A Preliminary Study on Thaumaturgy (I)——EVE Particle and the Definition of Thaumaturges

Good morning,everyone.Welcome to the Sanctum Sanctorum.I'm Agent Justin.

No,no,this is Area-CN-07.So please relax and take a seat.There's coffee and churros on the right side of the entrance,which sounds weird but tastes good. I've tried it.

So let's talk about magic.

I'm sure some of you have heard Dr. Moose's lecture on magic at Site-19, or read the transcript of the lecture from GOC.As the speaker of this lecture on continuous magic,I need to make a few disclaimers in advance:No,I am not reinventing the subject,and the mysteries of magic are far beyond Dr. Moose and the "Hogwarts" professor——hope the god he believe bless him,he was once a good man——to spell out.Yes,I was involved in the study of magic as an agent,or rather magic came before my agent career.The best proof of this is the Ranger some of you may have seen,and I'm her chief designer,so listen to me.

Magic,thaumaturgy,sorcery,myth,superstition,whatever you call it.Tell me,you don't think the Green Type are any different from Thaumaturges——which are the Blue Type,do you?

All right,I see more than half the people in the room have their hands up.But that's okay.Let's take it slow.

You see,about reality benders,they seem to be omnipotent.They can turn the world upside down.The structure of the world is in the palm of their hand,and to them it is as fragile and distorting as play-doh in a child's hand,which is why they are called "reality benders".But Thaumaturges can't do that much.They have to follow a lot of rules,not here,not there.Some people may spend their entire lives letting their dick glow as much as they want,so don't think that after these lectures you're going to be able to shoot energy waves out of a tree branch like some wimpy kid with a lightning bolt on the head.Don't laugh,you could lose your life over this.

Let's start with the fundamentals.The first thing to remember is the three laws:"Parts affect the whole","Similarity assimilates each other",and "Stance changes capability".Please write down these three laws,and we'll talk about them in more detail.

As an…ability,thaumaturgy,or magic must have its own power supply,like a light bulb needs electricity,or the human body needs ATP.The main power source for thaumaturgy is EVE,[Elan-Vital Energy],also known as Vital Energy.GOC had discovered radiation from such particles several years earlier, and the obsolete COLLICULUS and the latest VERITAS system were based on that discovery.But they can't trace it back to its source,and neither can we.The most widely accepted theory is that this energy is linked to the entire universe.1I'm sure you all know the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of mass. If we treat the universe as an isolated system and compare the particles we know to normal matter, EVE is Dark matter.It has 80 percent of the energy in the Big Bang and it's,interesting.EVE particle is a general term for a large group of various particles,and its performance is…intriguing.As one of the few thaumatology research Sites in the CN branch,we can directly observe the trajectory of EVE particles using TENS.2I want you to look over here.(Turns on the screen)This is the clearest image of the EVE particle orbit that we've seen just two months ago.I'll show you a few different orbits of EVE particles,please observe carefully.Yes,you,the one with the fancy tie.What? Yeah,their waveforms are different. Is that what everyone else thinks?

Bingo.Here we can see that the waveforms displayed by different EVE particles are different.Like sound waves,EVE particles are evaluated using three criteria:Frequency,Loudness and Timbre.Sounds a lot cooler than GOC mode,right? But they are actually the same.Timbre corresponds to Hue,but Timbre is more suggestive of the EVE particle's properties.The difference in waveform determines the difference in Timbre, and we'll talk more about that later.Loudness corresponds to Pitch,indicating the "intensity" of the EVE pulse,which is marked by O(ohm).Frequency corresponds to Weave,describing the density,which is marked by λ(Lamutar).A quick tidbit:About "Hue" GOC talks about,it is actually determined by Timbre and Frequency.The study has shown that EVE particles emit a certain amount of VER(Vital Energetic Radiation) over a certain period of time.The unit of Radiation is called Φ,and the calculation of Radiation is very simple:Intensity multiplied by density.The VER detector can take a VER reading of an object/operation.When analyzing an operation,we usually use "triaxial measurement",which is strength,density and accuracy.Accuracy refers to the user's reasonable and accurate allocation of EVE particles to the relative positions of the operation.But since accuracy cannot be measured directly,a reading of the VER is basically enough to determine the extent of events.Of course,if you want to use GOC unit "Casper",that's fine.As for the units of measure for EVE particles…we currently use the Greek letter Ψ,but the unit does not feature prominently in combat or research.Have you heard the story?You could have 3,000Ψ EVE particles to create a fire that would burn the building down,but you could also have 30Ψ EVE particles to transform and destroy the critical supports.Or,more famously,"If the snow you summon is not enough to freeze your opponent,turn it into an ice pick and stab him."

We have observed that the EVE particle is not a single particle,but is made up of smaller particles like a composite particle.Still the same waveform,but this time let's see it through a vertical view:Did you see a little dot in the center of a waveform that looks like the orbit of a planet?We call that a kappa,which of course is different from the kappa in quantum physics;Orbiting around the kappa is the chi,which has an interesting charge of -0.5 E,perhaps indicating the effect of electromagnetic fields on the thaumaturgy process.On the orbital map,we can see that the distance between the chi and kappa changes over time.We observed that the EVE particle reaches its peak in VER energy at the shortest distance between the two particles.So we give this phenomenon the name "harmonic full state".By definition,"Frequency" refers to the number of times EVE particles reach harmonic full state in one second;"Loudness" refers to the number of chi in the orbit of a single EVE particle.

