The Mighty Translation Initiative

May 1st, 2023. You are almost asleep, buried deep into the safety of your weighted blanket. After spending all the evening behind your computer, working on a particularly difficult translation, it is pleasant to get some well-deserved rest. The INT wiki is an enticing mistress, but you need your hours of sleep nonetheless.

Suddenly, you are awakened by a smell both unknown and unknowable. It is sweet, rich, fascinating… somehow wordy as well? You open your eyes and turn around, only to see that the center of your bedroom is now occupied by some kind of supernatural rift. Besides your bed sits a gigantic cauldron, filled with a bubbling mixture which seems to be the source of the smell. Though it is a concrete substance, it appears to be a mix of… words, stories? You can both hear and feel cries, songs, atmospheres and characters throughout time and space. You lean over the pot to get a better look, and… Is that right? You recognize the very SCP stories you have been reading or translating all these years. Lore from your branch. Lore from other branches. Even your own works are in there!

The cauldron begins to speak. Though it does not have a mouth, you can hear its words very clearly. It says that it is far from being full. It wants you to fill it up. But… with what?

"Lore. Lore from you. Lore from everywhere. I want more lore. I need more lore. I know it is out there, but in a language I cannot comprehend, for I only understand English. Therefore, I want you to translate it for me."

"Whatever for?"

"That, I cannot yet say. The recipe shall remain a secret for now. But if you contribute enough, if you fill me up to the brim with delicious stories from every language on this Earth, then I will reveal to you my secret."

"Your secret?"

"Yes. My my secret. I promise that if you prove yourself worthy, you will not be disappointed. For now, go, translator! Do your best, show me your talent!"

The Rules

For the entire duration of this Initiative, every translation you post on the INT wiki will earn you points, depending on the type of the translated page:

  • SCPs, tales and other regular articles are worth 1 point each;
  • seminars, pages with the orientation tag and tales that introduce a reusable and recurrent element of lore are worth 2 points;
  • MTF, GoI or Canon hubs, as well as facility dossiers, are worth 3 points.

In the case of collaborative translations, all translators receive points.

You can register by adding yourself in the table below (the Mighty Chef Register) as soon as you qualify for at least one point.

  • 1st column: your Wikidot username.
  • 2nd column: the links to all your translations that are worth at least one point.
  • 3rd: your total score.

Please do not edit other users' scores. If you spot any errors, either in the links or scores, please contact the organizers on Wikidot (Dr LekterDr Lekter, CauchynambourCauchynambour, ReyasReyas) or Discord (Lekter#1551, Sanxws#8146, Reyas#8692).

Looking for feedback on translations? Feel free to join the INT Discord!

ONLY TRANSLATIONS THAT ARE RANKED o, oo OR ooo WILL COUNT TOWARDS THE SCORES! If any of your translations posted for this initiative get re-evaluated as oooo, the organizers reserve the right to remove the translation from the mighty chef register and update your score accordingly. Likewise, if you correct one of your oooo translations so that it gets re-evaluated as ooo, you may add them back to the register and update your score.

The purpose of this initiative is to increase the amount of international documents and information available on INT so that the upcoming Kitchen Nightmares can occur in the best conditions.

The initiative is over! Congratulations to the winners!

Final ranking

The Mightiest Lore Chef and current owner of the Mighty Lore Chef's Hat is:


with an impressive score of:

100 Points

Congratulations! You can now brag about this very elegant golden chef's hat in your local neighbourhood.

The Mighty Lore Cook and current owner of the Lore Pan is:

Roberto TuratiRoberto Turati

with an impressive score of:

96 Points

Congratulations! You can now clobber your family with this silver pan during your free time.

The Mighty Lore Kitchen apprentice in Chief and current owner of the Lore Pasta Strainer is:

Dr OreDr Ore

with an impressive score of:

50 Points

Congratulations! Your head is now protected at all times by this very resistant bronze pasta strainer.

