SCP-CN-1000 Contest: Prologue
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This is a calm but not peaceful day at Site-CN-58.
Researcher Domain dragged his exhausted body back to his dilapidated hut. At this time, even the heavy traffic disappeared outside the window. Occasionally, a few cars roared by, and then the silence returned. Although Foundation employees often worked overtime, it was the first time for Domain not to get home until midnight. There is no overtime pay, and no year-end bonus. If this continues, I may not even be able to afford anti-hair loss shampoo, Domain thought.
Even though he was too tired to keep his eyes open, Domain forced himself to run through the events of today or yesterday in his mind. Continuing control, containment, and protection as always, if there is any difference, it should be that the number of numbered anomalies in the Chinese branch has reached 999—if you don’t count those few people can see, I don’t know if it’s true or not 001 words. Then a certain O5 specially delivered a speech in the Chinese branch, no, no, no, how could O5 show up in person, it should be said, "A certain O5 who used antimeme to cover up his face and changed his voice recorded A video of a speech requires all employees of the Chinese branch to watch and swear after watching that they will give their lives for the prosperity of the Chinese branch of the SCP Foundation and the safety of human beings."
Heinous bureaucracy. Gan. After muttering a curse, Domain fell asleep.

The employees of the foundation have weekends, but the abnormality will not stop appearing just because the researchers are on vacation, so in order to ensure that there are people working on the site every day, the time of the weekends of each employee is also different, and important personnel such as the site director The position is basically open all year round, so even if Domain was called to the site at 5:00 am on his weekends and he still has dark circles under his eyes that two people who don't know think he went to dig coal, he still Don't complain to Dr. Strike, the Acting Director of Site-CN-58, who frowns.
"Something has happened." Dr. Strike knew that his brows were frowned enough to kill a fly. This sentence sounds funny, but the situation is not.
"I just checked the personnel information on the site and found that the number of low-level personnel - that is, those who do not include those in leadership - has almost doubled overnight. Their files just appeared in the database out of thin air .”
Domain is also aware of the seriousness of the problem: "Infiltration of related organizations?"
Dr. Strike typed like flying hands, and said, "Not like. Because I found out that almost everything in Site-CN-58 has been doubled. Empty containment chambers, funds, amnestics, Scranton reality anchors , and D-class personnel. Except for anomalies and salaries. Almost all resources conducive to containment protection have been increased."
Domain is not in the mood to discuss salary and benefits with him right now: "Small-scale CK-class reality reconstruction? Does this happen to other sites?"
"I just asked, and there are a few sites where this happens, but more reports focus on a few anomalies that are extremely difficult to contain and will probably be kept secret later. Station 34 has no time to check this situation , I heard that they discovered the entity of the Brutus-level Creator God, Bijia Mountain is said to have been bombed again, and the deduction department is also a mess, but you also know that their situation is a mess for laymen like us Mess. Not much activity at the pataphysics at HQ."
"If it's so serious…it needs to be reported to the O5 Council immediately."
Dr. Strike, as if he had just blown a bottle of Class B amnestics, asked with a puzzled look: "Report? Report what?"
"What to report? Of course it is to report…"
Words that were supposed to come out of my mouth got stuck in my mouth and disappeared without a trace, followed by the abnormal increase of Site-CN-58 facilities, Brewster-class Creator entities at Station 34, containment breach at Station 71 and [DATA EXPUNGED] from the Deduction Department , the whole morning's conversation had left no trace in Domain's mind except for a slight headache.
"Nothing, I remember wrong."
"Let me just say, look at you, with two big and scary dark circles under your eyes, and coming to work so early on weekends, I'm afraid your head is twitching."
"I hit you! And what about my overtime pay?"
The office of the acting director of Site-CN-58 is full of cheerful air again.

O5-9 stretches after processing the sea of documents.
The staff of the foundation often fantasize about what kind of fairy life the O5s live. They always think that they have soaked in the fountain of youth and taken the panacea. Shake three times.
O5-9 also thought so back then. Who knows that after climbing to the throne of O5 through untold hardships, 90% of the content they face every day is all kinds of weird applications. SCP-███, I'm afraid I'm going to have a nervous breakdown sooner or later.
With a rare moment of free time, O5-9 naturally remembered the meeting a few days ago.

