super cool”. Request granted by head researcher Dr. ████████.

Name: D-2031
Number written on the wrist: still V (five)
Effect of the shot(s): The Class-D personnel named D-2031 grab the weapon and fires once again. A 4.3 magnitude earthquake happens, its epicenter being D-2031’s position.
Incidents: No major incident on Site-65 was reported, except for broken dishes. The site’s chef complained about poor working conditions. No containment breach reported.
Note: After three further tests with the same effects, D-2031 couldn’t fire the pistol anymore. The number engraved on his forearm disappeared. It is concluded that said number indicates the number of “projectiles” available for a wielder. All three shots had the same effects.

We should find a person with a number different from D-2031, to see if other effects exist. – Dr. ████████

Name: D-3155
Number written on the wrist: XXXII (thirty-two)
Effect of the shot(s): D-3155 grabs the weapon and points it to the target, asking the researchers if “it’s normal that [he has] something written on [his] arm”. After receiving confirmation, he fires the pistol, and suddenly bends over in pain while holding his jaw. Ulterior tests showed that the projectile shot by SCP-032-FR was one of D-3155’s wisdom teeth, extracted from his lower jaw by unknown means. Said tooth was found deeply stuck within the target. The impact was similar to those of 9mm bullets, but more irregular.
Incidents: None.
Note: It is supposed that the number on the subject’s wrist was equivalent to the number of teeth within his jaw.

Name: D-3986
Number written on the wrist: VI (six)
Effect of the shot(s): The subject, after grabbing the weapon and receiving confirmation about the normality of the number on his wrist, shot in the direction of the target. Immediately, syringes, needles, knives and other sharp object were propelled at ███ km/h on the target, which was entirely torn to pieces without stopping the projectiles, which were finally stopped by the room’s walls. Further testing showed that the projectiles were four (4) times sharper than their normal counterparts.
Incidents: None.
Note: Despite the fact that the barrel diameter is only of 12 millimeters, there were among the projectiles objects way larger, like a 40 cm-wide pair of secateurs.

Name: D-4194
Number written on the wrist: L (fifty)
Effect of the shot(s): The subject grabbed the weapon and shot towards the target. The pistol emitted a purple ray that bounced several times on the room’s walls before hitting D-4194. All his clothes were removed from his body and he fell on the ground, unable to get back on his feet despite several tries. Further testing showed that his friction was nullified; for example, a bullet shot at point-blank slipped on his body before continuing its trajectory without losing any speed.
Note: D-4194’s friction was back to normal four (4) days later.

Name: D-3006
Number written on the wrist: XC (ninety)
Effect of the shot(s): D-3006 grabs the weapon and fires it towards the target. A high-pitched sound is heard despite the fact that the testing room was soundproof. Simultaneously, the target brutally bends and hits the room’s wall, although no projectile is seen. D-3006 starts screaming while covering his ears and falls on the ground. After further examination, it appeared that D-3006’s eardrums were both severely damaged, apparently by the sound heard during the shooting. No projectile was found on the target.
Incidents: Several members of the team overseeing the test complained about hearing tinnitus and were admitted in the infirmary.
Note: It is unknown if the projectile was too small to be seen, if it disappeared when it hit the target, if it wasn’t perceptible in our dimension or if it was the sound itself.

Luckily, although D-3006 dropped it during the test, SCP-032-FR is undamaged. We should put some kind of carpet on the floor for the next tests, in case one of the subjects drops it again. – Dr. Johannes

Name: D-5941
Number written on the wrist: XI (eleven)
Effect of the shot(s): D-5941 grabs SCP-032-FR. She declares never having used a firearm before and doubts about her capacity to hit the target. Being reinsured about the fact that her aiming abilities would have no incidence on the test, she aims for the target and shoots. Some kind of little projectile with small filaments breaks up weakly on the target. It appeared to be a seed, which sprouted instantaneously inside the target and roots multiples branches in it in less than ten (10) seconds. After four (4) more seconds, a kind of flower with multiple lobes, similar to a small purple Rafflesia kerrii, slightly glowing, appears on the target. D-5941 asks for instructions. She’s ordered not to touch the flower and to move back. She obeys. After thirty (30) more seconds, the flower reaches a diameter of 1.60 meters and starts releasing a large quantity of blue fluorescent spores in the test room. The tests are suspended; spores are sampled for further testing, the remaining spores and the flower are incinerated.
Incidents: D-5941 is quarantined and tested to check if the spores have any effects on human biology.
Note: After further analysis, the spores appeared to be similar to those of Cyathea Intermedia, a kind of tree fern, despite the fact that the observed plant didn’t looked like a fern in any way, and that this specie of ferns doesn’t sprout flowers.

