Theory of Innocence
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  • SCP-CN-002 is a highly developed sociological theory involving the most advanced theory and technology in many fields, proposed by Professor F████ ██ (deceased) at the age of 106. The author typically referred to it as the "Theory of Innocence", a succinct name for the fruit of sixty years of his work (beginning in 1976), comprising over 27,301 pages of highly specific theory including experiment logs. Simply put, this theory uses the concept of all human behavior possessing an innate "order-obedience". The total sum of the order-obedience of all of one person's actions is known as their "behavioral entropy". As a person's behavioral entropy increases, they become more and more likely to disobey "order"; conversely, as it decreases, they become more and more likely to obey "order". Through analysis of large tracing studies, Professor F████ ██ discovered that a person's behavioral entropy can be very precisely confirmed by two factors: one is the "G index", determined by a set of features in the person's genome, and the other is the "E index", obtained from the mathematical model created by Professor F████ ██ to analytically assess the environmental "cognitive manipulation events" (referred to as E-coherent operations) a person encounters in their lifetime. Following some mathematical processing, these two indices can be combined to produce the behavioral entropy, the "S index". Large-scale investigation has revealed that there is a critical value of the S index, which when exceeded is associated with the human subject intentionally committing a criminal offense with over 99% probability, and when not exceeded is conversely associated with a 99% probability of not committing a crime.
  • After publishing the paper, Professor F████ ██ was arrested for the unethical and inhumane experiments detailed within, and died while being admitted due to old age.

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