"The number of anomalies contained in the Chinese branch is close to 1,000."
"Is it going to start again, it's really troublesome."
"Then I will leave this matter to you, Nine. I have already sent you the document, which contains specific steps. After all, you are the person in charge of the Chinese branch."
"Okay. Let me see… 'triggered amnestic meme'? Why do we have this? Why do we need amnestics when we have this? Or the other way around. "
"Look, Nine, we don't know the origin of this thing either, it existed when the first SCP-X000 event happened, and it turns out to be the most cost-effective way to neutralize its effects. Until there is an effective solution, we can only do this. Dismiss the meeting."

What an autocratic O5-1… Thinking so, O5-9 opened the "O5 access only" file again.

Item Number:SCP-X000
Object Class:Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: When the number of numbered anomalies in the headquarters/a branch is close to a thousand, the person in charge of the headquarters/the branch should record a speech video and implant SCP-X000-1 in it, and All employees of this department/division are requested to watch this video in order to eliminate the subsequent effects of SCP-X000.
Description:SCP-X000 is an anomalous phenomenon occurring at Foundation headquarters and branches. When the number of abnormal numbers owned by the headquarters/a branch is close to a thousand, the resources owned by the headquarters/the branch will increase abnormally1, the amount of growth is about the amount of resources owned by the headquarters/this branch when the number of anomalies with numbered numbers is 1000. At the same time, several high-threat level anomalies will appear in the headquarters/division's jurisdiction, and such anomalies usually require high permissions to browse their files after containment. It should be noted that the head office/division employees are able to perceive such changes.
SCP-X000-1, also known as the "Triggered Amnestic Meme", is currently only capable of neutralizing SCP-X000's subsequent effects on Foundation personnel. Source unknown. The working principle is unknown. When an employee of headquarters/the branch perceives a change caused by SCP-X000, if they have watched the video implanted with SCP-X000-1, they will not perceive the change.

To my colleagues:
If you are reading this file, then congratulations, the resources of the headquarters or a branch will increase again. To be honest, we don't know the source of this file, so we can only tell you about the old things.
At some point in the past, the number of anomalies contained in this headquarters reached 1,000. We didn't care about it at first, until one day Twelve discovered that the resources at the Foundation's disposal had doubled overnight.
Then within a few days, we found the chrysalis, the little green man, a certain millennium tree and several Keters, the Bigfoot was witnessed by civilians, and one legendary creature after another appeared before our eyes. This file, along with SCP-X000-1, also appears in Foundation databases.
Originally this matter was insignificant, but panic spread among the employees of the Foundation. Countless reports flew to the O5 Council like a snowflake, and various gossip spread like wildfire, and many of them could be called Absurd remarks, such as "the end is coming, the foundation will usher in its demise", "the legend has become a reality, and the abnormality is normal", a certain mentally disturbed director actually released the SCP of the entire site, plus several GOIs With pressure from outside, the Foundation is in jeopardy.
It's unbelievable, yes, we also felt unbelievable at the time. In desperation, we found a few people to test the effect of SCP-X000-1, and it was not bad. There is no need to talk about the next thing.
Listen, my colleagues, whoever directs this, we have no choice but to move forward with the script that has been written. We have come to a new era, so we must do something new. We will also welcome new anomalies, so we must have new resources and means. That being the case, why not let this anomaly help us?
Perhaps we will become stronger.
Then humanity will have the next thousand anomalies.
Containment, Containment, CorrectionProtection

- O5-1

O5-9 frowned, remembering the rumor that O5-1 was a low-hume individual.
Forget it, go to bed quickly.
By the way, I have to ask the security department to check again in a few days, and I always feel that someone is staring at me.

"Narrative revision completed?"

"Well, that O5-1 is really good, not as tough as some guy riding a tuatara, and we end up having to wipe his ass. But that 'triggered amnestic meme' I made up was so effective It was unexpected."

"The expansion work is basically completed, and it should be open after the competition. But… O5-9 seems to be aware of our existence."

"Leave him alone, we still have business to do."

The management of the SCP Foundation website looked at their child, ah no, the Foundation's homepage, and showed a relieved smile.

SCP-CN-1000 Contest, started.

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