To the Unknowing People on the Other Side of the Veil
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"… So it's really that."

In the United Nations headquarters in New York State, the United Nations Secretary-General took a call from a certain person.

"Uh huh. It's the same as the information we'd got before. In less than a month from now, the world will end," the Vice-Director of the Global Occult Coalition, "Veena", said calmly.

"In that case, what will that… Foundation do? It's their thing, right? They should be doing something about it."

The SCP Foundation. Even as the head of the entire United Nations, he knew almost nothing about that mysterious organization. If they used all their anomalous artifacts and technology, they should be able to easily avoid even the end of the world.

"Yes. Even though we don't have the actual details, there is a plan in progress. If this succeeds, the world will be saved."

While her words brought some reassurance, a singular doubt emerged.

"… If that's the case, why did they tell you and me about this? If there is a plan to save the world already in motion, wouldn't it be better to keep it secret, rather than telling the whole world about the danger?"

The Foundation was a global organization, its scope unthinkably large. To the UN, they seemed like they could do anything. There must have been some meaning behind wanting to break the news to the world.

"I'm sure it wouldn't matter if the actual carrying out of the project was left to us and the Foundation. Not to mention it would be difficult for ordinary people like you to help at all."

"So why?"

The voice on the other end of the phone interrupted.

"For the project to continue, the Veil can and must be broken. If not, the project can't succeed, or so they said."

She paused for a moment.

"Taking advantage of the chaos, there will be violence and many other problems. Normally it's not something I'd care about, but if it interferes with the plans—"

"The world will end."

She answered without waiting for the words.

"Yes. In addition to progressing the project, we need to defend against those who would wish to distrup it. It's far too much work for just us to do.

"So what do we do?" she asked, doubting it.

"I understand that the project is already underway. But could you give me a little more information?"

At this point, there wasn't much information. The other end of the line didn't answer, so she kept talking.

"Here, we use a different method to protect the human race. We are the guardians of humanity, and as such, we can't possibly work with such little information. I understand it's a threat to the whole world. So—"
"I understand now," she interrupted.

"We, too, are responsible for keeping you in the dark. However, we can't possibly tell you this information."

"— As such."

She took a deep breath and continued.

"If you pledge to help us, only then can we tell you more useful information."

If you desire knowledge to protect the world, assist us in our cause.

The unspoken meaning of those words.
"Can I… Can I trust your organization?"

The words that came out were rather cliched.

"Yes. You, like us, are protectors of the world. You are no longer left in the dark."

"— So. Let's save the world together."

Having said that, she hung up.

In the suddenly-quiet room, the leader of international society thought about what she should do.

The ticking of the second hand of the clock on the wall resounded.

"And next up: After a group calling itself the "SCP Foundation" announced the end of the world, at 9 am this morning local time, the Secretary-General of the United Nations made an official speech to all nations, UN members or not."

5.4 million years ago, an animal made its appearance on the African continent. The oldest hominids, they did not have pointed teeth, strong flesh, or sharp claws.

But, by their intelligence, they produced tools, made fire, built civilization, and through that they thrived up till today. That history has plenty of unknowns, and it can be said that it may not happen again.

But think about if that historyhad never happened. When Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, he made many of the indigenous people slaves. But without him, the bastion of freedom and democracy that is the United States may not have existed. If not for two World Wars, we might not have developed the airplanes that connect the world today.

All of our history connects to the present, and onwards to the future. We cannot stop the progression of time.

Recently, an organization calling itself the Foundation announced that the world will end in one month. You may not believe it, but this is reality. They have been protecting us from many paranormal objects, which we could dismiss as "unbelievable", so that we can continue to walk in this present world that connects to the future.

They are now making progress on a certain project to stop the world from ending. It is not an easy task, but for them, it is something they will complete. Even then, they are merely humans, and there is a limit to what they can do. If something were to happen to interfere with the project, the world might just end up being destroyed.

There are people who will fall into despair upon hearing the world will end. I understand that very well. But, it is too early to give up. Even the slightest bit of assistance may prove the difference between survival and defeat, and though we may have something to give, that something may not be of much use.

Even so.

We cannot just sit here and wait for the world to end. To make their work easier, we should let them focus on their plan.

We are powerless. Their power may not even be enough. But, at the least, we know. We must protect our world, our history, our future.

To conclude, I would like to use the same words the Foundation representatives, the O5 Council, said in their speech.



We must tell every last human. As the protectors of humanity, the protectors of the world.

27 days to game over.

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