The First Time when Dr. Tomson was Under Attacked
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Dr. Tomson Niranam just got hired to be the level 2 personnel at Site-29 for a few months ago. Before that, he was the temporary employee at Site-32, and no one told him that he had to face the situation which might end his life. During the time when the Site was raided by unknown terrorists. The alarm was rung for everybody to run to the urgent exit. He lost with others while there was 10 minutes blacking out. He hid under the table while others ran away, and suddenly, there was a spoken sound.

“If they come inside, you take as a bait role, I’ll hit them.”

Tomson was little surprised before he turned to the source of sound. It was no one unless Dr. Famous, the co-worker at the same department. Famous hid under the table with the thick stick contains a lot of nails in his hand. He had never known that there was the thing like this in our department.

“Huh?” Tomson said, “Ah…And why did you stay here?”

“This isn’t the right time to ask. Now, it’s only you and me, and we have to co-operate.”

“What’s the co-operation? Do you have an escape plan?”

“I’ve a plan, but it’s not an escape plan. I’ll hit the invaders and I want you to follow me.”

“No, I’ll hide here and wait for others to help me.”

“You can’t hide here for a long time. They’ll come, find you, and point the gun at you to force you to tell the hidden place of their wanted stuffs. Then, they’ll shoot you.”

“Alright, alright.”

Then, Tomson followed Famous to the walk-through way. At the moment, Famous stopped and his body was closed to the wall.

“Stop! I saw them. There are 3 persons. Oh, they also have the machine guns. I hope that those were made in China.”

Tomson didn’t understand what the man whom he followed said. Since he was walking, there was no enemy appearance or heard anything. Also, he would use the stick to combat with the guns. Oh, I’m gonna be mad.


“Ssh! They are walking to this way.”

“I’m gonna be mad to watch you use the stick to combat with the guns, and I don’t risk my life for something like this.”

“Trust me, I had the experience before you’re enrolled here.”

After a while, there was the sound of footstep. Tomson stayed closed to the wall as if his body was almost melted into it. His heart shook. He never encountered something like this and might blacked out.

“After I finish them, you immediately run to the opposite room. Tom Tom…?”

Famous turned back and didn’t find Tomson stayed there.

Inside the previous office, Tomson stayed at the Head of department as if he would find the urgent button and asked for the help from others. Suddenly, there were two balaclava men walked to this way and saw Tomson. They pointed him with his finger before shot at him. However, Tomson also rapid and dodged into the beside document containing room…where had no exit.

“There is no escape way for you anymore.”

Those people followed Tomson into the room, grabbed his legs then dragged him away. Tomson grabbed the door edge for not easily to be dragged away.

“No no help me, Fa…” Then his hands were away from the door edge, and there was his nail scratch there.

“Tell me the hidden place of this thing or I’ll take out your internal organ!” One of them showed the photo of something to Tomson to let him see, while he was capturing at his neck.

“He might don’t know, kill him then.”

Tomson thought that seemed to be no good and he might not be survived, so he tricked to be blacked out as if they would bring him down.

“This shit blacked out…too heavy.”

Then, Tomson was brought down immediately. His face crushed with the floor. There was a sound which looked like the hit sound, and then be quiet. Or they weren’t interested at him anymore. He felt that there was something poked at his face. It was a thick and rough thing which poked his face for many times.

“Hey, stop tricking dead now. Believe what? You still use this ancient method.”

Tomson opened his eyes and found Famous was poking him at his face with his thick stick. He woke up and hugged Famous’s legs tightly.

“I thought that you left me.”

“Hey, hey, the one whom was left, was actually me.”

“You finished them, you’re a hero!”

“Don’t admire me, I only do my task.”

Tomson stood up and saw those bastards was hit and fall down with the blood on the floor. Famous might hit them non-stop until they died. He turned Famous who kept something on the floor.

“What’s that?”

“No, it’s nothing. I’m hungry.”

“Me, too.”

Both of them arrived at the exit. The locked system of the door was alarmed. The door was slowly opened. There was an armed team at another side.

“Are you safe?”

“Y-Yeah, we’re ok.” Tomson said, “but those inside might not be ok.”

An armed team went into the Site for finished other enemies left. For now, Famous turned to Tomson before went out from the Site.

“Don’t tell this story to anyone. Tell that I followed you for helping you, that’s why I still stayed inside. Otherwise, I would be scolded by my boss. Dr. Ran is recently in a bad mood.”

“Ah…Ok, ok.”

Tomson walked and stopped at the bridge. He reviewed his memory inside that place and seemed to figure out something. They let him to see something, but he couldn’t remember what thing was that. It might be something which was very important. Otherwise, there would be nobody didn’t want it. Alright, he would better pretend that he knew nothing for his security sake.

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