And to all our aspiring cooks:

User Translated pages (number of points) Score
EthanHansonEthanHanson SPC-ES-330 (1), Tiemalilla ~ Damsel of Destiny, SCP-ES-218, Dr. Valeker's Conference On MTF Operations, AcuaCon-2022, Report on the Cult of the Great Green God, Welcome Seminar - S-E-K Session, The Trinity of Lacks, The Lookout, Project Proposal 2024-111: Global Warming made it Easier to Break the Ice, The Corpse Storage, The Queen of Nothing - Hub, Urban Exploration at my City's Subway, Let's Have a Drink, We Really Need It, SCP* EMERGENCY STATEMENT, A Very Real Dream, Meeting Table, Tableo and Chaiet, SCP-ES-254, SCP-ES-028, Follow-Up Seminar - Personnel Levels and Classes Session, SCP-ES-214, Jokes' Day Hub, Christmas Dreams, SCP-ES-305-J, The (No) Silence Zone, Memories from the Deep, Critter Profile: Yerko!, FOOTSTEPS, SCP-ES-219, I Died Consumed, I Came Back Wiggling My Ears, The Last Night Before the Beginning, Nobody's Queens, One of the Spider's Eight Eyes, Area-11, SCP-ES-085, 023-It's Not Fair..., Critter Profile: Levi!, The Antarctic Christmas of Gauss, Castillo and Cygnus, SCP-ES-057, SCP-ES-022, Flowers for Valentine's Day, A Nice Cup of Tea, Nobody tries Pastel de Choclo and Incidentally sees a Train Falling from the Sky, v.Er D-2365, A Glass Of Water, Returning Home, SCP-093-CS, The Well-Beloved Daughter, Someone With Many Skills, The Cave between Dimensions, Project: Amerika No Shokuminchi, 1983, On Borges Park, The Man, SHRP Database, A Quiet Challenge at Site-34, Christmas Short Tales Contest, Doctor Azad's Brief Notes on the Book of Echidna, GoI-ES Contest 2017, Contest: Ideas for an SCP Article, SCP-823-JP, Holiday Contest 2022, An Old Winter, Subterranean Con 2021, SCP-ES-226, Short Tales Contest 2018, GoI Contest 2020, Exploration Contest 2019, Halloween Contest, Project Proposal 2024-036: "Suck my dick", SCP-ES-4991-J, SCP-ES-TOK-J, Extended SCP-ES-122 Test Log, Eagerness to Work, SCP-ES-2357-J, Seventh Anonymous Donation, Backdoor, Official Short Tales Contest 2015, Frequency Sounds 100
Roberto TuratiRoberto Turati First of March, SCP-151-IT, SCP-137-IT, SCP-106-IT, SCP-004-IT, SCP-005-IT, Duty, CFO Hub (3), SIR-II Orientation (2), SPeV-II Orientation (2), SSM-X Orientation (2), Site Asclepio Orientation, Introduction (2), Site Deus Recruit Orientation (2), Site Nettuno Recruit Orientation (2), Personnel of the Italian Branch, Second Superintendent, Seventh Superintendent, Eighth Superintendent, Eleventh Superintendent, Arianna Contadi, Camilla Cortellesi, Lavinia Fiorentino, Luigi Foriani, Michela Marchetti, Gianfranco Rinaldi, Rachele Siciliani, Elia Contadi, Hannah Planieri, Aurora Gemelli, Francesco Galeazzo, Leonardo Costa, Domenico Iriarte, Niceto Livi, Emilia Lombardi, Elia Moretti, Giulia Rossetti, SCP-140-IT, SCP-139-IT, SCP-141-IT, Log of the Italian Paranormal Events, SCP-050-IT Contest, SCP-051-IT Contest, IT Summer Contest 2020, IT Halloween Contest 2020, IT Anniversary Contest 2021, IT Summer Contest 2021, IT Halloween Contest 2021, IT Fifth Anniversary Contest, IT Summer Contest 2022, IT Halloween Contest 2022, XIMON'S LURKONTEST - First Work!, Log of the Italian Inexplicable Locations 96