Name: D-1988
Number written on the wrist: LIV (fifty-four)
Effect of the shot(s): D-1988 grabs the weapon and shoots towards the target. A spurt of pinkish water is propelled at high speed from the barrel, follows an arc trajectory towards the ground, and freezees before breaking up when hitting the ground, without touching the target. D-1988 is asked to describe the appearance of the projectile. He describes it as “frozen grenadine, like tiny ice cubes in a freezer”. The substance was sampled afterwards.
Incidents: None.
Note: Further analysis showed that the “projectile” was made at sixty-four per cent (64%) of clean water and at thirty-six (36%) of Martes zibellina’s blood, genetically similar to the sables living near Lake Baikal. The reason why this mixture froze when in contact of air remains unknown.

I’d mostly like to know how water full of blood can be considered as a type of ammunition. – Dr. Johannes

Name: D-2108
Number written on the wrist: III (three)
Effect of the shot(s): D-2108 grabs SCP-032-FR and fires it. A bright flash blinds the observers and all the supervisory devices, and a few seconds later a loud rumbling is heard. The target is found carbonized and D-2108 unconscious. Despite multiple electromagnetic interferences, the measurement devices shows that the room was ran through by a tension of 100 million volts.
Incidents: D-2108 was in coma for two weeks, and when he woke up the doctors declared that “he was lucky”.
Note: Post-experiment analysis allowed discovering that the room was infused with ozone after the shooting.

Shame its use is so dangerous for the shooter, ‘cause that gun is really blazing…Get it? – Dr. Benji

Name: D-2749
Number written on the wrist: I (one)
Effect of the shot(s): D-2749 grabs the pistol and shoots. He is knocked back against the room’s wall as a white, round projectile is shot at high speed from the barrel. The projectile pierced through several walls before stopping when it hit a group of researchers chatting in a hallway.
Incidents: D-2749 got several broken ribs and a major internal hemorrhage. The researcher hit by the projectile sadly got his right arm crushed, and most of his ribs broken.
Note: Amazingly, the obstacles encountered by the projectile before hitting the researcher didn’t slow it down. Also the projectile, after being stopped, became a standard plastic ball with no anomalous properties.

Hey, are you going to stop destroying all the test rooms? – Spe. Arcael

Name: D-0887
Number written on the wrist: MMMM (four thousand)
Effect of the shot(s): D-0887 shots towards the target, provoking a short high-pitched noise. The projectile hit the target at a speed of ██ km/h. D-0887 complains about a sting on his skull. After examination, it appeared that one of the subject’s hairs was shot at high speed from the barrel.
Note: It must only works with hairs of similar length. – Dr. Hylius

Name: D-7746
Number written on the wrist: XX (twenty)
Effect of the shot(s): D-7746 pulls the trigger. A 0.3 centimeters-long projectile is shot at extreme speed. The subject looks at his right hand and screams. The projectile was in fact his right fourth finger’s nail. Analysis showed that the nail wasn’t remodeled, and hit weakly the target. It wouldn’t have affected a human target more that with a scratch, given the length of the subject’s nails length.
Incidents: None.
Note: Given the precedent tests, it appears that keratin is a favored material for SCP-032-FR, although it may be too soon to judge. – Dr. Mwak

Name: D-5346
Number written on the wrist: X (ten)
Effect of the shot(s): D-5346 grabs the weapon, hesitate a second, then fires it towards the reinforced window masking the researchers. The projectile – a bowling ball propelled at ██ km/h crashes the window before killing Assistant Researcher █████. D-5346 is then terminated by the guards after shooting two of his nine remaining ammunitions.
Incidents: Death of Assistant Researcher █████ and severe wound of Agent ███ whom the second shooting was close to touching. The security of researchers during tests was then upgraded.
Note: This incident is surely unfortunate but it could have been way worse. We already saw that gun firing more dangerous things. I suggest from now we only use non-violent Class-D personnel for tests on SCP-032-FR. – Dr. Benji

Name: D-7538
Number written on the wrist: XXXV (thirty-five)
Effect of the shot(s): After shooting, D-7539 collapsed on the ground, seemingly unable to support his body’ weight anymore. The projectile, imperceptible during the shooting, was severely distorted after hitting the target, but seemed to be a small bone. Autopsy of the subject revealed that his C1 cervical vertebra was missing.
Incidents: Death of the test subject.
Note: Damn. And you call it a defensive weapon? – Dr. Ezcyo

Source : La Fondation SCP
Last updated : 08/02/2015
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