The Hymn for Lord Bright
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Black moon howling on the wild
Demons flowing under night
Sudden sounds of chimes and laud
Dark clouds shattered in white light

Rays knocks heart in Procedure
Sage stone gleaming Spirit's sight
For time be raised Messiah
Praise in chorus our Lord Bright

With You are Ancesdoctors
Your words be Texts' first chapters
Pagans abandoned wrong faiths
For they had cast disasters
Returned the sheeps to our way
Rebuilt new world together

The day world of reserve were
Falling into great fires
The gate of doomster jumped out
Horsemen who lured predators
Faint cries mixed with cold winds' howl
In dark hid thirsted wanderers

Prayed Haven to pour free rye
Bummed the Pit for banned power
Howbeit in vain do they tried
Worshiping absent guiser
Behold, nothing on those sides
But little swagged gossamer

Who shocked evils per voice's might
Who choped dark veil back to white
In your love we all relive
Again to praise our Lord Bright

Tempted by devil, Saints braved more
Thence banded red dragon from herds
In preach unrolling papers
Eyes are fastened on shepherds
In rule of Fifth-Cardiwners
Arch-Areas go upward

Hearing true lores in lectures
Every one awoke deep
Prostrating in belectures
Competing to be your sheep
When all sinners been raptured
Then Spirit would fall asleep

Pray for mercy never go astray
Excuse ship from fire lake
Pray for wisdom ever in a stay
Grant canons to mend cleft bake

With your Words promised land done
In your faith we serve each site
May pile human's flames as Sun
Aways we praise our Lord Bright

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Though the Jailors' ideologies are wrong, their attainment on gastronomy is deep. The leader of Jaliors drink the wine symbolizing the blood that their false god Lord Bright had spilt for its people, then sprinkle pure salt onto the bread symbolizing the false god's sacrifice, finally decorate with chopped spring onion, break and share among people at the morning assembly. I tried a piece, and yes, the sacrifice of the false god is definitely tasty as I thought.

Ah, I've almost forgotten about taking the necklace that their bishop hung onto the cross——the Jailors firmly believed that by mass producing imitations of the object where their false god rests, they can spread his powers throughout every corners of the world. This would have been admirable if there hadn't been any sorcery of mind affection inside. The Jailors have to let the first beam of sunlight in the morning shine on the ruby on the necklace, perhaps to recharge or something like that. There are rumours that the ruby is a socerer's stone produced by the Church's Alchemy Department, and further investigation is required.

————————Serpent's Hand, Zok

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