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Total Count: 222 (214 solo, 8 collaborated)

Count: 137 (133 solo, 4 collaborated)

SCP-CN-002 - Theory of Innocence
SCP-CN-007 - Service-Oriented Creatures
SCP-CN-009 - Question, Solve, Answer
SCP-CN-010 - Aye-aye
SCP-CN-011 - Bag Humans
SCP-CN-096 - "Stop" "Door"
SCP-CN-111 - The Solitary Venerable One
SCP-CN-114 - Pine of Awakening Smoke
SCP-CN-120 - Heaven's Gate
SCP-CN-121 - The Badge of Dr. Sun Yat-sen
SCP-CN-, 00122 - Fifthist Memetics
SCP-CN-161 - Interpreter
SCP-CN-173 - Mr. Custom
SCP-CN-200 - Dolls Bringing Children
SCP-CN-204 - Thunder Trial
SCP-CN-233 - Dot Matrix
丂匚卩 句丹丂卄 匚几 句丹丂卄 丅山口 几丨几乇 丂丨乂 - 卄丹几乙丨 从乇从乇
SCP-CN-326 - In Fading Books A Digital Music Fantasy Is Reborn
SCP-CN-404 - Memetic Immunity Disease
SCP-CN-412 - Beauty Camera
SCP-CN-430 - The Cart Before the Horse
SCP-CN-440 - Immortals of the Table
SCP-CN-455 - This Is My Battle
SCP-CN-475 - Entombing
SCP-CN-529 - No Longer Human
SCP-CN-534 - Mr. Dialect
SCP-CN-606 - All of Everything
SCP-CN-625 - Piano Bridge
SCP-CN-661 - Dick, St. Dick
SCP-CN-731 - Black Sunset
SCP-CN-756 - Book of Numbers
SCP-CN-757 - Tiny World
SCP-CN-758 - Mini-Foundation
SCP-CN-801 - Beyond Uranus
SCP-CN-805 - Magic: the Gathering
SCP-CN-810 - "Gold Foil"
SCP-CN-829 - Spherical Potatoes
SCP-CN-879 - Programmable Office Building
SCP-CN-937-J - A Useful Toilet
SCP-CN-964 - I'll turn on the Bluetooth and listen to some tunes
SCP-CN-980 - J
SCP-CN-985 - Exam Shark
SCP-CN-1001 - Writing Ends Here
SCP-CN-1076 - "Have another bottle"
SCP-CN-1080 - A Silent Bell
SCP-CN-1099 - Tin of Sardines
SCP-CN-1138 - Anime Must Be Destroyed.
SCP-CN-1145 - A Nonexistent Elevator
SCP-CN-1174 - Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter
SCP-CN-1256 - SCP Foundation Chinese Branch Chronicle
SCP-CN-1270 - talk cooler pill by dado
SCP-CN-1276 - "Zekkōchō Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant!"
SCP-CN-1313 - The Staff of Dreams and The Buddha's Finger Bone
SCP-CN-1330 - There Can Only Be One
SCP-CN-1391 - hamster pill by dado
SCP-CN-1409 - 4200006200
Work Notes: SCP-CN-1417
SCP-CN-1420 - When Will That Day Come
SCP-CN-1424 - not spicy mouthwash by dado
SCP-CN-1463 - Catgirl Training Plan
SCP-CN-1500 - pʰoʃma
SCP-CN-1604 - A Gun That Gets More Powerful As It Kills More People
SCP-CN-1621 - become cat pill by dado
SCP-CN-1666 - Veilbreak
SCP-CN-1733 - The Empty Patches of Sky
SCP-CN-1767 - What is Papa's Mama Called?
SCP-CN-1780 - Red Light, Green Light
SCP-CN-1835 - The day the music died. Except for you.
SCP-CN-1837 - USB Sword
SCP-CN-1875 - Pataphysics is bubbling, controlling the narrative is really cool
SCP-CN-1920 - J-Q-X, three brothers, see fish eyes and dig them out
SCP-CN-1969 - Fuck This Guy's Mom
SCP-CN-1976 - Little Red Book
SCP-CN-1987 - Plunger
SCP-CN-1997 - When Magic and Science Intersect
SCP-CN-1999 - Remnants of Fantasy
SCP-CN-2008 - Area-01
SCP-CN-2019 - Forbidden Borderline Θ
SCP-CN-2028 - Hey Kids, Come Play!
SCP-CN-2035 - Terminal Entertainment!
SCP-CN-2043 - The Final Outcome You Want
SCP-CN-2063 - Warning: Misleading Information
SCP-CN-2082 - Wedding Day
Riddle-2108: Danbi

