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Information has already reached the speed of light.
But the moon ridicules that speed.

There was a quote here from Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene about

his initial concept of "memes", but because the original is in English I'm not

allowed to put it here and not have it violate Creative Commons. Sorry!


Remember, a PK-class end of the world is happening right now. The Foundation is not beyond the law, and you, too, need not become an outlaw.

Don't be enticed by those memes, for we need to become ordinary people receiving accurate information.


The Original by Ninth BBNinth BB / translated by la kanrola kanro

“4chan is a crappy forum that does the same shit as 2ch, ugh”

“But you can't deny that this shitty place is the birthplace of the Original”

Anticulture by Ninth BBNinth BB / translated by tetsusquaredtetsusquared

“But you can't say that. Your popularity can only grow if you have people talking about you”

“Screw it, the █████ forum, ██████ boards, the comments on the videos, they're all filled with this dumb shit lately. I can't stand not to chase these trolls out.”

Punishment of Humanity byNinth BBNinth BB

“And like that ███ ██████████ you love so much, didn't you and your friends say that you wanted to chase out those fake fans that don't know a thing?”

“This is what you call ‘people being unable to understand each other’!”

Excerpts from Dr. Ninth Teaches You How To Survive a PK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario, or Don't Stop Memeing

by Ninth BBNinth BB

“Let's put it another way, in this era of constant entertainment, who wouldn't be a little more careful on the internet?

I can't say if they're seeing our painstaking encouragement as just another joke and scrolling past it.”

Grand Karcist Ion and Bumaro R-18 Doujinshi by MeowaitMeowait

"What the fuck are you writing? Bumaro's a woman? That's fucking dumb. You're gonna get so much hate, bro."

"Let's not talk about Bumaro's gender, let's start with the tenets of the Church of the Broken God. Robert Bumaro himself said 'Work, but for God, for His hand, to restore His body.' Bruh, what the fuck are you doing making Ion a cute anime girl? Blasphemy! Miss me with that gay shit."

SCP-CN-1169 An Impure Fiction Society byNinth BBNinth BB / translated by la kanrola kanro

“It seems that the machines in their hands can bring them more warmth than the cold world.”

“The cyberpunk-style reality digests innovation into a plethora of memes and tears creations into various electronic signals.”

SCP-CN-1969 Fuck That Guy's Mom by MeowaitMeowait / translated by tetsusquaredtetsusquared

“The object must constantly provoke people around it, inciting insults directed towards its biological mother, in order to retrocasually reconstruct the local reality of its past history.

These insults cause its mother to be maintained in a state of "having once existed", thereby ensuring the existence of the object itself.”

Quantum Mechanics of the Sea of Light and Reality by Ninth BBNinth BB

“The Foundation's work has always been in constant flux between white-collar office work and fighting like one's life depended on it, and Ninth felt a sense of dismay that seemed like it came from a magical reality while reading the incident report.”

“The authors' consciousnesses float in the sea. In this world that even gods could make, they continue to search for the true face of reality.”

SCP-CN-20210401-J by: l_EGionl_EGion / translated by: la kanrola kanro

“The object is hostile to any objects/concepts (e.g. roll paper) that may be considered 'long' in the abstract sense. Its definition of 'long' is unstable in the experiments and is presumed to be subjective.”

short and not empty

SCP-CN-001 Codename:Διόνυσος & Ἑρμῆς - Foundation-ish

by Ninth BBNinth BB, Misaka19092ndMisaka19092nd

“I completely identify with the God these fanatics believe in. In their eyes, they can't tolerate disobedience to their own grit. Ah, perhaps even the great Buddha owes you a cry for his father?”

“You need not have dreams that condemns everyone, and then yourself, for such a world filled with greed and filth.”

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