'Endlessly Adapting Lizard' (6GJQG/JT8XH/WOBU2)

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Status Sold (Not retrievable)
Demand Medium
Value 500,000 GBP
Availability Unique
Identifier Endlessly Adapting Lizard
Description A lizard that adapts and changes to fit its environment. Feeding is possible, but not necessary, and with its small size1 it is good a pet. Also has high intelligence.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
Initial Report
Author Amos Marshall Date April 18th, 1993
Interest Low Identifier Endlessly Adapting Lizard
Some guy who didn't give his name came and donated this product with a few lines of explanation. It looks like an ordinary lizard, but we did some experiments on this lizard based on what the anonymous donator said. It looks like it has surprising regenerative capabilities and can change and adapt to its environment. So, I think it'll be sold at quite a price.

I thought of producing endless meat by exploiting its regeneration, but Carter said it tastes like garbage to the point where it makes you vomit, so I'm having second thoughts on that idea. Personally, it might be useful for torture.
File Opened Under: 6GJQG/JT8XH/WOBU2
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
Sale Records 01
Records From: June 5th, 1993 Location London
Auctioneer Walter Soreno Item Endlessly Adapting Lizard
Listing This lizard might seem like a small, cute lizard, but its power is not. It doesn't require food and has regenerative abilities alongside with the ability to adapt to its environment, so you'll be able to handle it as you see fit. If you want a cute pet, keep giving affection to it, and if you want a strong reptilian bodyguard, teach it a few exercises. This lizard has high intelligence, so it will know whatever you want from it and adapt accordingly. Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP does not take responsibility for damages caused by inadequate raising.
Name Bid Comments
Alfredo Dekha 510,000 GBP
Left Alto 520,000 GBP Proxy buyer for an anonymus organization
Alfredo Dekha 550,000 GBP
Indé Cardo 600,000 GBP MC&D bid raiser to increase cost.
Gen Wilton 700,000 GBP
Alfredo Dekha 710,000 GBP
Gen Wilton 750,000 GBP
Indé Cardo 800,000 GBP MC&D bid raiser to increase cost.
Gen Wilton 1,000,000 GBP Winner of auction.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
Call log 01
Gen Wilton/Ruprecht Carter
Recorded from: 1994/6/23 10:13 - 10:20
User Message
Gen Wilton Is this Ruprecht Carter?
Ruprecht Carter This is him. Who is this disturbing my precious morning?
Gen Wilton I'm the guy who got a lizard about this time last year. I have something to ask.
Ruprecht Carter You should have contacted our consulting agents first.
Gen Wilton I did, but the guy kept telling me that "MC&D does not hold responsibility" over and over again, so I called you directly out of frustration.
Ruprecht Carter Then I have nothing to add to that. MC&D does not hold the responsibility for the damage the product caused. Have a good da-
Gen Wilton Hold on for a second. The lizard kept increasing in size until it became tens, no, hundreds of times bigger than it first was. I didn't contact you because of its size, of course. I can afford enough space to keep that thing. The problem is that it constantly tries to run away. It's grown too big and dodges bullets, so it's harder to keep it in.
Ruprecht Carter Hmm, bigger, you say? Did you ever hurt or kill the lizard by any chance?
Gen Wilton Kill? Why would I? If I killed it, how can it be still alive? I trained it occasionally to make it listen to me.
Ruprecht Carter I'm not sure if you know this, but the lizard adapts to its environment.
Gen Wilton Of course, I know. That's why I trained it.
Ruprecht Carter "Adaptation" means gaining strength to protect itself, not having masochistic tendencies, Mr Gen Wilton. It's a pity that you didn't lock it in a glass cage. It could have been quite an adorable creature.
Gen Wilton Wait a moment, Mr Carter. I just heard the lizard esca-[Sound of breaking wood] Oh shi- [A jumble of multiple screams and screeching] … [Chewing sounds]
Ruprecht Carter Lizard? It's been a long time. How do you like that meat?
(Unidentifiable) Awfully delicious. It almost makes me forget my hundreds of deaths after I came here.
Ruprecht Carter That's relieving. Your meat tasted terrible.
(Unidentifiable) You disgust me.
Call terminated
Log End.
Incident report 01
Author Amos Marshall Date June 23rd, 1994
The item escaped from Gen Wilton's private territory killing Gen Wilton and all 12 others who were living in the house and fled. After that, it killed about 150 civilians, was captured by the Mobile Task Force of the Foundation and moved there. The foundation seems to have contained it, designating it as SCP-682.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
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