Clothes are Struggles Knit In Negation
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My Clothes.

You are my favourite clothes.
You are what he wore, the man I respected, adored, and loved.
You are the only piece of clothing that I took from him.
No other clothes can compare with you.
My most precious treasure is you.
Anyone who dares to lay hands on you or take you away will face my wrath.
You are his, and you are mine.
No one can tear us apart.

I vividly remember when I first met you.
He was wearing you when I first met him.
That's not all.
On our happiest moments in love, he touched me, wearing you.
On our saddest moments we were with you.
My clothes, even now when I bury my face in you, it feels like his embrace.
You might find me foolish for finding happiness in it.
But you will understand me, would you?
To me, you're him, his memory, and the token of my love for him.

I remember when I first got you.
You might have forgotten his gloomy face that day, but I couldn't.
That day, on him, you were the most beautiful.
The eloquent curve from your shoulders to sleeves,
His tears on your nape,
The smooth touch of stretched leather,

You were glistening that day, to the point that I'd lose my gaze to you, than him.
The fact that I got you from him will forever be my pride.

Today I see you in my closet.
Tonight I get relieved only after checking on you.
On good days I thank the bliss you give me,
On bad days I hug you, being comforted by your scent.
Ecstasy overwhelms me whenever you reassure me with your beautiful presence.
I don't know how to thank you for motivating me to live on,
But I hope you find this clumsy serenade I wrote for you pleasing.

My beloved clothes.
My trace of lost, unbefitting love.
I can tell you now that he was too much for me.
He was too virtuous to be with a person like me.
He would have left either way, even if he did not tell me.
You were the only answer for me, unable to embrace him nor let him go.
You, you will be forever with me.
I give all the love that I gave to him.

My precious clothes, I love you, so much.

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