And here's the problem:EVE particles have strange orbits,and even EVE particles with the same properties have different frequencies and loudness.How do you calculate the Frequency and Loudness?It is certainly not advisable to count them one by one.So we turned to a class of EVE particles called "primordial particles":They never change their frequency or loudness,making them an excellent reference.We said that the unit of Loudness is two(ohm),and one standard O is the number of squares of an primordial EVE particle:four.If an EVE particle contains eight chi,its Loudness is 2O.A chi on of a primordial EVE particle can reach harmonic full states eight times a second,making it a standard λ.

So let's go back to the three laws.First of all——you'd better take notes——"Parts affect the whole". What does that mean?

When a massacre against a particular race begins,the Sanctum Sanctorum intervenes and works to restore the race.This is not out of some kind of humanitarianism,as we have also protected "hunter beasts" that humans have mistakenly identified as "demons" from the rift dimension rather than the demon dimension.I remember one time we even helped the succubus…

Ahem,digressed.So why are we doing this?

All races in the universe have some influence on EVE particles,not to mention some higher-dimensional entities that are responsible for creating the complex environment of EVE particles.But because of that, the universe is now in a delicate balance.For example,if all the hunter beasts in the fissure dimension died,three large food chains would be destroyed,and the priests of an established religion on a planet 2,300 light years away would no longer be able to use their defensive magic——given their position on the planet,defensive magic is important to them.

That's "Parts affect the whole":the whole universe is an elaborate machine——I'm not a believer of the Church of the Broken God,it's just a metaphor.If one of these parts were destroyed,even a tiny nut,the universe would come to a halt.

Second,"Similarity assimilates each other",which is easy to understand.It's a variant of "Like begets like".As we've mentioned before,EVE is a particle and has its own random movements.The motions between EVE particles affect the EVE particles around them.For example, if two groups of EVE particles with different Timbre meet and they are not arranged in a operation,then there are two possibilities:One,unfortunately,if the two particles are exactly opposite in Timbre,then boom,a huge amount of energy is released and a new group of EVE particles with a different Timbre from the previous two EVE particles is born;Two,if these two are not opposite but different in tone,then you can see that they cannibalize and influence each other.They blur the boundaries they touch,and the Timbre gradually becomes the average of the two.I remember one of the people at AWCY used that property to make a painting.The painting was beautiful,but it killed a town.Of course, we will discuss intensity and density later.So this second situation is "Similarity assimilates each other",the same truth as "He who touches pitch will be difiled".

Third,"Stance changes capability".I just said that this is a variation of "Magic needs to be performed by someone with talent",right?For a non-gifted person to become a Thaumaturge,he must change himself.It is impossible for a human being to sense the EVE particle and use it.That's the "stance" of ordinary people.Many devotees choose to meditate through seclusion or to follow a particular religion.This step is to change their "stance",the so-called "worldview".Once the "stance" is changed and the presence of the EVE particle is sensed,then it fits the "capability".

There's one more thing I'd like to make clear…You all know about backfire,right?(Look around)Then do you know the formation of backfire?Yes,you.

Well,that's a pretty standard textbook answer:the rebound of the reality frame that happens when you cast a operation.

This actually come down to a question of the degree of energy conversion.We all know that when we use machinery to transfer energy,or to do work,like using pulleys to lift weights,or pistons in engines to push wheels,when we're doing this——it's actually energy conversion——not all of the energy is being used to do this,right?The same goes for "using EVE energy to manipulate thaumaturgy",there will always be some "expended" energy.These energies come in the form of normal Timbre,a smaller but proportional Loudness than the original energy required,and random Frequencies.Our most recent research topic is how to minimize these energies.But also,it varies from person to person.

Next we'll talk about Thaumaturges.

The Blue Type,enchanter,warlock,wizard,sorcerer,a lot of names.Some people who are less knowledgeable can easily confuse the Blue and Green Type because they can manipulate objects and do something anomalous.Not so. There's a big difference between the Blue and Green Type.

Ten minutes ago,we just talked about the radiation from the EVE particle——VER.EVE particles with different properties can emit different VER.(Show slide)In this VER radiation display,the left is the Blue Type and the right is the Green Type.Can you see the difference?You,yes,the man in the second row.Yes,in this picture,the Blue Type,who is Thaumatologist,his VER radiation came from inside his body,which means that at the time this picture was taken,there were thousands of Ψ of EVE particles passing through him,and then our dear Thaumatologist begins to expand an operation——what is "expand an operation"?Let's keep this in suspense.And the Green Type?As we can see,the radiation from VER is more likely to surround the Green Type rather than emanating from the body,and the color and path of the radiation are different from that of the Blue Type.In other words,when the Green type bends reality,no EVE particles pass through his body.

