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Thanatomania (Noun): Suicidal mania

No one asks him to think, simply to suffer - always in the same way, without hope of diminution, without hope of dissolution. It's no more complicated than that: no need to think in order to despair.

- Samuel Beckett’s “The Unnamable”


Long ago, there was a medic known as Galenus. Galenus believed that human life was maintained by the energy that flowed through their bloodstream. The Foundation, which had judged many anatomical developments, often through the use of biblioclasm, proved the theory that was criticized as ancient delusions as true through the use of modern technologies both mundane and anomalous. From the bodies of their worshippers, they discovered the radiance of one’s vital energy, and created a prototype crimson liquid known as thanatomia. At that moment, for the first time in that world, “death” appeared. Galenus’ theory was proven right over 2000 year after his death.

In 20██, a single invention begins shaking the world. The venture company ‘Seebach Central Pharmaceutical’ creates the concept of ‘Death Extraction”, a technology that sucks out death to create a poison that ensures extremely limited immortality, and extremely certain death. At first, it was laughed at as an absurd idea, but two years later it had established itself in modern society, both for the death-avoiding public, and for the death-loving underworld.

They took death far away, they took death directly in their hands.

What do people think of a single drop of death? Of a life without it?

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