Dr OreDr Ore FTCm - Model Series A/B/C, Lost and Found, Part 1, Lost and Found, Part 2, Theia, SCP-250-DE, Facility Dossier Site-DE2, Facility Dossier Site-DE3, Facility Dossier Site-DE5, Facility Dossier Site-DE7, Facility Dossier Site-DE9, Facility Dossier Site-DE12, Facility Dossier Site-DE13, Facility Dossier Site-DE15, Facility Dossier Site-DE16, Facility Dossier Site-DE19, Facility Dossier Site-DE24, Facility Dossier Site-DE25, Data sheet: KIRA, Personnel File: O4-12, SCP-050-DE, Scranton's Fate 50
tetsusquaredtetsusquared Air Land Rhapsody Hub, SCP-CN-2169, Transcription Malfunctioned Hub, SCP-3199-JP, SCP-3192-JP, SCP-3101-JP, SCP-3211-JP, SCP-3393-JP, SCP-3401-JP, SCP-3601-JP, SCP-3714-JP, SCP-3072-JP, SCP-3096-JP, SCP-3008-JP, SCP-3823-JP, SCP-3939-JP, SCP-3309-JP, SCP-3994-JP, Secure Facility Dossier: Site-CN-16, Secure Facility Dossier: Site-CN-60, Area-CN-05, Anticulture, SCP-CN-1969, Memeism Hub 34
Maxyfran73Maxyfran73 Shadows Seeking the Grail Hub, SCP-163-JP, SCP-2616-JP, SCP-032-JP, SCP-771-JP, 55°06' S, 67°40' W, Absinthe Dreams Hub, SCP-801-JP, The Taste of Memories, SCP-2072-JP, SCP-ES-197, Kwana's Proposal - The Bridge, poorFoundation Hub 19
la kanrola kanro Mirror Flashpoint Hub (3), SCP-CN-DEEPL-J (1), Alzheimer's Hub (3), The Hospital Hub (3), Novalu's Picture Album (1) (1), Department of Logic Hub (3), Demarcators of the Frontiers Hub (3) 17
JerdenJerden Basic Aetheric Informatics and its Applications (2), GRANT REQUEST FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF AN UNDERGROUND TRAIN NETWORK (2), Task Forces of the Germanophone Foundation (Update) (3), A Lecture on Psionics, Part 1 (2), A Lecture on Psionics, Part 2 (2) 11
AlwaidAlwaid PATAPOUF (3), Archives of the Saint Claude of the Parish Foundation (1), Reading recommendations (3) 7
C-DivesC-Dives SCP-289-JP (1), Adoption Poster: Milo! (1), Japanese Anomalous Groups Peace and Amity Treaty Organization Hub (3), SCP-3228-JP (1), SCP-3332-JP (1) 7
HerollesHerolles PATAPOUF (3), Reading recommendations (3) 6
ReyasReyas PATAPOUF (3) 3
KirQKirQ SCP-050-VN (1), SCPFVN's Artwork (1), SCP-111-VN (1) 3
Henry Von KartoffenHenry Von Kartoffen PATAPOUF (3) 3
OlyasOlyas PATAPOUF (3) 3
morhadowmorhadow SCP-ES-167 (1), A Boring Day At Work (1), A Masquerade Ball (1) 3
Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini Almarduk's Proposal (1), SCP-ES-217 (1) 2
Einer von RabeEiner von Rabe A Stands for "Anfang" or Something Like This, Strange Things Happen on Quiet Days; In the Nameless Forest 2
Nya PieceNya Piece SCP-069-VN (1), SCP-111-VN (1) 2
Irina BougainvilleaIrina Bougainvillea SCP-101-VN (2) 2
RigballRigball SCP-026-VN (1) 1
DeptDept The Poet Faces The Sun Falling Down (1) 1
RedEyeMikeyyRedEyeMikeyy SCP-100-VN (1) 1
Ichne-BebopIchne-Bebop See Naples and Die (1) 1
Dawn of AshDawn of Ash SCP-1229-RU (1) 1
LemonsenseLemonsense SPC-025-PT (1) 1
Mang GwanMang Gwan SCP-ZH-220 (1) 1
Agent TruthAgent Truth Sand & Ash (1) 1

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