So why do we see the same effect on the Blue Type "spell casting" and the Green Type "reality bending"?Do you have an answer?No?Well, to be honest,I thought some people would know.

It's very simple.If you think of EVE energy as electricity,then the Blue Type is the electrical appliance.When the appliance is connected to the circuit,it begins to do its job.Similarly,when the Blue Type senses EVE particles and directs them into himself,he transforms them into EVE particles with his own "properties" and casts operations.But the Green Type..the Green Type uses his ability to direct EVE particles to interfere with the world,which is called "bending".It is interesting to note that the green can only handle "primordial particles".

You see,EVE particles are part of the world,and when the Green type manipulates them,they interfere with particles as they are known in reality——on the micro scale,changing half-lives,removing electrons,causing nuclear fission directly,on the macro scale,accelerating cell aging,changing density,and so on.But what kind of EVE was around the Green type,what kind of EVE remained after the "bending".But in the Blue Type,the EVE particles emanating from the blue have unique "properties" of the blue,namely differences in Loudness,Frequency and Timbre,which can be seen in the waveform.Unfortunately,we still don't know what makes a "property".

Take electrical appliances as an example.As Thaumaturges, we also have "resistance",commonly referred to as "magic resistance".This means the repulsion of EVE particles into the body during casting,which indirectly explains how many EVE particles can be received.But this is not the same as "backfire" releasing energy.To elaborate,the steps of magic are:

Sense EVE particles outside→Introduce EVE particles into the body(note that at this point magic resistance comes into play, "resisting" some of the incoming EVE particles)→EVE particles are transformed into "special" EVE particles with personal properties, where the particle's three properties change.→New EVE particles are introduced,the master expands the operation and casts a spell (here some particles form "backfire")

The value of magic resistance varies from person to person,and the formula for calculating this value is too complicated to cover here.All you need to know is that magic resistance is related to the caster's psychology,the degree of knowledge of operations expanded and his own "attributes".Why is that? First of all,the essence of magic is to "influence the world with one's own power",so psychological suggestion is very important when casting spells.And the more you know about the operation,the better you know where to direct the particles and how many particles are needed to weave the "field".So we know what the minimum number of particles is.Also,when converting EVE particles,some properties may take a little longer to convert to particles with their own properties.This slows down the efficiency and is included in the "magic resistance".

But don't worry,this is where the so-called "magic tool" comes in handy.Some magic tools are designed to reduce the resistance of Thaumaturges,such as branches of certain trees,woven fabric,or metal ores.I personally prefer the combination of ores and plants,such as necklaces or staffs.I suggest that after determining whether you have magic talent and how much magic resistance you have,it is best to use your own EVE particle properties to determine the magic tool you need.

(Now the staff pushes the cart on)

This is a… crystal ball,obviously.Designed to test magic resistance.It sends a stream of ordinary EVE particles to the subject,which swim around the subject's body and return to itself.Who can… Does anyone want to come up and try it?Yeah,you,the girl in the second row with the cute hair clip.Step up,please.Relax,I don't bite,at least not in bed.

Ok,now we can see…the crystal ball turned aqua blue.

What does aqua blue represent?It represents her magic resistance is "low",which is about the level of AWCY artists.Thank you.Go back,please.

One last point,I don't know if you noticed,but throughout this class,I've been using the terms "Thaumaturge" and "the Blue Type" to describe…the Blue Type.Why? (Switch screen)

Please remember the three titles:Wizard, Sorcerer, and Warlock. All three are Thaumaturges.

Why?What's the point?

The difference is huge.

The term "wizard" is used to refer to creatures who have "learned",that is,changed their "worldview" to use magic,as most human Thaumaturges do.The term "sorcerer" applies to creatures,some human and some distant,who have an innate affinity for EVE particles and are highly gifted.The term "warlock" is used to describe creatures empowered directly by higher demigods and above.These creatures are often very unruly black types with unlimited growth potential and are referred to as "earth-walking gods".

There is a joke about this:a wizard, a sorcerer, and a warlock went to take a magic exam.The wizard passed,because he had been studying very hard;The sorcerer passed,because he was a genius.The warlock passed the exam,because he slept with the invigilator.It sounds crazy,but says something about their abilities and origins.

Of course,when we need to refer to a Thaumaturge in the field,I suggest we refer to him or her as "Thaumaturge/Thaumatologist",instead of "Wizard/Sorcerer".There is an unwritten rule in the thaumaturgy world:"Sorcerers" are always more highly regarded than "Wizards".In order to prevent possible discrimination and exclusion,I again ask you to use "Thaumaturge" or "Thaumatologist" unless you indicate the source of the power in the file.

We'll get into the practical application of the EVE particle next time,and it'll be fun.So that's the end of the lesson,and I'm going to need each of you to do a little "Finger Light",which is a class quiz——no, no, I'm kidding,I don't want any of you to blow your fingers off.Please put the chairs under the table and take your rubbish with you.And remember what we learned today.Next class,we will have a quiz in class,and those who fail will be be sacrificial material——just kidding,of course.

I'll see you next time.

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