The First Time when Dr. Tomson was Under Attack
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Dr. Tomson Niranam had just been hired as Level 2 personnel at Site-29 a few months ago. Before that, he was only a temporary employee at Site-32, and no one told him that he would have to face a situation which might end his life. Once, the Site was raided by unknown terrorists. The emergency alarm went off, calling for everybody to hurry to the emergency exit. He lost the others during a 10-minute blackout. He hid under a table while others ran away, and then, suddenly, there was a loud voice.

“If they come inside, you play the bait, I'll hit them.”

Tomson flinched a little before he turned to the source of the voice. It was Dr. Famous, his co-worker in the same department. Famous hid under a table with a thick club studded with nails. Tomson never knew they had something like that in his department.

“Huh?” Tomson said, “Ah… And why did you stay here?”

“This isn't the right time to ask. Now, it’s only you and me, and we have to work together.”

“Work together? Do you have an escape plan?”

“I have a plan, but it’s not an escape plan. I'll hit the invaders and I want you to follow me.”

“No, I'll hide here and wait for others to help me.”

“You can't hide here for long. They'll come, find you, and force you to tell them where the stuff they want is contained at gunpoint. Then, they'll shoot you.”

“Alright, alright.”

Tomson followed Famous through the hallway. Suddenly, Famous stopped and pressed his body against the wall.

“Stop! I spotted them. There are three people with machine guns. I hope that those were made in China.”

Tomson did not understand what the man who he followed said. Since he started walking, no enemies had appeared and he had not heard anything. Also, this man was about to use a stick to fight guns. Oh, I'm going to die.


“Ssh! They are coming this way.”

“It would be insane to use a club to fight guns; I don't want to risk my life for something like this.”

“Trust me, I was here long before you arrived.”

Soon, there was the sound of footsteps. Tomson stayed close to the wall as if his body was partly fused with it. His heart throbbed. He never encountered something like this before and was about to black out.

“After I finish them, you immediately run to the opposite room. Tom, Tom…?”

Famous turned back and didn't find Tomson staying there.

Inside the previous office, Tomson stood at the desk of the department head, searching for the emergency button to call for help from outside. Suddenly, two men with balaclavas walked in and saw Tomson. They pointed their fingers at him before they started shooting. However, Tomson dodged fast and fled into the adjacent archive… which had no exit.

“There is no way for you to escape.”

The attackers followed Tomson into the room, grabbed his legs then dragged him out. Tomson grabbed the door frame to not get dragged further.

“No no, help me, Fa…” Then his hands slipped from the door frame, with his nails leaving marks.

“Tell me where this is hidden or I'll rip your guts out!” One of them showed a photo of something to Tomson to let him see what they were talking about, while the other gripped his neck.

“If he doesn't know, just kill him.”

Tomson realized how bad his situation was, and that he probably would not survive, so he pretended to black out so they would let him down.

“This little shit blacked out… he's too heavy.”

Then, Tomson was dropped. His face crashed to the floor. He heard a punching sound and then, silence. Maybe they weren't interested in him anymore. He felt something poking at his face. It was something thick and rough, poking his face many times.

“Hey, stop playing dead already. Unbelievable. You're still using this old trick.”

Tomson opened his eyes and found Famous poking him at his face with his club stick. He got up and hugged Famous' legs tightly.

“I thought you had left me.”

“Hey, hey, the one who was actually abandoned was me.”

“You finished them, you're a hero!”

“Don't flatter me, I'm only doing my job.”

Tomson stood up and saw that those bastards were taken down. There was blood on the floor. Famous must have hit them non-stop until they died. He turned to Famous who looked at something on the floor.

“What's up?”

“No, it's nothing. I'm hungry.”

“Me too.”

Both of them arrived at the exit. They activated the door release system and the door slowly opened. There was an armed team on the other side.

“Are you alright?”

“Y-Yeah, we're ok.” Tomson said, “but inside there might be more.”

An armed team went into the Site to take care of the remaining enemies. For now, Famous turned to Tomson before he went out of the Site.

“Don't tell this story to anyone. Tell that I followed you to help you, that that's why I stayed inside. Otherwise, I would be scolded by my boss; Dr. Ran is in a bad mood recently.”

“Ah… Ok, ok.”

Tomson walked out and stopped at the bridge in front of the site's entrance. He recapitulated his experience inside and seemed to understand something. They forced him to see something, but he couldn't remember what it was. It probably was something very important. Otherwise, nobody would want it. For his safety he would be better pretending he knew nothing.

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