The Originator Hub

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We are the Originators of each other’s lives.

I will be holding your hand as we walk into our long-awaited grave together.

It was someday in the 21st century. An anomalous flash of lightning struck a building in the suburbs of Beijing, giving a newborn strong but absurd reality-altering abilities. His home was destroyed, his fate changed, and he himself used by others in strifes of powers and authorities.

And the child met his life mentor Aria in times of doubt and perplexity.

Although she was diagnosed with cancer, Aria did the best to give him the love and care of a mother, and he hoped more and more to return her favor. Finally, he was bold enough to ask Aria about her wish, and she answered:

“I wish to have eternal life.”

Will her wish become reality?
What was the cause of the mysterious lightning?
Can the inevitability of life and death be altered?
How would Aria and he change the lives of each other?
And how would their lives end?

The story unfolds.

Photo Credit: Dr. Aria Bird, Ex-Foundation Researcher, At the 10/21 Incident.


Table of Contents


1988 - 2054
1988 - 2023
1988 - 2019

“I will pierce through the Black Moon’s heart with pike and spear. And I will not regret it.”


1988 - 2018

The cocoon restraining him glowed purple. He tried to resist, but his efforts were futile.


1988 - 2004

“Those things I never dared to do.”


1988 - Present

“All units be advised: 10/21 Incident is imminent. All personnel, man your stations!”


2004 - 2084

Your loyal project manager, Aria.aic.

Postscripts, and Addenda


Death and Us

The Endless Labyrinth

Our lives are like an endless labyrinth. How much of it have you explored?

The Eternal Atrium

Patio; Patio; Patio.


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