Overture of 4K:From Now On and Forever
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In lower pomerania is the diamond mountain

which is two miles high, two miles wide, and two miles deep.

Every hundred years a little bird comes and sharpens its beak on it,

And when the whole mountain is worn away by this,

then the first second of eternity will be over.

——《Grimm's Fairy Tales》

I stood at the side of the crystal coffin looking down into it.

She just silently slumbers there.

Quite incredibly, even though she endured this much suffering, she still look so peaceful in her sleep.

Just like the sleeping beauty or maybe even snow white, waiting for the kiss from a prince to be awakened.

A prince after three billion years.

After Procedure 110-Montauk finally approaches failure, the Foundation activated the final contingency plan.

Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink

I don’t even know how it was invented, but it had become the same in status with the Scranton Reality Anchor.

Maybe even more important.

The temporal sink can compress a 70 billion light year voyage to a measly two year at a rate of 10000000000000: 1. It had opened the door to interstellar travel for us.

It can also delay the imminent crisis that cannot be solved now for our wiser later generations at a rate of 10000000000000: 1.
I cannot possibly imagine how humanity will be like three trillion years later. Will they be spread throughout the stars? Can they manipulate time? Perhaps they had achieved apotheosis, becoming gods in other more ignorant specie’s eyes?

Does the Foundation still exist? What would anomalies at that time be? It’s very likely that what troubles us now is just a piece of cake to them.

Or maybe humanity never left the solar system. The apocalypse came, or maybe resources simply were depleted. One day, when civilization degrades to the point even the Foundation cannot maintain these Temporal Time Sinks, the sealed crisis will eventually come.

But if that day does come, nothing matters anymore.

231-7 was carefully returned to her guardians. Nothing occurred, nobody came back from the future to stop us

Next up on the schedule is 2700, one of the most deadliest weapon in the universe. Its countdown to death no longer ticks.

Work’s finished. I waved to my colleagues, took off my researcher’s clothes and headed to the base’s pub for a small drink.

Just the normal dailies. We have no chance to see the glories or failures of the future. In this sense, she is very lucky.

I don’t know who started it, but the topic in the pub today is sci-fi shows.

I remember before joining the Foundation, I used to watch a long running British sci-fi show.

Now, that alien old man and his little blue box can finally release the burden of protecting humanity.

Now, we are the Time Lords.

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