The Commune of Prosperity
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"The Commune of Prosperity" is the only ruling party of the country. The leaders of The Commune, as well as hundreds and thousands of members, contribute their blood and flesh to the foundation and construction of this country.

All of the commune members should have great faith and respect for The Commune and its four leaders. Fight bravely against the enemy of the Commune and those traitors who try to divide our country. Those who fight for the Commune and country should fully dedicate their life and will to it, and be fully loyal to the Commune.

Introduction of all Apartments of the Commune of Prosperity:

Apartment of Political Affairs

In order to maintain stabilized and united for cohesion, the Commune rule the country with Totalitarianism inside and use Militarism for expanding the borders and having an unstoppable war of invasion (or protection) outside. To be practical, the masses never have chances to know the specific war object, and as a matter of fact, from the conclusion of geography observation, the Commune might be the only country left on the world. Even though all of the masses have to pay 80 percent of their Labor income as tax for soldiers’ pay and provision, and the action of evading or even against paying taxes would be consider as treason to the Commune.

All affairs about warfare and armaments are leaded by one of the four leaders, General B·Kondraki.

Apartment of Justice

The constitution of the Commune lay a foundation on the aphorism: The Commune is the whole nation; the nation is the entire world. Those against the Commune have no rights to live on. The legal system of the Commune is extremely harsh, and the main accusation is to be convicted of "Guilt of Crossover", with all the actions below being considered as this kind of accusation (including but not limited to):

  • Being in favor of any people, anything more than loving the Commune.
  • Being doubtful towards, or even against the creeds, policies, and actions of the Commune.
  • Having unrealistic ideals that the power of the unknown might have the ability to pass beyond the Commune.
  • Having any kinds of ideologies that the Commune does not agree with or ideologies that do not belong to it.

Anyone who breaks the law with the conviction of "Guilt of Crossover" will be adjudged by the Chief Justice, the punishment will be sentenced by the "Stone of Justice" that being held by the Chief.
The Apartment of Justice is led by one of the four leaders, Justice J·Bright.

Apartment of Economics

With no private enterprise in the entire country, all kinds of productions will be produced by the "Machine of Prosperity". People aged between 18 and 68 who haven’t yet joined the army must work by the machine, with the working time of 300 hours per month, in order to fulfill the only objective: to keep the "Machine of Prosperity" working properly. The "Machine of Prosperity" is a huge brass-made machine and the job is divided into parts with several groups working together: "Group for Engine-Oiling", "Group for Forging", "Group for Grinding", "Group for Installing", "Group for Powering." The management of the Machine is supervised by the Chief Manager, one of the four leaders, Official C·O·Gears.

Apartment of Culture

The education, journalism and cultural work of the nation are led by the "Library." Children aged between 5 and 18 must leave their parents and study in the "Library", with the content being considered as confidential. The Commune publishes the Newspaper of True monthly, which tells people about the development of the country and warfare abroad. The nation regularly publishes literary books on the topic of medicine, geography and natural science. All of the information that comes out of the "Library" is absolutely-true : doubting the "Library" will be considered the same as doubting the Commune. The Librarian of the "Library" is one of the four leaders, Sir A·Clef.

Secure the thoughts.

Contain the criminals.

Protect the people.

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