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The word "Fakuva", the name the Theians gave to their own species. Depicted using the symbols of the Theian universal alphabet. Accurate phonetic rendition not possible.

The world of the anomalous has known for quite a while about special objects made of unbreakable stone and crystal, whose creators are not known to anyone except a few insiders who are silent on the subject. What is known is that all of these objects were found in regions where volcanic activity was or still is occurring. Despite their rather simple-looking components and materials, the objects have remarkable anomalous properties that are employed by those who know how to use them or suppressed by those who fear them.

Opinions about the creators of these artifacts vary widely. Some say it was a civilization that perished. Others believe they came from some kind of lifeform living inside the Earth. And still others think they are the work of extraterrestrials. The funny thing is, they are all right somewhere.

Before the Earth existed, there was a planet called Theia orbited by two moons in its place, but it was destroyed by a calamity and replaced by our planet. Theia, at the time of its demise, however, was home to an advanced silicon-based lifeform that perished along with its planet. Some of its artifacts, however, survived inside the Earth for eons until their reemergence, in the age of humans.

And with them, an ancient threat stirs between the stars, trying to come home…

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