The “F”, October Edition
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Today marks 10 years since the CK-Class Scenario occurred. In response, Today’s The “F”’s will comment on two articles published during a period of great confusion.

Excerpts from Foundation Records Division Publication ‘The “F”; Foundation in the 90s’

On 1998, the Veil was lifted. The number of people mobilized to maintain control was the highest ever recorded, and the frontline continued to harshly press onto the Chopinian Cult.

Meanwhile, a considerable number of people expressed doubts on the Chopinian Cult’s success in summoning the divine entity. It was thaumaturgically impossible for them to summon the entity.

Because of this, many departments launched their own investigations. The Temporal Anomalies Department determined that the “source” did not exist in 1998. Due to a lack of available technology, only the past 5 years were able to be retroactively investigated. However, it is understood that the Chopinian Cult could not have started Event Persephone’s preparations earlier than 3 years before it. The Temporal Anomalies Department classified this issue as “a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible”, and started an investigation. The thaumaturgy researchers also mentionedthe effects of Akiva radiation on the soil. Akiva radiation grants extremely high amounts of energy to living organisms, vanishing them. The organisms destroyed this way leave small amounts of “ash”. These “ashes” cannot be touched, and emit low levels of thaumaturgical energy. Areas with large accumulation of ashes would have unstable Hume levels, and were later identified as one of the causes behind Foundation Designated Incurable Diseases. The ashes were later known as “Cack Ash”, named after its discoverer.


Here is an account from the first issue of The “F”, from about 20 years ago. At the time, it had been about a year since the Veil’s collapse. The world was in chaos, and terrorist attacks had been attempted at a number of disclosed Foundation facilities. Also, many people came to know about the “anomalous”, and many Groups of Interest came out of hiding.

The predecessor to the Foundation Designated Incurable Disease system was established, the system being used to this day, with some added improvements. However, Foundation Designated Incurable Diseases have only been shared among researchers for a long time, only being widely known from the 2020s onwards. This system was revolutionary, but also created a lot of discrimination and prejudice. (p.276→)

Also, while the discovery of Cack Ash was an achievement to be proud of, it also brought up its own shadows, such as “Polish people are contaminated with Cack Ash” or “vegetables containing Cack Ash harm the body”. All of this is no more than horrible, false rumors, but rumours such as these are what began the current discrimination against Europeans. (p.7→)

Excerpts from Foundation Records Division Publication ‘The “F”; Original copy p. 70

In recent years, the number of patients suffering anomalous conditions have rapidly increased. In response, the Foundation has cooperated with all governments for the construction of Foundation hospitals aimed at the public all over the world. This movement progressed globally, and now can be seen at work in all major cities.

14:10 PM, September 13, 2019. The Foundation detected an increase of odd posts in SNS. Most of them showed disorientation at the widespread acceptance of anomalies and their development as a culture. At the same time, a series of state of emergency alerts were received from sites in Africa and South America. Each site claimed massive information leaks, and wished for rapid contact with the O5.

Strangely, chaos ensued as all humans in Africa and South America instantly lost all knowledge of what once was anomalous and concealed. In response, leaders of all nations protested against the Foundation. The amnestic treatment conducted by the Foundation on a continental basis was condemned by nations all over the globe.

Following this, the Foundation carried out an internal investigation using all available assets. A field survey was conducted to investigate each continent’s geological features. The measured values of accumulated Cack Ash were well below what was originally hypothesized, and were almost equal to those that would have been obtained if the 1998 Event Persephone hadn’t occurred. The Temporal Anomalies Department identified a causal link between the events of 1998 and September 13, 2019. The survey showed that the cause occurred in 2019, and the effect in 1998. This unintentionally allowed the Temporal Anomalies Department to solve a mystery that had remained unsolved for many years.

Furthermore, all the Foundation hospitals on these two continents became different buildings.

The Foundation officially declared the occurrence of a CK-class Scenario on October 1, 2019.


At the time, the CK-class Scenario was concealed, and the published The “F” was edited for its release to the public. (p.162→)

This event caused great confusion. The world had become more tolerant of the anomalous, yet these two continents were forced to become ignorant of the anomalous once more. In response, leaders from all over protested violently, saying that “the Foundation had amnesticized the continents”. At the time, ideas of hatred towards the anomalous were popular, as in many cases, these were also ideas of nostalgia. People inspired by these ideas grouped together, talking through the internet and such, and called themselves the “Summer Bird Thought League”. The Summer Bird Thought was particularly popular amongst wealthy people, and many capitalists and celebrities showed distrust for the Foundation. It’s believed that the protests against the Foundation at the time were largely due to the Summer Bird Thought. (p.70→)

Some members of the Summer Bird Thought League consider the African and South American continents to be a holy land, and accelerated a population influx.

The African and South American continents experienced accelerated consumption and rapid economic growth due to this population influx. (p.82→)

Furthermore, the transformation of all Foundation hospitals into different buildings had a huge impact, and for some years, it was not possible to respond to anomalous disease cases. (p.144→)

Editor’s Comments

Today, the world is in even greater chaos. Widening of the wealth gap. Terrorism by the extremist Summer Bird Thought League. The continued increase of Foundation Designated Incurable Diseases. All these issues are difficult to deal with, and will probably continue to do in the future. It’s because of this that we need to study how the world of the past has moved. For example, did you know that Cack Ash is absorbed by vegetation, and accumulates in the human body? This is clear misinformation. This theory was debunked 20 years ago. How was this theory rejected? What’s Cack Ash like in the first place? We explain it in easy terms.

Knowing both the past and the present reduces the chances of being misled by this information. Hold the knowledge in order to live in this unstable world. The world has become too complex to live without knowing anything about it.

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