Riddle-2109: God

Collaborated translation with la kanrola kanro.

SCP-CN-2124 - Mendeleev's Matching Game
SCP-CN-2145 - Pāramitā and Qingming
SCP-CN-2161 - Homework from Dad

SCP-CN-2169 - Unknown Love of the Digital Galatea

Collaborated translation with la kanrola kanro.

SCP-CN-2171 - Waiting
SCP-CN-2176 - Zero-Calorie Biscuits
SCP-CN-2200 - Super Extradimensional Operation
SCP-CN-2215 - A Literary Opinion
SCP-CN-2291 - The Mare Tranquilitatis Accord
SCP-CN-2300 - 1000
SCP-CN-2304 - The Sun is Tired of Rising
SCP-CN-2345 - Memory-Carrying Enoki
Observation File #CN-2380 - When Spring Comes
SCP-CN-2399 - Still Raining
SCP-CN-2402 - The Star Nearby
SCP-CN-2403 - Dodgeball
SCP-CN-2405 - Ronald McDonald
SCP-CN-2406 - … would much rather have KFC!
SCP-CN-2426 - McNugget Fundamentalism
SCP-CN-2427 - KFC Original Recipe Fried Chicken Serving Guidelines
SCP-CN-2429 - Weak Fingers
SCP-CN-2446 - Amputation Assassin
SCP-CN-2469 - Omnipresent
SCP-CN-2510 - Supernormalcy
SCP-CN-2517 - A Man Who Cannot, In Fact, Fly
SCP-CN-2586 - The Abnormality Institute does not exist.
SCP-CN-2601 - The Memories We Should Have
SCP-CN-2620 - Birthday
SCP-CN-2622 - The Tabletop Prophet
SCP-CN-2626 - D4C
SCP-CN-2631 - Aliens Speaking English
SCP-CN-2636 - MTF-己申-20 ("We")
SCP-CN-2699 - Harry Potter and the After-Reading Revision Questions
SCP-CN-2701 - Line-of-Sight Prison: Earth
SCP-CN-2740 - Addictive Minecraft, Sentient NPCs, Digital Lies, Longing for Reality
SCP-CN-2753 - A Unidirectional Mechanical Energy Supply Device,
SCP-CN-2755 - Myriad Creatures Emerge From the Ocean,
SCP-CN-2781 - Before Sleeping

SCP-CN-2823 - The Only Possible Outcome

Collaborated translation with la kanrola kanro.

SCP-CN-2835 - Where am I?

SCP-CN-2845 - Lament of the Short Days

Collaborated translation with EtinjatEtinjat.

SCP-CN-2878 - Very Annoying Mosquitoes
SCP-CN-2879 - Very Big Strainer
SCP-CN-2880 - Very Sharp Sword
SCP-CN-2918 - The Pleasant Sound of Rain
SCP-CN-2926 - Big Prime Number
SCP-CN-2951 - The Shadow of the Moon
SCP-CN-2965 - Killing Adolphe
SCP-CN-2980 - Your Copper Sulfate Friend
SCP-CN-2987 - Don't Look Up
SCP-CN-2988 - Do Not Go To The Top Floor
SCP-CN-2993 - Falling In

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