The Foundation, Dissolved
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A Letter from the O5 Council

From: The O5 Council
To: The Entire Foundation Staff

To all Foundation personnel,
For two thousand years, we have been operating clandestinely and worldwide.
We operate to maintain normalcy, so that the worldwide civilian population can live and go on with their daily lives without fear, mistrust, or doubt in their personal beliefs, and to maintain human independence from extraterrestrial, extradimensional, and other extranormal influence.
But now, the world no longer needs us.

For the past two thousand years, we have guarded the Earth against countless crises and threats.
We secured the independence and freedom of humanity from the Toosriers.
We won victory and peace for Earth in the Orion War.
We fought while humanity was expanding.
We assisted in the creation of the Federation of Earth (FOE). We helped the nascent Federation win a series of wars for humanity.
Now, the seed has sprouted.
The Federation of Earth is already strong enough.
The prestige of humanity has spread throughout the galaxy. Countless races eulogize us. Countless races idolize us.
Human civilization has reached its peak at this moment. Our civilization shines among the stars.
The existence of the Foundation is now unnecessary.

There is no longer the need to secure.
Three years ago we lit up the beacon on Earth. For half a million light-years centered on Earth, the Hume levels have been stabilized; there will be no more gods, demons, or reality benders.

There is no longer the need to contain.
The handover of all sites to the Federation has now begun. They have thousands of times more resources than we do. What seems like a tricky problem to us is just a minor charade to them.

There is no longer the need to protect.
A thousand years ago, Solidarity1 departed from the skies of Earth. And even then, we already thought that its strength was as simple and crude as it seemed.
Fifty-four years ago, we destroyed Solidarity in the Sagittarius Arm, ransacking the civilization it was defending at the time.

Now, humanity is no longer a weak race to be protected; we are gods that countless civilizations honor and demons that they fear.

There is no longer a Foundation.

Now here is the common decision of the O5 council:

The Foundation will begin its dissolution immediately. All anomalous objects, technologies, sites and equipment will be transferred to the Federation.

Farewell, containment agents, researchers, security personnel, tactical response teams, field agents and Mobile Task Force members.

We appreciate your labor and company.

Thank you.

SCP Foundation O5 Council
January 1, 4000 AD

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