Neighbour's Child
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A week ago, the child of the neighbouring family has vanished into thin air right in her own room.

That was a lovely kid. Kind, gentle, passionate and helpful. The curly hair falling to her shoulders shone like golden threads, not a single blemish on her cheek. Bits of light reflect from her dark eyes, as fascinating as the night sky. Always wearing a little playful smile, simple, innocent and pure was all of her, and she was the warmth to melt an ice-cold heart.

She possesses a bit of carelessness that every child does, and often she loses her playthings——though most of the lost items will be found by her sharp and shiny eyes. Sometimes they are under the bookshelf, sometimes they are in the gaps between books. But now, she has finally lost herself, and isn't coming back.

Is it a runaway? Is it a kidnap?

Her family posted wanted posters everywhere like maniacs, running around in the city day and night, wanting to find even a tiny single clue of their precious daughter.

However this all was useless. Even if they've tried everything they could, there was still not any single information about their daughter. The newspaper post it everyday, news and broadcasts had already mentioned it countless times, but there were not any feedback. Just as though their daughter vanished into thin air.

But just yesterday, the girl was back to her home, just as sudden and unexpected as when she had gone missing in her room.

It was at late night, her family was back at the house after ending a day of useless searching with exhaustion and despair. They couldn't believe their eyes when they found the one lying on the bed.

They turned on the lighting, ran in and hugged her. Her family members looked at their daughter's face——and burst out their loudest screams.

Upon hearing the scream I hurried from the neighbouring house, seeing the poor mother trembling with fear in the corner, and the girl's body thrown to the ground.

Light purple mucus that stinks flowed from the sewed positions all over her body and the countless pores on her face. Tangled golden threads hung on her scalp full of patches. Eyeballs, big and small, were rolling all over the ground.

I have once heard the elders saying, "there lived elves in the earth beneath us. They will borrow stuff that we fall to the ground. Looking for it will be worthless, for they will return it after they're done using it. Do not worry about the lost items, for no matter how much they are damaged, the elves will repair them back to just as new."

But, clearly, elves aren't quite good at sewing dolls.

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